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Hinduism is one of the most common practiced religions in India. About eighty
percent of the population in India is Hindu, this could possibly be because it has been
around for so long. Hinduism is known to be one of the oldest religions which is still
practiced today. Since Hinduism religion does not have textbooks that everyone follows,
it was to be taught and passed down by its followers. Everyone has their own
interpretation of Hinduism, so when one generation passed down Hindu beliefs and
traditions it was passed down a little different each time. In Hinduism there are many
different methods of worshiping, rules, and traditions, however in Hindus people believe
that there is one god that split and created many other gods, people, and all things. It is
believed that everything around us is a part of god, including us.
We recently had the pleasure of visiting a Hindu temple where we learned a little
more about Hinduism. The priest at the Cherryhill temple explained to us that there were
prayers kits which were assigned to a child before birth. He went to say " everyone comes
with bad elements" (Priest) known as prabakshaid . Prabakshaid is the center of
attraction, and for kids in todays society center of attraction usually is candy and other
childish things like games. But for a Hinduism that center of attraction is god, and once
you find that center of attraction you have god and can never harm another person.
Having god is having peace and unity with oneself and the universe.
When we first arrived we noticed that to enter the area where the services took
place you not only had to take your shoes off, but also enter through the door which
women were only permitted. We aren't sure if there were designated areas for the men
and women, but we noticed they sat apart from each other. They sat in relative to their

perspective entrance. The people who were there were extremely helpful and informative.
They helped us become accustomed to their rituals."When Hindu's go to church they say
going to Darsan which means seeing a holy person or image of a deity." (Darsan, 3)
Once we situated ourselves, we waited for the priest and Saint to get dressed and
start the service. Music started to play and he opened the curtains. We were amazed at
how beautiful the gurus were. These were 3D like statues who wore appropriate clothing
for the season. These gurus were draped in jewels and fresh flower garlands. The priest
and surrounding men and women praised the gurus as a spiritual being of their God. In
fact, the priest was not allowed to turn his back against them. After one of the praise
songs went off, the priest joined the crowd for the praising part of the service. Did you
know in Hinduism " The general term for rites of worship and honor is puja. The simple
lay of making offerings of flower and water, and receiving darsan."( Darsan,47) It is said
that when the people pray for well being, fortune, and showing their gratitude.
In conclusion, as the ceremony wrapped up, the women exited first and
then the men followed after. The curtains were then closed to allow the gurus to sleep.
Typically a feast is held after the ceremony, sharing the food with the gurus as well as the
guest, unfortunately there was no vegetarian feast being held at this time. The concept of
Hinduism is that all things around us including us are made by God. People who practices
Hinduism approach their religion in different ways, it can be a person/God physically, a
guru or spirit. Hindus believe that if their beliefs are practiced closely and consistently
they will have union with God.

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