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This book is arranged to help students learn,

practice, and develop English speaking skill. It has some
reading texts with specific themes. The themes are based
on how to be a successful person, so that the students are
not only get the reading skill but also get self
development learning.
There are spaces for notes on each page, so that
the students can note the teachers explanations.
This book is much less perfect. Hopefully, the
readers are able to criticize to make a better revision.

Jakarta, 29 December 29, 2015

Future Creator Foundation Team

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5 Reasons Why Following Your Passion Is More Important

Than Money

1. Working for money may seem like good enough

motivation for one to keep at their career.
Every morning Monday through Friday you go to work 9
to 5 sitting their punching away the hours stressing about the
work at hand. This is not a way to enjoy your life. Working for
8 hours a day 5 times a week at something that makes you
miserable is not the way you live life to the fullest.
Many people who choose careers that do not make them
happy will tell you that they would all do it differently if they
had the chance. You only have one life, so dont waste it
working somewhere you hate just because of the money.
2. You are more passionate about the work you are doing.
There is nothing worse than having to wake up every
morning during the week to mindlessly go do work you do not
even care about. However, this is never really an issue when
you are passionate about the work you do. If you are not
forced to work somewhere because of monetary constraint,
you truly enjoy what you do and you never really work a day
in your life.
3. You can relate more to the work and come up with better
Being forced to do work is one of the most draining
experiences. While there are times at every job where you may
feel the work may be draining and dull, you have to realize
that not every day is going to be an enjoyable one. There are
highs and lows, but when you are passionate about the work
you you look past the dull days. Your creative process is also
different. You are more inclined to come up with creative
ideas when you like what you do.

4. Work does not feel like it is forced upon you.

When you value money over your overall health and your
passion, you will find yourself in an endless cycle of misery.
Work no longer becomes a career or a journey, but more of a
taxing nuisance on your mind and body that has to get done.
Every day that you go to work with this mindset you begin to
hate your job more and more. While many people feel that
they must work hard to retire and have money to enjoy
themselves, what is the point of enjoying yourself in your later
years when you spent your life being miserable?
5. No matter how much money you make, nothing will help
you overcome the feeling of doing something you hate.
Many accountants come into corporate America, put in
reckless hours during the week and make a great paycheck on
pay day. Many of them have all this money piled up, but they
never really get to enjoy the fruits of their labor because their
labor takes up most of their lives.
Many of them hate their jobs because they are not really
passionate about what they do. Is there a worse feeling than
doing something you hate? Eventually this hatred will cause
stress and in the long run, it will have lasting effects on your


How To Build Self Confidence


Look at what youve already achieved. Sometimes it can be

easy to focus on what you havent done. Its easy to lose
confidence if you feel like you havent achieved anything.
Focusing on stuff you have done, big or small, can help gain
perspective on all your talents and abilities.
Write down a list of all the things youre proud of in
your life. Think of things you have achieved, whether its
getting a good mark on an exam or even learning to ride a
bike. Keep this list close and add to it when you do something
youre proud of. When youre low in confidence, pull this list
out and celebrate the things youve achieved so far.
Think of the things youre good at. Everyone has strengths
and talents, what are yours? Have a look at our fact sheet on
strengths and work out how you can build on yours.
Recognising what youre good at and trying to build on those
things can be a really valuable way of building confidence in
your own abilities.
Set some goals. Set some goals and aim to achieve them. By
proving to yourself that you can get stuff done, youll prove to
yourself what youre capable of achieving. They dont have to
be big goals; they can even be things like baking a cake or
planning a night out with friends. Just little things that can be
ticked off a list and help you gain selfconfidence in your
ability to get stuff done.
Talk yourself up. Youre never going to feel confident if you
have a negative commentary running through your mind
telling you youre no good. Think about your selftalk and
how that might be affecting your fact
sheets selfconfidence. Have a read of our fact sheet on self
talk to get some handy tips on turning your negative selftalk

Get a hobby. Try to find something that youre really

passionate about. Do you like playing footy? Like building
model trains? Think of some of the stuff youre really
interested in and commit yourself to giving them a go. Finding
stuff that youre passionate about will help you find stuff that
youre good at. Chances are, if youre interested or passionate
about a certain activity youre likely to be good at it as well. It
can also be a skill you can master, something that will
inevitably give you higher selfconfidence.
Talk to someone about it. Not everyone is going to be able to
make you feel better about yourself. In fact, there are some
people in the world who will purposefully try and lower your
selfconfidence. But if you can find someone that you trust
who will tell you honestly what youre good at and who you
can talk to about your selfconfidence, go have a chat with
them. This might be a friend, a parent, a teacher or a
If youre not feeling better? Sometimes the quick fixes dont
help in the long term. If youre feeling really bad and things
just dont seem to be getting better, it might be worth going to
talk to someone who knows how to build you up.
Professionals like counsellors and psychologists have
some really good strategies that can help you build up your
confidence. Not only that, but they may able to help you find
the underlying problem that might be causing you to feel bad
about yourself.


What to Say When You Appreciate Someone

Casual Words of Appreciation

These phrases are appropriate for business relationships,
casual friends, and acquaintances who have gone the extra
mile for you:
* Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your
commitment. You are not only a valued member of this group,
you're a dear friend. I can't imagine working without you.
* You're the heart and soul of this team. I appreciate your
dedicated commitment.
* You do such a great job! Keep it up.
Appreciation Quotes
Try some of these special quotes from some of the world's
leading philosophers, actors, and businessmen to convey your
deep appreciation for another person:
* According to the Dalai Lama, the roots of goodness are in
the soil of appreciation for goodness. You've been too good to
me, and it is deeply appreciated.
* To truly appreciate life, we seek companionship. Thank you
for being my companion. I appreciate you.
* "Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones
which strike deepest in the gratefully and appreciating heart."
-Henry Clay
Do you want to tell that special someone they're appreciated
without saying "I love you"? Try a few of these on for size:
* Your love and support will always be remembered, fondly in
good times, and as encouragement in bad.

* Someday I hope to give to you a fraction of all you've given

* No words can express, no act of gratitude can relay, no gift
can represent what your love and support have meant to me.
Please accept this note as an indicator of my heartfelt
appreciation for everything you are.
Remember sending cards will help re-connect with
those you lost touch with, develop new relationships and
maintain existing ones.


This Is What The Schedules Of Successful People Look

Do you want to be more successful? Many successful
entrepreneurs share similar ideals and routines which play an
intrinsic part in their success.

Here we look at 4 routines and beliefs successful

entrepreneurs use every day:
1. They Have A Morning Routine
Getting up early has lots of benefits. You get the chance to
be available and present before demands are made of you, and
before you need to start working on your goals. This can
improve your mood, as you feel in control of your life.
Getting up and completing your morning routine will help
you to feel confident and in control, ready to handle the
challenges that the day throws at you.
How To Adjust Your Schedule: Consider scheduling tasks
you would normally do in the evening in the morning instead.
For instance, try exercising before you go to work to help you
feel revitalized and productive.
2. They Dont Panic When Things Go Slightly Wrong
Many people start to feel stressed and anxious when
things dont go exactly to plan, but these things can happen on
a daily basis. Successful people realize they cannot control
everything, and anticipate mistakes.
Dealing with problems is a big part of being a successful
entrepreneur. Plan for mistakes, and you will deal with them
rationally and efficiently as they arise.
How To Adjust Your Schedule: Factor In time every day to
help you deal with any problems that arise. Half an hour at the
end of your working day is ideal, as it means you can focus on
the tasks you want to complete during the day.
3. They Work When They Dont Have To
First thing in the morning, the evenings and the weekend
are all times that most people are not working. However, you
could be wasting your productivity. Many successful
entrepreneurs will work whenever inspiration strikes, as they
know they will be more productive then than later.
If you have a great pitch for work, strike while the iron is
hot and get working even if youre not in work.

How To Adjust Your Schedule: Plan two hours work you

will do during your free time, from replying to emails to
making important calls. This will help you to get ahead and
stay ahead.
4. They Do Important Work First
Many people arrive at the office and start their day with
the little tasks, like emailing and admin. However, our brains
are sharpest earlier in the day, so this is the best time to tackle
the more creative work that challenges you.
If you dont get the opportunity to work on your chosen
tasks first thing, take matters into your own hands; do the
work from home, or come into work early.
How To Adjust Your Schedule: Set your schedule for the
next day while you are still at work. Plan your most important
tasks for first thing in the morning, and then respond to your
emails before lunch to guarantee a productive day.





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