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Contact: Ken Lee, Vice President, Divine Arts 206 283 2948

Seattle Science Foundation welcomes authors of Goodbye Parkinson’s, Hello life! from Israel for an online presentation in March 2016.

The Seattle Science Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the quality of patient care through education, research, innovation, and collaboration, has invited Alex Kerten and David Brinn to record a video presentation for their organization in March 2016.

a video presentation for their organization in March 2016. Dr. Jens R. Chapman, an orthopedic spine

Dr. Jens R. Chapman, an orthopedic spine surgeon at Swedish Neuroscience Institute, read an advance review copy of Goodbye Parkinson’s, Hello life! ( and was immediately impressed by its practical, commonsense approach to alleviating symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Dr Chapman notes: “This book focuses on patient-centered care. I think it presents a new and powerful message to the health-care industry, that patients, working with experts such as Alex Kerten, can take much greater control of their health.

“While the exercises in this book are not a cure for Parkinson’s, I’m confident that this book can substantially improve the health and well-being of Parkinson’s patients throughout the world. I wanted very much to share this information, and so I invited Ken Lee, the Seattle- based vice president of Divine Arts, the book’s publisher, along with Alex Kerten and his co-author, David Brinn, to do a presentation with the Seattle Science Foundation,” adds Dr. Chapman.

Goodbye Parkinson’s Hello life! has gained national attention recently through a series of remarkable YouTube videos created by the book’s publisher, Michael Wiese of Divine Arts, and Alex Kerten, who demonstrates his unique Gyro-Kinetics exercises

The National Parkinson’s Association and the Michael J. Fox Foundation have even posted information about the book on social media, adding to the growing interest in Alex Kerten and Gyro-Kinetics.

Ken Lee will also participate in the discussion and speak about the unique place the book has quickly assumed in the field of Parkinson’s literature. The Seattle Science Foundation will e-mail the video of this event to 20,000 health-care professionals and then make it available to the general public on YouTube.