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Lesson Plan in Mathematics 10

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson the students will be able to;
1. State the standard form of a circle with a formula for the equation of circle whose center is
at the origin.
2. Solve problems involving circles on the coordinate plane.

II. Subject Matter


: Equation of a Circle: Equation of a Circle whose Equation is at the Center


: Spiral Math 10 pp. 198 199


: Visual Aids, Compass, Ruler, cartolina


: Accuracy,

III. Procedures:
Teachers Activity
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Greetings
2. Classroom Organization
3. Checking of Attendance
B. Drill
Let us see if you really understood our
previous lesson. Class we will have an activity
The students will be divided into 4 groups.
Each group will have a representative to pick
out the illustrations inside the box. Using
your knowledge about points on the plane of
a circle, match the illustration on the
equation provided.
Illustration No. 1

Students Activity

The answer of the students will depend on

what illustration they picked out.

X +Y <4

Illustration No. 2

X 2 +Y 2=3 2

Illustration No. 3

X 2 +Y 2 >4 2

Illustration No. 4

X 2 +Y 2=42

So class, is it clear? Any questions,

C. Review

None maam.

Class, do you remember the distance

Yes maam! It is
How about the Pythagorean Theorem?

Correct! Now you are going to apply the

distance formula or the Pythagorean theorem
to solve the following problems, I will give
you 4 minutes to answer the activity. This is
an individual activity.


y 2 y 1 2
x 2x 1 2 +

c 2=a 2 + b2

A. What is the length of the segment shown

on the coordinate plane below?

Using the Distance Formula



y 2 y 1
x 2x 1 2 +

d= 5

74 +

B. Use the distance formula to determine the

distance between points (12,15 ) and (4,9).

Very good class!


y 2 y 1 2
x 2x 1 2 +

915 2
412 2 +

d = 10
Are there any questions about our activity?

D. Motivation:

None maam.

Class I have here a circle puzzle. Your task

is to figure out the radius. Only two
measurements are given the hypotenuse of a
right triangle inscribed in one quadrant of the
circle and the distance of one vertex from the
circumference of the circle. I will give you 2
minutes to figure out the answer.
The radius of the circle is 8 inches. Notice
that the given 8-inch line segment in the
drawing is the diagonal of a rectangle
embedded in the circle's quadrant. If you
draw the other diagonal, you'll see it's the
radius of the circle. The diagonals are
necessarily equal, so the radius is 8 inches.

The students will answer differently,

according to their own interpretation of the

IV. Lesson Proper: