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Candace Croft, PhD

Expert in the Aha! of

Empowering People & Teams
since 1979

Activate Your Highest Potential

Professional Speaking Events
Executive/ Integrative Coaching
Consulting for Business & Organizations

Media Interviews

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

From the moment of contact, we partner with you, asking the right questions to align our services with your goals and needs. Then, we create an experience that draws upon our extensive
experience and expertise with holistic human development, psychology, and evidence-based research. The result? Events, coaching, and consulting designed with your success in mind!

What makes Tabankhus coaching, consulting, and speaking events unique?

Simple. Audiences and clients gain an understanding about how to

Leverage the principles of unity psychology that blends human development, psychology,
philosophy, and physics into a fusion of doing and being, exclusive to Tabankhu

Apply the PSI-BETA-BLOCKR8 empowerment method exclusive to Tabankhu

Cultivate mindful intention that activates the power of your subconscious mind and inner

Relax into life and go with its joyful flow

Re-cognize your hidden patterns and establish positive programming

Discover how to take control and change your life for greater health, well-being, and success
by becoming curiously amused, engaged, and enlightened by self

Activate secret keys that open the doors to those special gifts that will attract greater
meaning, joy, and prosperity into your life

Experience a whole new you with a brand new reality

Have fun while learning about your self, organization, or team while enjoying Candaces
personally engaging, easy style and wit!

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

It is no surprise that Candace is asked

back for repeat events because

She personally engages the audience

Information is grounded in research with simple, practical application attached

Learning is experiential and storybased for greater relevance

Audiences enjoy her easy communication style and wit!

We assist your healthy growth, personally and

professionally, through The Illumined Bridge
events and consulting services. We meet you
where you are by tailoring our professional services to your needs and goals. Our speaking
events, workshops, and consulting services
place your unique challenges into context.

Our personal attention maximizes growth

through peak performance.

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

The Illumined Bridge

Speaking Events

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Recently featured in a segment of

Power of Perception radio (12/29/15)

Featured in Women of Distinction

magazine (January 2016)

Listings in several Whos Who publications, including Whos Who of American Women, Whos Who in America.
Whos Who Worldwide, and The
World Whos Who of Women

Multiple teaching/speaking awards

Training, retention, and excellence in

business awards

Named to the VIP Women of the Year

Circle with The National Association of
Professional Women in 2015

Cambridge Whos Who Professional of

the Year for Spirituality & Health in

As Executive Producer/Creative Consultant, her educational/training films

won awards at the Houston and New
York International Film Festivals.

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

highlight practical, full-

sensory life topics that assist

general and business audiences

master the art of personal

and organizational success.
Events are designed with impact
for a wide variety of audiences.

create the Aha! moment with

multidimensional experiences.
Common objectives for participants include

Identify personal causes of dis-ease and imbalance

Clear blocks to healthy living
Eliminate sabotaging behavior
Erase limiting beliefs
Expand emotional comfort zones
Focus on sources of personal strength
Establish positive response patterns
Design successful group/organizational symbols and stories for positive outcomes
Create high-definition characters for focused performance
Sharpen perspective and focus for success
Increase integrity and image through authentic passion
Identify accepted organizational and communication strategies that
undercut effectiveness
Clarify intent
Calm and balance energy
Actualize peak performance
Facilitate positive (and productive) meetings
Cultivate a stress-free workplace and life
Maintain positive relationships
Enhance health, prosperity, and joy in living and working

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Menu of Speaking Events

Back for a Repeat Engagement: The Divine Feminine Comes Out of Retirement Where
did she go? Why is she coming out of retirement now? More importantly, what does her return mean
for us, both women and men? Learn how the feminine presence differs from the masculine, why both
have purpose and value, and how to embrace the feminine nature at work and play for greater
empowerment and, yes, success! General audiences: Focus on the divine feminine in everyday life.
Professional audiences: Focus on the divine feminine in leadership and with teams

Do You Stress or Eustress?

