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Roman Civilization

Chapter 1: Section 1
Life in Ancient Rome

With the person next to you...

Please write down 5 things that

you believe makes a government
good and explain why its
important in one sentence.

A Prosperous Empire
Rome is responsible for much of
todays forms of government, art
and culture.

Who was Augustus

He was Romes first emperor.
He was important because he
brought a period of peace that
lasted 200 years!
This period of peace was called
Pax Romana (Roman Peace)

Was Augustus a good emperor?

Grab a textbook, Read the section
What did Augustus Achieve,
identify 5 things Augustus did to
better Roman society and write
them in your INTERACTIVE
(Page 137)

Emperor Vespasian
Led an era of prosperity. Most
known for building the Colosseum.

It held 60,000 people!

Roman Culture

Loved science, arts and writing.

They took most of their ideas from

Roman Art
Greek and Roman art was different.
Make a chart that shows the
differences between Greek and
Roman Art.

Greek vs. Roman Art

(Page 139)
Greek Art

Roman Art

The Romans invented concrete,
which made buildings taller and
last much longer.
Many Roman buildings still stand

Roman Literature

Describe the works of Virgil,

Horace and Livy? What did they
do? Why is it important?
You may do bullet points

Science and
Galen cut open dead animals to
study their organs, his books
taught doctors for 1,500 years!
Ptolemy mapped out 1,000
different stars, he believed Earth
was the center of the universe.

Chapter 1 Section 2

The Fall of Rome

What if California Was

Please write no less than 2
sentences about whether you think
California should be split into 6
different states.

A Roman General who became
He introduced reform by dividing
the empire into 4 parts.
He failed,
Set the prices of goods, forced
people to stay at the same jobs
for life.

Constantine takes
Also failed to help Rome. Made
people do the same jobs as their
He moved the Capital of Rome, to

After Constantine, fighting
erupted until Theodosius took
over and divided the Empire in
(Western and Eastern Empires)

Rome is Attacked!
The Vandals
burned and

(hence the

Rome Finally Falls

Germanic General
named Odoacer
captures the 14
year old emperor.

(No one ruled

from Rome again)

Christianity Spreads

Rome Adopted
Christianity in the

Ch. 1, Sec. 3

The Byzantine

Its location led
to its success.
Why do you
think this
location is

Roman Empire
Becomes More
Leaders began
to speak Greek and
honor Greek traditions.

Arab traditions began to take form

for many people.

Emperor Justinian
Justinian and his wife Theodora
increased rights for woman!
Justinian wanted the reunite
Rome and conquered most of
Italy. (it didnt last)

Justinians Code
He wanted new laws that were
easy to follow, his new laws
influenced Europe for years.

Document from reading outline on

women and Byzantine Church