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Summary / Response Essay

The article Stop Global Warming Hysteria by The Gazette criticizes the exaggerated concern
regarding global warming. It is well known that this phenomenon is happening for many years, and is
threatening our planet. Someday the damages can be irreversible. Although, The Gazette article
announces that there is no reason for panic because according to NASA this phenomenon is no longer
growing. The NASA data shows that the temperatures are no longer increasing since 1998, and scientists
cant explain why global warming seems to have stopped. In addition, USA government already spends
billions of dollars a year in projects to combat global warming.

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I agree with the author by saying there is no need to hysteria as long as is proved that this
problem is not increasing anymore. If everything seems to be under control, the world should focus on
other more urgent matters.
Global warming is primarily a problem of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases in the

atmosphere, which acts as a blanket, trapping heat and warming the planet.

The temperatures

increased in the last 35 years because of that. NASA scientists warned that the ice from North Polar cap
could be entirely melted by 2014. Nevertheless, NASA photos shows that the North Polar ice cap grown

63% in the last years. Since 1998 NASA data shows that temperatures have been gradually dropping,
proving that the planet is somehow healing itself.

Measuring this phenomenon is not a precise science. Beyond speculation, scientists cant prove
or explain why this phenomenon seems to have stopped. They cant justify why the world should spend
more energy struggling something stagnated. For now, the best option is to keep monitoring the data to
certify that temperatures are no longer increasing, and keep preventing this problem to return stronger
in the future.

The global investments in this field are approximately U$1.754 trillion, and United States
government is already doing their duty spending around U$22 billion every year fighting this problem.
However, president Obama announced that he wants to invest more. But as long as scientists cant
prove the urgency to invest more in this subject, the new investments should be focused on more
critical issues as education, health and security.
If the data proves that global warming isnt rising anymore, there is no need to panic or spend

more time or money on it. Of course the government investments should continue as this problem could

return worse and irreparable. As the nations are still burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas for

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effects on atmosphere. And just for now, the United States can concentrate on other more urgent

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energy, they must continue combating the emission of global warming gases and minimizing their

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