We know that stress contributes to many modern maladies and dis-

eases. But, did you know that some stress is healthy? Its true. Learn to identify the difference between
healthy and unhealthy stress. Practice techniques and strategies to minimize unhealthy stress and
maximize the healthy variety for positive change and growth. For general and professional audiences

Heart@Work - Theres no need to be hard at work when you are heart at work! Infuse soul into
work by learning the principles of unity psychology and how to apply them with unity leadership that
increases higher intelligence, meaning, purpose, satisfaction, engagement, and innovation in a way that
makes work more like play. For general and professional audiences

I AM @ Peace Relax Release Return to a peaceful you, even in the midst of a hectic day!
Compare the integrative health practices of relaxation, meditation, and guided imagerytheir benefits,
applications, and effects. Enjoy a personal experience with each technique. For general and
professional audiences

I Am (Para)Normal! Connecting to the Shaman Within Thats right! Each of us has an inner
guide ready to partner in actualizing our highest, greatest potential. Our guide functions at the
subconscious level, giving us signs that remain hidden until we open up to receive the fusion of
heartmind. Learn about the energy of your subconscious, how to access the shaman within, what your
guide is telling you, and how to use shamanic guidance to improve your life. General audiences: Using
the shaman within to guide your personal journey; Professional audiences: Using the shaman within to
guide your business decisions.

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Menu of Speaking EventsPage 2

I Feel Like Im Falling Apart: Pulling It Together Yep! Youre human! We all feel that way
some days. Thats the good news. Heres even better news: You can pull your self together and
experience more grounding in your daily life. Learn the basic principles of unity psychology and how to
leverage them for greater well-being, life meaning, and success! (An overview of the exclusive PSI-BETABLOCKR8 technique is included). Whether you are looking to pull your self or your team together, this
event is made for you! For general and professional audiences

Lifes a Hoot, So Lighten Up We have the work ethic down, it seems. And, its killing us! Now, its
time for us to get a little loopy and master the play ethic. Lets face it. Humans are the zaniest and
craziest species on the planet. Embrace your wackiness and be more productive! Become familiar with
the benefits of play and laughter to increase health and happiness. Unlock your creative core and
innovate new life that has you realizing your goals and dreams. For general and professional audiences

Mindfully Design an Authentic Leadership Pattern . . . for greater health, well-being, personal
satisfaction and the sanity of you, your team, and everyone around you! Each person has unique
patterns designing their work and life. Patterns can be the life or death of us, with most of us
experiencing something in-between. Yet, they must first be re-cognized and released before healthier
ones can be designed. Learn the importance of your leadership rituals and how to mindfully design an
optimal leadership pattern that includes balance, harmony, and love Yes, love! And without any HR
consequencesto achieve greater balance as a person-leader. For professional audiences

Mindfully Design an Authentic Personal Pattern .

. .

for greater health, well-being, personal

satisfaction and the sanity of you and everyone around you! Each person has unique patterns designing
our lives. Patterns can be the life or death of us, with most of us experiencing something in-between.
Yet, they must first be re-cognized and released before healthier ones can be designed. Learn the
importance of your personal rituals and how to mindfully design an optimal life pattern that includes
balance, harmony, and love to achieve greater balance. For general audiences

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Menu of Speaking EventsPage 3

Q: If Im So Blessed Divine, Why Do I Feel Like a Freakin Failure? - A: Perhaps, youre doing it
wrong. (Just kidding!) But, seriously, learn how to Do It Strong for personal growth, satisfaction, and
success. Shift the focus of your personal lens to achieve positive outcomes by leveraging the principles
of unity psychology to unlock your natural and skillful strengths. For general audiences; Professional
audiences: Shift your business or organizational focus to leverage your teams strengths for positive
outcomes and greater empowerment

Self-Coaching 101: The Basics - Get into the game of life with new management. Re-connect with
your inner coach to embrace work/life with a confident and positive spirit. Learn the points of personal
empowerment, how to apply simple self-coaching techniques to increase personal grounding. Develop
12 essential qualities for effective self-coaching to more clearly define your path and enjoy greater
health, wellness, and life performance. General audiences: Practical coaching basics for everyday life;
Professional audiences: Coaching basics for personal grounding on the job

