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------- How To Install? -------1- Disconnect internet
2- Install your preferred application adobe CC 2015 as
3- Lauch your adobe application as TRIAL and EXIT
4- Install the update provided
5- Go to your Applications folder and open your
installed Adobe Application CC 2015
6- Right click on the installed .app CC 2015 to Show
Package Contents and navigate to the Frameworks
7- Replace amtlib.framework with cracked
amtlib.framework. Always backup the original file (just
in case).
8- Re-connect internet
9- DENY any outgoing connection with Little Snitch or
NOTE: If you have issues using the last amtlib
cracked file, you can always fall back to the old
version (

------- E N J O Y ! -------For More Information, or if you have found any

installation problem
Contact us on: SOFTASM.COM

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