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Shayne Li


DATE: 10/8/15
TIME: 1:15-2:30

CLASS: Secondary Cycle 1

Year 2 English

DURATION: 70 min

& Cross-curricular

SCHOOL: Centennial Regional

MELS Competency 1. Uses language/talk to communicate and learn
MELS Competency 4. Writes a variety of genres for personal and social
Cross-curricular competency 3. Exercises critical judgment
Cross-curricular competency 8. Cooperates with others
Cross-curricular competency 9. Communicates appropriately

By the end of the class, students will:

Complete a worksheet to demonstrate their understanding of
their novel
Write a two paragraph (4-5 sentences) reflection on the class
discussion regarding what they value and the results of their
Group Size: ~11, ~24
GROUP SIZE ; Location: in classroom (C108)
LOCATION & Materials: The Pigman Novel, Riddle (Appendix B), worksheet
(Appendix A)

1. To act as a professional inheritor, critic, and interpreter of knowledge or culture
when teaching students.
2. To communicate clearly in the language of instruction, both orally and in writing,
using correct grammar, in various contexts related to teaching.
4. To pilot teaching/learning situations that are appropriate to the students concerned
and to the subject content with a view to developing the competencies targeted in
the program of study.
6. To plan, organize, and supervise a class in such a way as to promote students
learning and social development.
8. To integrate information and communications technologies (ICT) in the
preparation and delivery of teaching/learning activities and for instructional
management and professional development purposes.
In this lesson, the teacher will:
Read the novel with the students with a clear voice, with little to no errors in

pronunciation and assists students in their own pronunciation errors

Stress certain aspects of the novel and relate it to the students to engage them in
the novel
Properly guide a discussion about symbolism
Pair students into proper groups that would facilitate discussion


Context: Students will have just finished reading chapter 9 of the novel. Chapter
10 focuses on another theme (what you value) and the only context needed is
what happens in chapters 1-9 of the book

Hook: Provide the students with riddle (Appendix B). Let students read
it and complete the riddle.
o Riddle is taken directly from the book, with little alterations to
facilitate reading.
o Ask students to keep their riddle answers in mind as it will come
up in todays lesson
2 min
Pre-assessment: Have a quick refresher on what happened in chapter 8
and 9.
o Ask students to provide something that they remember.
o What significant detail did John and Lorraine learn about the
Pigmans wife?
o Who is making a threat to the relationship between John,
Lorraine, and Mr. Pignati? How so?
Let the students know today we will cover chapter 10 and focus on the
theme of what you value
5 min

Hand out the novels
Read Chapter 10 with the students
o Let students read, have them take turns
o Stop at certain parts to check for student understanding (orally)
o What happened?
o What is going on?
o Connect with examples from student lives of a similar event (if
10 min
Hand out worksheet (Appendix A)
Give students time to work on worksheet
o They are allowed to work in groups
5 min
o They are allowed to use computers or electronic devices to help
complete the worksheet
15 min


10 min

5 min

10 min
15 min

Start a discussion about the symbolism of the 5 people in the riddle/story
o Ask the class what is symbolism
Symbolism the use of a person or object to represent
ideas or qualities
Ex: crown = king, flag = country/government
o Go over each symbol briefly
Ask the students what each character represent
Write the symbols on the board
o Ask the class how they think this symbolism works?
Why do you think placing a character as the guiltiest
signify that that quality is what you value most?
o Each character in the riddle represents one aspect of themselves.
o By placing blame on a character, that character defines what that
person values the most
Example: in the story, Lorraine and John both value
magic/wonder the most. They want to know more about
wonderful things in life
o Divide students into 5 groups. Assign each group with a symbol
and their task is to figure out why each character represents that
symbol. They are encouraged to change the definition if they
think the symbolism doesnt fit well
o Write on board: Why do you think your character represents that
idea? Do you think your characters symbolism make sense? If
yes, why? If no, why not? Can you come up with a better
o Let students discuss
o Have students share their answers to the class
o If students have better representations for their symbols, write it
on the board
Relate the riddle to the students
o Share my own answer before asking for volunteers, give students
time to think what they want to say.
My answer: Wife, Husband, Lover, Assassin, Boatman
Wife didnt believe in herself. She said she will be
unfaithful, but she never tried to be faithful. She already
gave up before trying.
I believe its accurate, as the most important thing for me
as a person is to have fun. I love playing video games and
learning about new things and challenges. I also believe
that the wife also represented faithfulness. She got to the
top of my list by not even trying to be faithful to her


o Think-pair-share: Think about your answer to the riddle. Do you
think the answer is accurate? Why or why not?
Have students write a reflection on their answers and explain why it does
or doesnt make sense
o 2 paragraphs, 4-5 sentences
o What was your answer to the riddle?
o What does that imply that the thing you value most is?
o Do they believe this answer is accurate? Why or why not?
o Can you come up with a better representation for a character?



3 min
Collect the handout from the students
Assign reflection for homework. It is to be completed next class
Closing thought: why do you think John and Lorraine both have magic/wonder as
their most important value?
Evaluation of lesson:
Students will be evaluated on:
o The worksheet from Appendix A
o Their two 4-5 sentence paragraph reflection on what they value
Follow up:
Ask students for their answers for the closing thoughts next class.

Lesson Plan 1

Reflection of my lesson:

Appendix A

Name: _____________________

Date: ______________

The Pigman Chapter 10 Question Sheet

Chapter 10
Vocabulary: Write down the definition of these words and how it is
used in the story.
Questions: Answer the questions below using complete sentences. Use
the book to help you find information.
1. Why does Lorraines mom hate men?
2. What did Lorraine and John talk to the Pigman about? What did
he tell the two kids?
3. Write down your list of who you think is most guilty for the
WIFEs death.

Appendix B

Whos Guilty?
Read the story below and answer the question.
There is a river with a bridge over it, and a WIFE and her HUSBAND live in a house on
one side. The WIFE has a LOVER that lives on the other side of the river, and the only
way to get across is to walk across the bridge or take a ride with a BOATMAN.
One day the HUSBAND tells his WIFE that he is going to be gone all night on a business
trip. The WIFE begs him to take her with him because she knows she will be unfaithful if
he leaves without her. The HUSBAND said no because he said she will get in the way of
his business.
The HUSBAND goes alone and the moment he leaves, the WIFE goes over the bridge
and stays with her LOVER. She spends the night and as dawn is approaching, the WIFE
gets up and leaves because she needs to get back home before her HUSBAND comes
back. She starts crossing the bridge but sees an ASSASSIN on the other side. She knows
that if she tries to cross, he will murder her. Terrified, she runs to the BOATMAN and
asks him to take her across the river. However, the BOATMAN wants $3 for the trip and
the WIFE has no money, so she was rejected.
The WIFE runs back to the LOVERs house, explains her situation, and asks for the $3
for the BOATMAN. However, the LOVER refuses and said that it was her own fault for
getting into this mess. The sun is rising and the WIFE is out of options and out of time.
Desperate, she dashes across the bridge. When she meets the ASSASSIN, he takes out a
knife and stabs her until she is dead.
Write down the names of the characters in the story in the order in which you think they
were most guilty for the WIFEs death. 1 being most guilty and 5 being least guilty. The
characters involved are: the WIFE, the HUSBAND, the LOVER, the BOATMAN, and
the ASSASSIN. (There is no right answer!)