Soul Ninja Spiritual Core Strength Training Increase life balance, fluidity of movement, and
spiritual self-defense. Learn the eight fundamental components of Spiritual Core Strength Training and
how to master their application in this first-level training as a soul ninja. For general and professional

Tapping into Empowered Self - A quick, effective technique to balance energy for greater mental
clarity, self-confidence, and performance. Each participant will have the opportunity to apply the
technique to an important work/life issue. For general and professional audiences

The Right Stuff: What It Means to Let Go and Simplify - In the game of life success, the person
with the most stuff wins, right? Maybe not. We are conditioned to be life hoarders. But, we too
frequently hold onto the wrong stuff. In our personal and professional lives, we carry a lot of stuff
around that weighs us down and prevents us from rising to the topor at least makes it a grinding
climb. Its time to let go! Learn how to pick through your life contents and discern what has worth and
what should be tossed, not just physically, but psychologically! General audiences: Let go of life;
Professional audiences: Let go at work.

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Menu of Speaking EventsPage 4

Turning Lifes Lead Into a Golden Dream


world values gold highly as a precious metal. We

aim for the gold in our performances. The great news: We all have gold at our cores. Mine your life to
find and refine the gold within you. Learn the seven steps of personal alchemy and how to apply them
to your life, whether at work or play. General audiences: How to mine personal goal; Professional
audiences: How to mine leadership or team gold

Up Lifes Creek Without a Paddle? Grab Hold of Your OAR Hardly. Each of us enters this
lifetime with an OAR factory installed. Find your OAR, learn how to paddle along with the current of
your life adventure (and know when you are paddling against the current), learn strategies to avoid lifes
whitewater, and enjoy the ride by getting back in the flow of a meaningful life. General audiences: Find
your OAR to navigate lifes waters; Professional audiences: Find your OAR to navigate water at work

Whats Your Story? - No organization pays you to show up at work. Not really. Organizations pay
team members to play certain roles. How well does your team play its roles? High-definition character
resolution relies on keen role clarity and focus that directs synergy into peak performance. Actively
structure the storyline for your organization by learning storytelling approaches and techniques;
strategies to develop high-definition characters, even superheroes with superpowers; practices for
setting the stage and recasting ineffective characters to align team performance with story goals; and
rehearsing ten questions for continual assessment needed to produce an award-winning team
performance. With the right story and proper performance, improve your market share, increase your
ROI, enjoy greater success, and have fun doing it! For professional audiences

Wind, Water, and Wellness - An Eastern approach to Western life that considers the role of subtle,
sacred energy in inner and outer life. Learn about the five elements and how they correspond to
direction, color, and placement. Personalize your surroundings according to your birthdate. Align your
physical surroundings with the integrative healing energy of spirit-mind-body for an auspicious and
prosperous life. For personal spaces

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Menu of Speaking EventsPage 5

Work, Wind and Water - An Eastern approach to Western business that considers the role of subtle,
sacred energy at work, from inner self to outer office. Learn about the five elements and how they
correspond to direction, color, and placement. Personalize your surroundings according to your
business goals. Align your work surroundings for greater balance, wealth, and success. For professional

Is Anybody Out There? Listening? - Using the established mindset and leadership techniques
when managing virtual teams is akin to using standard tools when tuning a Lamborghini: The tools in the
tool box may appear the same, but they are calibrated differently to achieve maximum performance.
Many virtual teams fail to manifest their potential because traditional leadership skills do not fit the new
delivery vehicle. When leadership skills are calibrated mindfully and with consideration of the three Ss
and four Cs of management, peak performance is maximized. For virtual team management

Competency-Based Education and Direct Assessment - If its so easy . . . ? - CBE and DA are
the new paradigms in education. But, if its so easy to implement, why isnt everyone doing it? Learn
how to implement these CBE/DA for success with the new paradigm whether re-constructing single
courses to aligning whole programs or revising the entire operational structure. For professional
(Please check with us as speaking event titles are subject to change).

