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Formica rufa (Ant)

(Group: Massimo Insects)


The Mafia
Really powerful and strong
Extremely egotistical
Able to do a lot
Very social
(Cantharis is typical lonely worker who
has to dominate the others)
Formica is a beautiful boss
Everyone belongs to him

My family is my ARMY!
If you are not in MY army, then you are in the enemys army
Formica rufathe family, like the mafia
The Mafia
If you do not belong to the familythen you need to be killed
Then you are OUT!
Coc-c, Formica, Apisthe idea of the family is important, I need an ARMY!
If you do not do what is expected by me
If you are not obeying, or be useful to me
If you are not helping me.
Then you are MY ENEMY!
They will then behave as if these other people are not existing anymore
You are no longer belonging ot my family
They might dis-own their son or daughter forever
Often headachesthat stop them from being a professional, to work, etc.
A clear threat to my integrity, to think, to be a boss, to command
To impede me from doing what I have in mind
They have a clear idea of what is important in their life
They can do something unexpected
Something NEW, different, smart and modern
Much more advanced that others
They must DIE on their throne
They are unable to share their kingdom
Common: Rheumatic symptoms (also in Vespa, Apis) the inflammation is strong. In Formica
is will be degenerativeversus inflammatory

Formica rufa (Ant)