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Tiffany Virgen

History 7A
February 4, 2016

What were the multiple reasons the petitioners listed for ending slavery?

One of the reasons petitioners listed to ending slavery is living by the state constitution. The constitution
states that men are born free and equal. To elaborate more on men being born free and equal is purely
by giving every individual the right to embrace their rights. Every individual has the liberty and equality to
do what they want, therefore, individuals should be have their freedom. Another reason petitioner listed to
ending slavery was by being unjust. Slaves were being dragged away from their family and friends with no
reason. They did not allow slaves to be free which violates their right of law and nature. Also, not only
were adults being held as slaves, but so were children. Children who were born from slaves were not to
held as a slave till the age of 21, therefore they did not have their right to freedom either.

What are the specific references to the Declaration of Independence?

Many inferences to the Declaration of Independence were exposed. The major inference that was
incorporated was the equality and human rights of individuals. In the Declaration of Independence, it
implies that every individual should have their freedom as in article Natural and Inalienable Right to
Freedom: Slaves Petition for Freedom to the Massachusetts Legislature, 1777. states that The colonists
revolutionary struggle against British political authority also raised issues about equality and human rights
at home. People being dragged out their homes and forced to being a slave is not right nor is it stated in
the Declaration of Independence as opposed equality and human rights is. Another reference to the
Declaration of Independence was when stated land of liberty which in fact is another way of saying
America is a land of opportunity. Slaves were being denied their opportunities due to doing the duties of
their owners instead.

What, in your opinion, is the most convincing argument in the petition?

In my opinion the most convincing argument in the petition would be

equality and human rights. I believe this argument is the strongest argument
because till this day everyone has a right to be equal and endure their rights,
but somehow are still denied or looked different for living the life they wish.
One should always be equally treated with respect no matter how they look
or what they do. In the petition slaves were slaves because of how they
looked and what they believed in. Just because of their appearances slaves
were denied the right to embrace their opportunities and instead were
owned and belittled. In the time we live in now people are still looked at or
treated differently knowingly that the Declaration of Independence states

everyone should be treated equally. An example would be gay marriage, one

should be able to love who they want as in furthermore, slaves during the
Massachusetts Bay should have been able to live their life however they
wanted. In my conclusion no matter who or what states people should treat
each other equally and should be allowed to embrace their rights, and they
will never completely be able to because there are people who are unjust.