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Several event format options are available:

Speeches - 45-60 minutes

Seminars - up to 2 hours (granular detail and take-ways)
Workshops - up to 5 hours (experiential included)
Multiple-day courses Varies by client needs

Training & Certifications

spiritual & intuitive counseling
Registered natural healer, including energy,
spiritual, and visionary intuitive healing
Certified therapeutic imagery facilitator/
Reiki Master/Teacher
EFT-advanced practitioner,
Certified therapeutic aromatherapist
Certified family life educator
Feng shui practitioner
Ordained minister
Appreciative Inquiry facilitator training
Crucial Conversations Mastery Course
Various leadership development institutes

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

FOLLOW-UP - We recognize a significant skills/

information gap can occur between an uplifting
event and when the team returns to their normal
work day. To prevent backsliding into old habits
and ways, we offer the option of continued

support through the initial transfer of skills and

Some clients choose to take
advantage of our standard follow-up that occurs
two-three weeks following the event; others
prefer a more extensive follow-up
One of the first things I noticed about Dr. Croft
period. Either way is fine. What
was her ability to see beyond what is to what
matters is that the structure works
could be. She goes far beyond good adin a healthy manner for you.
ministration to a rare form of engaged

leadership eliciting the enthusiasm, passion,

strengths, and skills of her team through her
use of humor, compassion, coaching, and
generative dialogue that energizes us beyond ideas to action. ~ Lisa H.

& TEAM COACHING - Some clients have
us arrive a day or two prior to the event or
stay later to provide individual coaching
sessions. Others retain us for a period of
time after the event to coach individuals or
teams. We are here to support your

organic growth, spiritmindbody. With our

integrative coaching that focuses on
incorporating your unique strengths with
positive attitudes, emotions, thoughts, and
actions, harmony and balance are created.
Your personal and work life becomes less of
a struggle. Flow increases and you begin
to relax more completely into the life you
were meant to live, what you may have only
thought of as the life of your dreams.

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

We remain committed to
your continued positive
growth and success after
the event has ended
options for coaching &
smooth transition with
new ways of being and

Integrative Coaching
Be Curiously Amused, Engaged
& Enlightened by Self

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Integrative coaching is much more than life coaching. An integrative coach, Dr. Croft
combines the best of life coaching with effective therapeutic approaches and
complementary self-discovery techniques personally tailored for you.
discussions and your self-discovery process, she personally tailors a coaching experience to
create just the right blend of techniques and modalities that best serves you!
Her unique style of coaching leverages principles of unity psychology, consciously fusing all
aspects of being (spirit, mind, and body) and doing (intent, behavior, and peak

Unity psychology and the empowering PSI-BETA-BLOCK-R8 method, offered

exclusively through Tabankhu, provide the secret keys necessary to unlock your true

potentials and activate your destined life success!

Focused around your individual strengths and challenges, coaching allows your authentic

core to organically unfold. Candaces integrative coaching for executives and leaders
facilitates genuine, inner mastery that, in turn, transforms your personal and/or
professional life.

Lack of clarity Lack of peace Lack of meaning

Remove what is lacking in your life and experience
Lack typically results from working against ones
self, whether as an individual or part of a family,
team, or larger group. By better understanding your
true nature, you minimize the lack weighing you
down and maximize that which uplifts your daily

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft


Anyone! Coaching benefits individuals seeking a better life, as well as executives, senior leaders,
emerging leaders & teams seeking a better way at work.
Because coaching sessions are personally designed to meet your individual needs, Candace and her
team work with you to organically develop your authentic self, one step at a time. Focusing on
you - your experiences, challenges, and developed strengths - integrative coaching facilitates genuine, inner transformation that, in turn, transforms your personal and/or professional life.


After entering into a coaching relationship, we agree to specific times for our sessions. All sessions are
conducted by phone to allow you location flexibility for privacy and comfort.
Throughout coaching, we partner with you to uncover and develop your talents and transform any
limiting aspects of your mindset and worldviewbeliefs, thoughts, emotions, attitudes, values, or behaviorsinto healthier, more positive perspectives. As the sessions progress, you will gain greater
understanding about yourself and how you interact with the world around you, be better able to assess and adapt to changing circumstances, attain more positive outcomes from your actions,
and gain fresh perspectives on your relationships, activities, and projects. We will offer insights and
perspectives based on what you do and do not share. Along the way, you will discover strength from

your talents, learn to mindfully leverage them to expand your worldview, and design action plans to
attain your evolving vision.

Simply put, a coach is an experienced
professional who can offer direction and
assistance, validation and support for the role
being performed. Coaching helps you discover
and enhances those skills you already possess
and expands your repertoire to extend the range
of your influence and level of achievement. It
provides a point of accountability so you take
yourself and your growth more seriously. Its
action-based approach helps you develop the
traction, momentum, and consistency needed to
witness results more rapidly than you would on
your own.

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

All sessions are confidentialeven

when an employer is footing the tab
and conducted in the true presence of
deep listening, respect, and open discovery.
Unlike some coaches, we do not follow

a manual. We follow you. We begin

where you areyour unique strengths
and growth areasthen bring the
depth and breadth of our years of experience in management, education,
coaching, and therapy to create a
coaching experience that is personally
relevant to you.


Like anything in like, the benefits of a coaching experience varies by person, organization, and situation but, generally speaking, clients can expect the following:

Increased understanding and awareness of how mindset and worldviewbeliefs, emotions,

thoughts, attitudes, values, judgments, and behaviorsaffect self and impact others

Improved short- and long-term performance from capitalizing on strengths and continual development of growth areas

Increased adaptability and improved quality of life

Enhanced ability to intentionally create new response patterns for superior outcomes and greater


Improved self-esteem, self-efficacy, and demonstrated confidence

Improved intention setting, strategic planning, and assessment

More highly integrated and productive teams with improved project management

Appropriately managed stress levels

Increased authenticity with corresponding gains in trust and respect

Greater ability to motivate, persuade, and influence others

Enhanced vitality from adopting healthy life balance

Coaching is beneficial even when serious problems are
absent. Being human, all leaders can enhance their
current level of skills, even if they are currently performing
well. Coaching is for anyone who wants to actualize their
greatest potential and improve their psychosocial acumen,
behavioral performance, and/or balance and fulfillment in
Candace provides doctoral-level coaching grounded in
effective therapeutic techniques. A registered healer, she
also offers complementary modalities to identify and
remove obstacles that block progress to your authentic

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

You dont leave your spirit

when you walk through the
doors at work
Do you?

A word about coaching for business executives and leaders

You know the scenario: A worker who has demonstrated excellent performance is promoted into a
supervisory or management role. But, after a few months, the worker is frustrated and the company is
disappointed by performance falling short of expectations. The reason is common: The skill set
required for worker excellence does not match the skill set required for stellar leadership performance.
We call this skills difference the leadership gap, a gap that will inherently result in lowered
satisfaction and effectiveness.
The truth is that global skills (sometimes
called soft skills) are needed for
effective leadership performance. Without





promotion: With greater advancement up

the career ladder, the

skills gap

widens. In fact, the Harvard Business

Review estimated that a full 90 percent

Did you know?

A recent study found that only a few leaders receive
necessary performance coaching:
23% of new leaders

of todays C-suite executives job consists

29% of developing executives

of, not technical knowledge or subject

35% of senior & C-suite executives

expertise, but global skills!

Would you visit a surgeon who has acquired only a

Our services assist organizations willing to

portion of the skills necessary to perform surgery?

invest in growing leadership talent,

Why turn your business over to someone who has




enjoying greater success.

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft



only a fraction of the skills necessary for leadership


Mindfulness involves viewing life as a unified

whole system. A mindful person has heightened
awareness of self and the surrounding environment.
Mindful leaders have attained the mastery to respond to situations in a novel, intentional manner
with objectivity, rather than reacting from habitual
patterns of the past, to give business the highest innovative and competitive edge possible.

The science of performance involves an approach grounded in the knowledge and concepts of

human behavior and development, the power of the mind, and diagnostic assessments to
identify strengths and potential growth areas.
The energy of performance places the science in action to maximize potential and focus efforts to
reduce waste and increase efficiency and effectiveness.
Utilizing the PSI-BETA-BLOC-R7
empowerment method unique to us, our clients become increasingly aware of the global factors
involved in team and organizational success.

Mindful leaders demonstrate the characteristics current research indicates are vital for success:

Excellent communicators who can build trust, respect, and influence others

Decisive collaborators who lead without rank and demonstrate impulse control

Critical, strategic thinkers who demonstrate comfort with organizational design

The truth is

Executives who have heightened awareness are better able to see the forest and

Grooming your high performing

the trees. Mindful leaders are authenti-

employees and faculty for leadership

cally responsive and responsible in

positions allows for better promotion

their actions

Providing new

leaders and

executives with a solid foundation

reduces the learning curve and its
corresponding lost productivity.

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Continual improvement
Narrative alignment
Talent developed for growth
Holistic (systems) thinking
Vision with clear intent
Communication excellence

Performance coaching provides personal one-on-one sessions
that specifically address global skills required within the leaders
sphere of influence. Four basic categories of leadership can
benefit from personalized performance coaching.


If you are in the C-suite, you have already demonstrated stellar
abilities. No matter your level of success or competence within this
new business cultures, issues regularly arise for which a second


pair of eyes and ears are beneficial. Or, you simply may want to
actualize greater potential, attain the next level of success,
or enjoy a more fulfilling, balanced life. Confidential performance


coaching provides just such an outlet for any C-suite executive.

Interpersonal competence

Positive worldview
Coping skills
Power equalization


A true story: A preschooler who did not like vegetables, looked at
the broccoli on his lunch plate, put his head in his hands, and
lamented, What have I gotten myself into? New leaders, even
experienced leaders without training, often express the same
sentimentsilently, of course. Coaching provides validation and
guidance that allows leaders to lift up their heads with



Coaching effectiveness is increased

by personal relevance. Our coaching is based upon the individual issues
each client brings to the sessions.


This leader is meeting performance goals, but could benefit from

enhancement coaching to sharpen skills or add a few new ones.

Lets be honest: Few leaders are going to admit what they do not
know, even if aware of their shortcomings. Enhancement coaching

provides the company with a talent development insurance policy that strengthens leadership for
future challenges.


This person is the excellent worker whose eye is set on advancement.

Coaching is beneficial for two

reasons: a) it provides upper management with an opportunity to assess leadership potential prior
to a promotion and b) it develops leadership talent so they can hit the ground running after a
Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Our coaching focuses on the whole entityindividual, team,
and organization in reciprocal action, each affecting and being
affected by the other. When silos are dismantled, organizational
fragmentation disappears. Each team can maintain its
distinctive identity just as it identifies with the whole
organization. With greater organizational unity comes
increased balance, health, joy, peace, prosperity, and success.
All for one and one for all is priceless ROI.


Trueand false! It is true that
each of us enters this life with a
unique set of gifts and talents.
Still, gifts and talents require

nurturance if they are to

develop. Whether you were born
with leadership aptitude or desire
to improve your skills,
performance coaching provides
the awareness and guidance
needed for healthy talent

Leaders who are in the executive and C-suites, even

those who already are performing with
excellence, may never have grounded their skills.
Coaching provides validation for their strengths and a
safe haven for enhanced growth. It spurs the
seasoned leader who wishes to up their game to
a higher level of life performance and success.

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Some people are born leaders.

All successful leaders have their
skills developed and abilities
nurtured, regardless of their
innate abilities.

Consulting Services
For Business, Organizations, & Teams

Business Education Healthcare

Public & Human Service
Nonprofit Organizations
Government Municipalities
Sports Entertainment
Retail Manufacturing

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Consulting is an option for forward-thinking organizations regarding

Mindful leadership
Strengths-based systems
Humane relations
Organizational stories
Peak performance and,
Competency-based and direct assessment (specific to higher education)

Realizing Peak Performance ...

Our consulting services are valuable when your group or organization needs additional mentoring or
assistance in implementing skills. When you do not have the time, we are available to do the work
for you!
Common consulting projects include
Unity leadership coaching & culture
Strengths-based systems
Aligning talent with business/organizational stories
Humane relationship development
Competency-based and direct assessment programs
Facilitating positive (and productive) meetings
De-stressing your workplace and life

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Q: Who can benefit from consulting services?

