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Laboratory Report


Food Science 10

Sriracha Mayonnaise
Thamonphan Nontapatamadul (Baifern)
December 1, 2015

Mahidol University International Demonstration School

Before you do any experiment, you should
understand their basic chemical, for example,
mayonnaise has the basic chemical called
emulsifier. An emulsifier is a molecule with a
hydrophobic end and a hydrophilic end, which
changes a heterogeneous mixture into a
homogeneous mixture. Hydrophobic is waterrepelling, or water-fearing and Hydrophilic is
water-loving. A mixture is a combination of
two or more substances in which each
substance keeps at least some of its original
properties. Heterogeneous is dissimilar
substances can be recognized by sight (Salt
and Pepper) and Homogenous is dissimilar
substances cannot be recognized by sight
(Salt and Water).
In this experiment, we make mayonnaise.
Mayonnaise is a mixture that has oil and
water. The mixture will not be homogeneous if
we do not put the emulsifier which is egg yolk
because water is hydrophilic and oil is
hydrophobic. Therefore, mayonnaise is
homogeneous because egg yolk help mixing
oil and water. The purpose of this experiment
Mahidol University International Demonstration School

is for student to learn how emulsifier can mix

oil and water.

1.Egg yolk
9.Sriracha sauce
10. Bowl
11. Vegetables
12. Spoon
13. Pepper

Mahidol University International Demonstration School



1.Put 4 table spoons of pasteurized
egg yolk and whisk it.
2.Slowly drop oil with a dropper.
3.Whisk the egg yolk while adding
4.After they set, add in table
spoon of mustard.
5.Stir it well and add a pinch of salt
and sugar.
6.Add 1 table spoon of lime juice.
7.Melting cheese and put it in
8.Add Sriracha sauce and stir it well.
9.Put and set the vegetables on the
10. Put the chickens on the
Mahidol University International Demonstration School

11. Put the Sriracha sauce on the

middle of the plate.

Teachers are tasting


Mahidol University International Demonstration School

This what our mayonnaise looks like

What was your group strategy for
developing a new mayonnaise flavor?
What was your strategy for the
presentation of the mayonnaise,
knowing that the teachers and
students would be evaluating using all
their senses?
We made research for our mayonnaise
taste. We also chose chickens and
eating with Sriracha mayonnaise
Mahidol University International Demonstration School

because we think they are good

What technique or strategy did
your group perform to successfully
create an emulsion?
We slowly added oil in egg yolk and hit
it fast. Moreover, we use our sense for
testing the taste.
What was the most difficult part
about creating an emulsion?
Mixing the oil and egg yolk is the most
difficult part for me.
Was the added flavor your group
choose successful in making a
delicious mayonnaise? Why or why
Yes, we were successfully because our
classmates and teachers liked our
mayonnaise the most in the classroom.
Was your presentation effective to
enhance the flavor of the mayonnaise
Mahidol University International Demonstration School

for the sensory evaluation panel? Why

or Why not?
Yes, my mayonnaise is effective
because I mix Sriracha sauce with
mayonnaise, so my mayonnaise smells
and taste sweet and salty in the same
Which mayonnaise flavor and
presentation do you think was the
most successful in your class? Why?
I think Kimchi mayonnaise is the most
successful because they made good test
and use materials that match with their
Your body is mostly made of water.
What happens when you eat fat? If fat
is non-polar and water is polar, how do
you digest fat? Research what
emulsifier your body uses to solve this
problem and explain.
Water is hydrophilic or polar but fat is
hydrophobic or non-polar, so they
Mahidol University International Demonstration School

cannot be mixed as well. Therefore, our

bodies make bile to break
down fat to be smaller.
Hence, our bodies can easily
mix with water and digest fat

In conclusion, I have learned and proved
that emulsifier can really help polar and nonpolar substances mix. I also know that egg
yolk is an emulsifier for making mayonnaise.
Moreover, this lesson teach me about how to
make mayonnaise and create new taste of it.
For errors in this experiment, our
mayonnaise is a little bit too salty and we
almost not finish the mayonnaise in time.
Next time, I will do it faster and taste the taste
anytime I put ingredients. However, I feel
very thankful teachers and my classmates
for voting my mayonnaise to be the best

Mahidol University International Demonstration School

Mahidol University International Demonstration School