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Integrated Marketing Communication


Matta Fair
12-14 Mac 2010
PWTC, Kuala Lumpur
 The MATTA FAIR debut in 1991 as an annual event with
80 booths and a visitor turnout of nine thousand.
 It has since evolved into a bi-annual event drawing crowds
as high as over 100 thousand visitors during one of the
 Exhibitor participation has also increased over the years to
over 800 booths since year 2005.
 Earned the title of Malaysia’s No.1 Travel Fair from the
Malaysia Book of Records.
 The main objectives area
 to provide a platform for MATTA members to have easier
access to the public at large
 for the public to fulfill their travel needs all under one roof
 There were more than 170 exhibitors showcasing
their promotion and travel destinations for this
year event from national tourism organization and
15 countries
 Was held at Hall 1-3, Putra World Trade Center
and started from 10am-9pm
 Attracted more than 100,000 visitors
 involves the idea that a firm’s promotional efforts should be
coordinated to achieve the best combined effects of the firm’s
 integration of all marketing tools, approaches, and resources
within a company which maximizes impact on consumer
mind and which results into maximum profit at minimum
 It aims to ensure consistency of message and the
complementary use of media.
 includes online and offline marketing channels.
 focuses on identifying consumer insights and developing
strategy with the right channels to forge a stronger brand-
consumer relationship.
 knowing the right touch points to use to reach consumers and
understanding how and where they consume different types of
 Regression analysis and customer lifetime value are key data
elements in this approach
 Institute for
Integrated Marketing Communication
define IMC as involving
“The coordination of various promotional elements, and other
marketing activities that communicate with the a firm’s
 IMC 2006
 IMC focuses on the synergistic role of advertising,
sales promotion, direct marketing, internet or
interaction marketing, public relation or personal
selling in the communication program
sponsorship publicity

merchandising exhibitions

Direct Communication mix Word of

mail consist of: mouth

Personal Corporate
selling identity

Advertising Packaging
Source: Smith and Taylor, 2004

Supported by: Endorsed by:

Partner Airline: Official Card: Official GDS:

Official Technology Partner Official Travel Magazine:


Official Press:
“The more integrated the marketing
communication, the more effective it will be in
achieving an event’s marketing objectives
because potential consumer see and hear
consistent messages, imagery and activities
produced to satisfy needs that motivate them to
attend the event”.
 IMC concentrates on the synergistic role of advertising, sales promotion, direct
marketing, internet or interaction marketing, public relation or personal selling

 The IMC mix can include a wide range of marketing communication functions like;
1) Advertising is any paid form of non-personal communication link
 such as; radio, television, newspapers, magazines, a website, outdoor
advertising and mobile platforms
 The objectives advertising are to build awareness among the visitors and also
to position their products or events.

2) Public relations (publicity) is used to build mutually beneficial relationships

with stakeholders and consumers.
 It uses a wide range of tools,
 including publicity, special promotional events, e-publications and
traditional newsletters.
3) Direct Marketing – communication to consumer in generate behavioral
4) Word Of Mouth –In planned IMC for community event is more likely to
concentrate on organized word of mouth and local media publicity

 According to Duncan (2002), he stated that planning the promotion through IMC
requires ‘one voices, one look’.
 all direct marketing like advertising, publicity and event packaging must

convey the same message.

 So the IMC mix was used to boost interest visitors at MATTA Fair 2010 through the
media strategy
 which knowledge about travel promotions offering by the event to public.