A: Who could not?! Seriously. Every team and organization can benefit from maximizing and
integrating their strengths. Without it, team members stand only a random chance of feeling
valued and finding meaning in their work days. Without it, teams stand only a random chance of
attaining the intent imagined by the company!

By Integrating Strengths ...

Leaving things to chance, is a risky business. We minimize risk by maximizing alignment.

Consider the following questions regarding your business, organization, or team:

If you answered yes to any of the above, you have a risky business that can benefit from positive


Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Why would you leave the outcome of your business/organizational story to chance?
Naturally, you wouldnt.
Not if you had a better option.

Beyond Motivation to Inspire Positive Action!

You know whats coming next Thats right!

We have a better option.
We have a paradigm that allows business, organizations, and team to plug-into greater engagement,
enjoyment, and satisfaction. That translates into greater success. And, what does greater success
lead to? Even greater engagement through inspired confidence, creativity, and innovation
that places your group past the cutting edge, ahead of the field, and squarely in the midst of success
that perpetuates greater success!

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft







performance to the sessions, so we do not tell you

how to run your business or your life. We create a
space where you can more easily connect with your
own solutions and initiatives for balanced success.
Still, we actively coach by bringing presence, deep
listening, and guidance to the process. We work with
what you already know and have achieved by placing

it into a different paradigm that opens you to new

perspectives and options, creates a fresh action

pattern, and propels you to a higher level of

We understand that healthy organizations are

strong organizations. One way our coaching /

consulting is distinguished from that of our
competitors is that we begin by identifying your
leadership and organizational strengths. We assess
what is already going well to assure that the
positives are maintained and enhanced. Only from a
strong foundation can we confidently focus on growth
Another distinguishing feature of our services is


No, that is not a typo! By having fun, teams

become more engaged in the transformative process.

In fact, they take ownership and begin to lead the

process. Why? Because people like to have fun

even at work. When work is enjoyable, creative, and
meaningful, people feel successful. And, lets be
honest: Everyone likes to be a part of success!

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Common topics for organizations include

the following:
Business ethics & etiquette
Change management
Communication & interpersonal competence
Conflict management
Creative play and problem-solving
Diversity & cultural awareness
Goal-setting for productivity
Hiring for talent excellence
Holisitic performance appraisals
Meeting management
Motivation and influence
Negotiation skills
Organizational structure & development
Project management with integrated
Social responsibility
Strategic thinking/planning
Succession planning
Team development (including virtual
Time management
Utilizing stress & emotions for growth

FOLLOW-UP - We recognize a significant

skills/information gap can occur between
an uplifting event and when the team returns to their normal work day.

We remain
committed to your
continued positive
growth and success
after the event has

To prevent backsliding into old habits and

ways, we offer the option of continued support through the initial transfer of skills and

Some clients choose to take advantage of our

standard follow-up that occurs two-three
weeks following the event; others prefer a
more extensive follow-up period. Either
way is fine. What matters is that the structure works in a healthy manner for you.


Some clients have us arrive a day or two prior to the event or stay
later to provide individual coaching sessions. Others retain us for a
period of time after the event to coach individuals or teams. We are
here to support your organic growth, spiritmindbody.
Our integrative coaching focuses on personally incorporating your
unique strengths with positive attitudes, emotions, thoughts, and actions to successfully meet the challenges faced in your specific
As a result, harmony and balance are created. Your personal and
work life becomes less of a struggle. Flow increases and you begin to
relax more completely into the role you were meant to fill and that
leads to meaningful success!

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If utilizing strengths to maximize innovative ______ success and achieve _______

sounds attractive,
Stop hesitating. Stop thinking about it and take action.
Contact us today for your free, confidential consultation. Well talk to you honestly about what we can (and cannot) provide given your unique challenges.

Sometimes a subtle shift
a different way of viewing things

is all that is needed to work magic ...
Let us work our

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magic with you!


