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BCG Matrix for ITC

The BCG matrix analyzes the portfolio logic of an organization. In case of ITC there are many
SBUs of ITC having different sub SBUs also. The leading SBUs of it are Paperboards &
Packaging, FMCG, Agri – Business, Hotels, ITC Infotech; etc.and the subSBUs are as follows-

• Cigarettes
• Foods
• Lifestyle Retailing
• Greeting, Gifting & Stationery
• Safety Matches
• Agarbattis
Paperboards & Packaging
• Paperboards & Specialty Papers
• Packaging

Agri - Business
• Agri-Exports
• e-Choupal
• Leaf Tobacco
Group Companies
• ITC Infotech; etc

If we will analyze the sales figure of ITC we can see that in FMCG the sales of cigarettes
increased by 8.4% in 2005 where as other products of FMCG increased by 85.2% in the same
year. In accordance with it the sales of hotel increase by 124.1% in the same year. In 2005 the
sales of Agribusiness and paper & pkg was increased by 4.2, 24.9% respectively. So overally the
net revenue is increased by 12.99% in the year 2005.

Market share of ITC Ltd.-

The outstanding market leader SBU of ITC are Cigarettes, Hotels, Paperboards, Packaging and
Agri-Exports.Similarly the gaining market share SBUs of it are Nascent businesses of Packaged
Foods & Confectionery, Branded Apparel and Greeting Cards.
So if we will analyze the star SBUs are Hotels,Paperboards/Packaging, Agri business as
these are having high market share and high industry growth. The SBUs like FMCG others will
come under question mark as they are having less market share but the industry growth is high.
The FMCG cigarette will come under cash cows because though the contribution to GDP of this
industry is low but ITC is the market leader. The ITC Infotech is having low market share and
low industry growth ,so it will come under dog.

BCG Matrix of ITC Page 1

Segment Dominance Contribution %
Revenue PBIT
Cigarettes 70% share 77.0% 87.7%
Paper & Packg. Packaging board – 7.3% 10.7%
No. 1
in Asia

Agri business 1of the largest 7.0% 3.7%

from India

Hotels ITC Group ranks No.2 4.3% 5.4%

FMCG 20% share of greeting 4.4% -7.5%

(Others) cards market,
'Aashirvaad' atta is
No.1 in branded

Stars ?
High •Hotels •FMCG- Others
• Agri business


Cash Cows. Dogs

•FMCG-Cigarettes •May be ITC

High Relative Market Share Low

BCG Matrix of ITC Page 2

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