 Therefore, in the international events, promotion is vital to ensure success of

the events.
 In developing an IMC strategy, an event manager should
understand four sources of brand messages, or marketing
communications, as in this case they are synonymous (Duncan
 Planned messages
 Unplanned messages
 Product messages
 Service messages

o The IMC strategy reflects the thrust of the chosen objectives

and uses both message and media strategies to fulfill them.
Various gimmicks to grab
Visitors reaching out for a
souvenir from a salesgirl at
the Taiwan tourism booth
on the last day of the fair
Sabah Tourism's booth was
very nicely decorated to
attract much attention.
Each package you buy will
also land you with a nice
cute gift from Sabah
Club Med Holiday
Packages were even more
interesting this time around
with their Buy 1 Free 1
promotion. This deal is
only available at the
MATTA Fair so you need
to purchase it there.
Muslim Packages/Tours or
Halal Packages are one of
the new comers at MATTA
Fair with promotions all
around the world.
Costumed characters
promoting Korea Everland
 Discount on KTMB for MATTA Fair visitor.

 Special goodie bags.

 Gift for MATTA Fair visitors.

 Contest for visitors

 Each time after Matta Fair, there will be a statistic
evaluation form
 To indicate total sales of domestic tour / hotel
 To indicate sales of outbound tour packages
 Other sales of other items, such as visa, insurance
or other related travel product
 To identify the most popular / saleable domestic
tour / hotel package
 The most popular/ saleable outbound tour package
 Matta wants to know and identify the percentage
of destinations chose by customer
 Exhibitors need to give feedback on the event to
Matta Fair which failed to do that, deposits paid
will not be refundable to exhibitors
 Matta spent about RM 800k for the promotion
 Promotion was done about 2 months before matta
 Channel of promotions – bunting, advertisement in
newspaper, temp-board, radio and website
 Matta has to collate all the sales transpired during
the event from all exhibitors
 Kotler et al. (2006) advice of four methods to
establish a budget for this activity:
 What the event can afford
 Percentage of Sales Method
 Competitive Parity Method
 Objective and task method
• limited resources to produce the event
• new or relaunched will need more resources
(financial and human) than an event that is well
established in a target market.
• Belch and Belch (2004) sets a spending limit and
the event marketer then constructs an integrated
marketing communications plan that may or may
not achieve the event’s marketing objectives using
the resources allocated
 budget for promotion is set at x per cent of
the forecast revenue
 advantage of providing stability to the event
as the resources allocated to promotion
should be commensurate with the return.
 what other similar events spend on IMC and
then base their promotional spend on this
Establishing objectives

1. Every household in Pittwater to receive information about festival

at least three times – reach (all Pittwater household) and
frequency (three times)

Determine tasks to achieve objective

1. Letter box drop of flyer containing details and elements of festival done
by volunteers
2. Three quarter-page advertisements in local newspaper (Manly Daily, a
sponsor of the event)
3. Minimum of three stories in the Manly Daily about aspect of event -

