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Social Studies: Duck for President

Amanda Scheid
Thursday September 8, 2015
A. SOLs referenced1.10 The student will apply the traits of a good citizen by
f) participating in classroom decision making through voting.
1.12 The student will recognize that communities in Virginia
have local governments;
benefit from people who volunteer in their communities;
include people who have diverse ethnic origins, customs,
and traditions, who make contributions to their communities, and
who are united as Americans by common principles.
B. Learning ObjectivesUnderstandThe students will
understand that
voting is a trait of a
good citizen.

KnowThe students will

know what voting is.
The students will
know that we have a
local government.

DoThe students will

participate in a class
Students will explore
their local

The students will

know that a
community is made
up of diverse people.
C. Supplies Needed 2 large cardboard boxes
Duck for President by: Doreen Cronin
Campaign buttons
Bulletin board paper
Elected Officials PowerPoint
D. Differentiation In the voter booths a picture will accompany the two
choices the students have to pick from. Next to treasure
will be a treasure chest and next to the treat will be a

picture of a lollipop. This will help those students who have

trouble reading. We will also go through both choices
together as a group; the teacher will point to each word.
E. Procedure1. Call the students over to the rug by color table to begin the
2. Review what we talked about yesterday with voting.
How to vote.
Why its important?
What is a voter registration card?
3. Introduce the story Duck for President by: Doreen Cronin
Explain that the book will tell us some people we get to
vote for in our communities.
PPT on our current leaders in local, state, and national
Discuss who they are and what they do for us.
If time, watch the BrainPop Jr. video on local and state
Talk about the SGA elections the students will vote in two
weeks from now. Discuss the posters in the hallway.
4. Introduce the voting activity the students will participate in next.
Students will vote to receive a treat (dum dums) or a
treasure from the treasure box.
Review our voting procedures- Only one person in the voter
booth, hand your voter registration card to our voter
deputy, Mrs. Ricks, who will then give you your ballot, vote
by filling in the box all the way with a marker, and then
give your ballot to Ms. Scheid to be counted.
While you wait to vote create a campaign button for which
choice you want to win.
If the students finish have them write two sentences about
why they voted for a certain choice.
5. Once the students have voted reveal which choice had the most
votes. Then allow the students to receive either the treat or
treasure if time. If not tell the students they will get a chance to
get it in the morning.
6. Once the lesson is finished if time, left come to the carpet and
talk about what we learned today about voting.
7. At the end of the lesson have the students go back to their seats
and get ready for dismissal.