All of our fees are market competitive.


boldly, intentionally

Speaking event fees depend upon the nature,
scope, and format involved, viz., speech, seminar or workshop. Contact us to discuss your

boundlessly, passionately


abundantly, infectiously


playfully, courageously

Personal coaching sessions typically are

scheduled for one hour weekly for 12 weeks,
although other options are available. Twelve
weeks is considered the minimum amount of
time to make and establish a new life pattern.
For more information, visit our site or contact
us to discuss your coaching interest.


easily, exceptionally

Organizational consulting fees and timelines depend on the nature and scope of the
project. Contact us to discuss your project.

Live Longer, Stronger, Healthier, & Happier!

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AHA! Take Control of Your Destiny!

Q: How many experts does it take to change a light bulb?
A: One. But the light bulb really has to want to change!

Its an oldie, but a goodie, because its true! Candace is an expert at helping others find that Aha!

moment and switch on the light in their lives. She can do the same for you your team your
You see, no other can know your soul path and how it affects your personal and family life, your work, your
relationships, you enjoyment, meaning, and satisfaction This is your life experience and its why self-

discovery is vital. Only by learning about self and your patterns of responding to life can you align with
your highest good.
If you are ready to embark upon an adventure toward a life of mastery, contact Candace to schedule your
AHA moment!

Early in her career, Candace found life dissatisfying,

empty and meaningless. Certainly, there had to be

Your AHA moment involves

Finding your authentic voice

Becoming empowered to right


Anchoring for greater energy &


Re-cognizing life patterns for


proaches, and listened to her clients and students ...

Mindfulness of the ripple effect

until she attained a high

Getting out of your own way ...

more to work and life than this. But what? She delved


Eastern and Western philosophies, stud-

ied psychology, examined various ways of experiencing

life as the personal and professional self, practiced
therapy integrating

complementary modali-

ties with traditional psychotherapeutic

degree of mastery


the art

and skill of self-excellence through con-

trol of



inner nature, positive subcon-



aligned with realized intent.

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft


Shifting to the next level of doing &

being where you
Finding your personal keys to a
higher life with meaning, value,
satisfaction, joysuccess!

Candace founded Tabankhu to share those

principles and support individuals, teams, and

Candace holds a doctorate in

Health and Human Development, with an emphasis in Psychology, from Penn State.; a
Masters from the University of
Arizona, and a Bachelors from
Saint Olaf College. A lifelong
student of Eastern-Western
ways of being and doing, she
has blended three decades of
knowledge and experience
into a cohesive system of unity

organizations that desired to take control of their

destiny and experience a life at work and play filled

with greater abundance and prosperity, peace

and happiness - in short, greater life

success! Who wouldnt want that for
themselves, their business, their team, their life?
Candace has served as a Senior
Executive with national non-profit
Her experience in the education,
healthcare, research, and service
sectors provides her with a rare
ability to relate to a wide

Live Longer, Stronger, Healthier, & Happier!

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Across the years, experience and examinaProfessional memberships include

tion came together in discovery creating what

Womens Speaker Association

American Hypnosis Association
International Institute for
Complementary Therapists
International Natural Healer
National Council on Family

is known today as unity psychology - that

An author, Dr. Croft writes the

monthly online column, Living with
Heart, and her self-health books
have received positive reviews
from Writers Digest. In addition,
Dr. Croft has authored articles in
such peer-reviewed journals and
popular magazines as Spirituality &
Emergence, Journal of Adolescent
Pediatrics, Health Values, Journal
of Genetic Psychology, and Journal
of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and
Neonatal Nursing.

mance). Fusion creates a full-sensory experi-

integration of psychology, human development,

philosophy, and physics developed by Candace
and delivered exclusively through Tabank-

hu. Unity psychology fuses being (spirit, mind,

body) with doing (intent, behavior, peak perforence for greater clarity and focused direc-

tion for business or life.

Let Candace and Tabankhu help you and your
team gain greater confidence and sense of

empowerment through a process of discovery that will reveal your natural talents as

Become Curiously Amused,

Engaged and Enlightened by Self!

Copyright 2016 Candace A. Croft

Contact us today to receive your free consultation

and schedule an event for your Aha moment!

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