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21 Action Points For Good Executives

1. Never Say I Forgot. Have A System To Note Down Things. Be A Walking

2. Never Say I Thought It Was Not Important. Nothing Is Unimportant.
Never Give Excuses.
3. Be Fully Committed To Whatever You Do, That Makes You A Reliable
4. Pay Attention To Details. Leave Out Nothing .God Is In The Details.
5. Follow-Up Immediately On The Instructions You Receive. Do Not
Postpone Things Endlessly.
6. Give Prompt Feedback To Your Boss Regularly On Progress Of Your
7. Find Out How To Make Things Happen, Rather Than Wait For Things To
Happen. Be Proactive.
8. Never Go To Your Boss With Only Problems. Have 2-3 Solutions Ready
With You As Suggestions. Dont Be A Cry Baby.
9. Never Assume .Ask Questions And Clarify Matters.
10. If There Is Bad News, Do Not Hide It From Your Boss. Be Upfront.
11. Do Not Blame Others For Any Problem, Try To Help To Identify And
Implement Solutions. Especially Do Not Let Down Your Subordinates To
Your Boss.
12. Anticipate What Your Boss And Colleagues Require, And Act Swiftly To
Fulfill Those Requirements. Do Not Wait.
13. Analyse, Improve & Update Yourself Every Day And Make Yourself More
Valuable To Your Organization And Yourself. You Will Always Be In
14. Be Punctual. Do Not Waste Other Peoples Time (Waiting For You)
15. Keep An Accurate Journal To Note Down And Keep Track Of What You
Are Doing Every Day. Somebody Is Likely To Ask.
16. Never Lie. Always Be Honest. Habitual Liars Are Hated By Everybody.
17. If You Dont Know About Something ,Do Not Bluff. Say You Will Find Out
And Reply.
18. Plan Your Day In Advance. Do Not Allow Routine Matters To Detract You
From The Days Purpose.
19. Be Prepared For Emergencies. They Do Not Give Advance Notice When
They Come.
20. Develop Your Subordinates. Do Not Solve Problems For Them, Allow
Them To Grow By Finding Solutions And Implementing Themselves.
21. Be A Master In At Least One Subject In Your Field Of Activity. You Should
Be Approached As An Expert By Others For Answers.