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Daily Lesson Plan #2

Teacher Name: Nicole Bruhn

Semester: Winter 2016
Title of Lesson: I Could Do That!
Grade(s): 4th

Total Lesson Time: 60 minutes

Subject Area: Reading

Learning Goals:
Students will use vocabulary words related to I Could Do That!
Students will produce and strengthen writing by planning, revising, and
Curriculum Standard(s):
Acquire and use general academic and domain specific words and
phrases. (L.4.6)
Produce and strengthen writing by planning, revising, and editing. (W.4.4)
Learning Objectives and How Assessed:
Learning Objective(s)
Student will be able to:
1. Use the vocabulary words from I
Could Do That! to respond to
questions about the words.
2. Produce and strengthen writing
by planning.

Assessment Plan
1. Informal assessment through
class discussion as well as the
provided Journeys weekly
vocabulary test.
2. The students will turn in their
letter which will be checked
for coherent writing,
organization, accurate
information from the text.

Materials Needed:

Teacher Manual
Student Journeys Textbooks
Mentor Sentence
6 Minute Solution Passage
Lined paper

Lesson Procedures:


(Adaptations for Diverse
Learners, ELL, Gifted)

Teaching Procedures/Direct Instruction:

1. Each student will need to get a
student textbook and take out
their Mentor Sentence notebook.
2. Have the students share their
mentor sentence with their
3. Once the student have had a few
minute to share, call on 5 students
to share their sentence.
4. Ask the student to remind the
class what the story was about. I
will call on volunteers to share
5. Have the students open their
textbook to page 650 (teacher
page 111)
a. Ask the students the
questions for each of the 5
vocabulary words that will
be on the vocabulary test.
b. Allow the students time to
talk to their neighbor about
each question.
6. Explain to the students that today
they will be writing a letter to
Esther. They will be thinking about
that they would want to say to her.
a. Begin by having the students
help make a list of what
contributions Esther made
that how they affected
b. Talk about what they may
want to day to her.
c. Show the students the
example letter.
d. Hand out the lined paper
and help the students set up
the page for a letter.
e. As the students are working,
walk around and make sure
that they students are on the
right track.
7. Small Groups
a. 6 minute solution- The



Remind the students to

look in their textbook if
they are struggling with
the meaning of the word.

I will walk around the
room while the students
are working answering
any questions that may
arise. I will also check in
more often with my
students that struggle
with reading and writing.


students will need to get

their passage out and meet
with their partners. The first
partner will read for one
minute. Then the second
partner will read. When they
have finished they will graph
their progress and then
begin to read.
b. Call group 1 back to the
table. The rest of the
students should be working
on their journals, reading, or
practicing their spelling
c. Group 1 will be reading the
passage Big Baby and
answering the
comprehension questions on
the back. The students must
find the evidence in the
Journeys Teacher Manual