Calculate approximate costs of task

1. Print 3000 single page, double-sided flyers – approx. $1000

2. Advertisement - $1500 (reduced sponsorship rate)

IMC Budget

 Identify elements that require promotion from
the proposal through the final evaluation.
 Develop strategies for allocating scarce event
promotion resources with efficient methods.
 Identifying promotion partners to share costs.
 Target your promotion to the market segments
that will support your event.
 Measure and analyze your promotion efforts
throughout the campaign to make corrections as
1 Brochure
5, 000
1.45 7, 250.00
2 Flyers
5, 000
0.50 2, 500.00
3 Invitation Card
2.50 500
(Sec) 12 SCREEN
1 10 47, 000
2 15 67, 000
3 20 82, 000
NO 30 sec Promotion per
(RM) minute (RM)
1 6.00 am - 9.00 am 180 105.00
2 9.00 am - 12.00 pm 150 87.50
3 12.00 pm - 3.00 pm 120 70.00
4 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm 150 87.50
5 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm 120 70.00
6 9.00 pm - 12.00 am 90 52.50
7 12.00 am - 6.00 am 40 23.33
1 Full page with color 5, 000
2 Advertorial on Event 27, 000
(Write about event)
 In any event, need to plan and budget the cost which will
 For Matta Fair, example a travel agent has to consider such
a. Booth decoration / layout/ design
b. Furniture – chairs, tables
c. Electrical connections with contractor – PICO
d. Marketing promotions
f. Man power / allowances / meals
g. Transportation
h. Internet connections / terminals – Amadeus / Abacus /
i. misc
 Each department has been given sales target
 Must at least break even or higher profit
 Profit margin very minimal, about 5%
 To do a study after matta, the nett sales after
deducting the budget given
 International
Event Management - Dr
Lim\assignment 4\Triway 6x15m r3.pdf
 Participationin an International Exhibition
 Matta Fair - promoting Malaysia
destination as well overseas. In addition,
it can be consider as domestic
 Example of International Exhibition are :
-Arabian Travel Mart
-International Tourismus Borse (ITB)
-World Travel Mart
 Distribution of Goodies
 Airport, travel agent and corporate
 Malaysia event calendar, broacher of event
and destination, poster, sticker, and lapel
 Quizzes about tourism
• Collaboration with International Agencies
 Airline such Mas, Air Asia, Qatar Airline,
Singapore Airline, Emirate and European
 Travel agent can provide a good package to
visite Malaysia.
 Distribution of information about Color of
Malaysia, Flora Fest, Le Tour de Langkawi
and others tourism and cultural event should
be correct.
• International Advertising
 create atmosphere of the event among
 create tourist awareness and attention
 identify the potential market
 advertising of the event basically will be
done one year ahead
 billboard, internet online, magazine such as
Reader Digest and Media mass such as CNN,
Discovery Channel, and Discovery Travel &
• Hospitality Program
 Organizing Mega Familiarization Tour (Mega
 Event such Sarawak World Rain Forest,
Penang World Music Festival, International
Water Festival as well others destination in
 Briefing and talk about our products to the
agencies such as corporate, travel agent,
hotel and airlines.
 Minister Visit
 tourism and investment collaboration.
 The collaboration with tourism agencies help
to promote Malaysia as the best destination
that must visit.
• Public Relation
 In Malaysia public relation will networking with
press and media in distributing the information.
 The international level, the networking is plan:
-Campaign and event
-celendar of event
-networking with corporate body
-tourism competition which relate to Malaysia
• Events are like services; they are distinctly
different from industrial product’s.
• some of their special features
 a) intangibility
- Customers feel the benefits and the
enjoyment, but they can’t touch the event
 b) Perishability
- The fun is transitory; it is rare to have lasting
evidence of the event
 c) Inseparability
- Customers associate one event with the next;
they identify with the organizing agency’s
reputation for quality
 d) Consistency
- Customers demand consistency and it is
important to achieve it
 e) Lack of ownership
 - Events don’t belong to anyone but they are
temporarily enjoyed by many
• SWOT analysis
- Findings the strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threat
- Event strength and weaknesses table
- Event opportunities and threat
S = Strenghts
1. Strong funding Internal
2. well-trained staff Internal
3. Event well respected by media External
W = Weaknesses Existing
1. Weak funding Internal
2. Few human resources Internal
3. Poor public relations history External
O = Opportunities
1. Simultaneous celebration of a External
congruent event
2. Timing of event congruent with Internal
future budget allocation
T = Threats
1. Weather External Future/predictiv
e conditions
2. New board of directors leading this Internal
• Logo
- An appropriate logo can be a crucial part of any
public image
 - A good logo should:
a) Reflect the event
b) Pass on what it is about
c) Be attractive and eye-catching
d) Portray an event image
e) Give relevant messages
f) Be colorful (preferably)
• Mascot
 - A mascot can help to promote the event in various
ways, especially with certain target groups
• Advertising
 - Well-targeted, cost effective advertising
can make the difference between success
and failure
• Media Relation and Publicity
 - A well-planned publicity campaign should
run alongside any advertising campaign
Strength - People already know MATTA Fair
Weakness - Traffic congestion
Opportunity - Fully support from government
Threats - Weather, H1N1
• Promotion as Integrated Marketing Communication
• Organizing MATTA Fair as an international event
• Promotion before, during and after for the events
• Feedback of the events
• Allocating right amounts or resources at the right
• Successful of the events