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Literacy Analysis Notes

The Lion King and Hamlet


Begins with minor characters

Death of King is mentioned and spoken of in first Act
Ghost appears right away as well
Everyone finds out about the Kings death from Claudius the brother
Claudius marries the late Kings wife
Hamlet the son is not allowed to go to his studies and is to marry Ophelia
Ghost visits again in Act 1 scene 4 moving only to speak to the son of the late
King Hamlet
The Ghost tells Hamlet of the Tragic Death of the King and who the murderer
Hamlet tells his friends what the ghost said and to keep it a secret
Polonius thinks Hamlet has gone mad becuease he isnt able to see Ophelia
Two boyhood friends are hired by the King to spy on Hamlet; Hamlet notices
this right away
Hamlet has a realization that he has not put effort into finding out if the
murderer was the King after all
Forms a plan through the use of a traveling theater in efoorts to prove what
he knows about the King.
The boyhood friends didnt come up with anything so Polonius puts Ophelia
and Hamlet in a place where Claudius can spy on them too.
Hamlet is relaxed at first but is triggered and goes off saying he never loved
her and curse womanhood and Ophelia herself.
Claudius realizes that Hamlet is not distressed about not seeing Ophelia but
of something else and realizes Hamlet might be closing in on him so he tries
to come up with a plan but Polonius tells him to wait until Hamlet visits his
mother the night of the play.
Hamlet tells the actors to have elements of what the story the ghost had told
him and asks Horatio to help him watch for Claudius reaction. Hamlet
continues the I dont love you faade with Ophelia.
When the killing of the king happened in the play Claudius got upset stopped
the play and stormed out proving his guilty conscious to Hamlet.
Hamlet goes to speak to his mother but promises to his friends not to hurt
her but speak straightforward with her.
Afterwards Claudius goes on with his plan to kill Hamlet when hes sending
him off to England as an ambassador. After making his plans he confesses to
the murder and thinks that by praying he could be forgiven
While praying Claudius shows up to kill him but decides that while praying
Claudius soul will be forgiven and go to Heaven so he decides to wait to kill
him while hes in the middle of a bad deed so his soul could go to hell.
Claudius gets up saying praying did not help.

Hamlet goes to see his mother and enters in a rush giving her a fright.
Polonius is hiding behind a tapestry and cries for help upon hearing the
queen and Hamlet, thinking its Claudius, rushes forward and stabs Polonius to
Hamlet then proceeds to verbally attack his mother on being seduced by
Claudius when the ghost enters. The ghost tells Claudius he is straying from
the path of justice.Meanwhile his mother is sad because he rson has gone
mad. So Hamlet again tells her to leave Claudius and of his suspicion on
being murdered on his travel to England and takes Polonius body away.
The Queen reports the murder to the King. The King sends his gurads to find
hamlet and the body
Hamlet refuses to spill the beans
Claudis then tells Hamlet he is leaving for England right away and when the
two are alone he reveals his plan to have him murdered.
Hamlet on his way to England meets the King of Norway and finds the King to
be role model in vengeance and decides to go back and kill
Claudius and Gertrude find Ophelia to be going mad. Her brother Laertes
comes in mad and demands what happened to his father and is shaken by his
sisters madness.
Hamlet sends a letter to Horatio telling him hes coming back aboarad a
pirate ship
Claudius is told of Hamlets retirned and asks the brother in help for
eliminating Hamlet he says that he will use a poisoned sword in a fencing
match against Hamlet and if that doesnt work Claudius will give Hamlet a
cup of poisoned wine. Gertrude enters saying Ophelia drowns
Hamlet returns during the funeral for Ophelia and pronounces that he always
loved her and has returned to Denmark
Hamlet agrees to the fencing even though he doesnt feel right about it.
During the match the Queen drinks from the poisoned cup on accident then
Hamlet is injured.
During the commotion Hamlet switches the blades and kills Laeretes; As
Laertes is dying he tells Hamlet about trying to kill him and Claudius plan
with the cup.
Hamlet then kills Claudius
As Hamlet is dying he tells Horation of all that happened and the Kings plans
and murders as well as saying the King of Norway is to take the thrown.
Fortinibas arrives claiming the thrown and has a military funeral for Hamlet