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Philomena Hansen

Film- Thea 1070

Instructor: Stephen Williams
03 March 2, 2016
Analysis Essay
An expert on animal behavior temple Grandin has design humane handling
systems for half the cattle processing facilities in USA. She had decreased
the amount of fear and pain that animals experience in the final hours. The
movie Temple Grandin will combine both of her autism with career. With an
incredible mise en scne to help us understand how temples mind works in
the movie.
The beginning of the movie seemed pretty skeptical in which direction
it was heading. The film portrays the mind of the central character in a very
amazing way from the beginning until the end of the movie. The movie
makes you feel like you were in the mind of the character, the technicity of
portraying the mind of temple made the authenticity of the movie. The
effectiveness of the actress Claire Danes portrays in her role as temple was
very genuine. The filmmaker wanted us to learn several things from the
movie. The primary goal seems to place the audience in the head of
someone with autism. To experience everyday life above average
intelligence, thinking patterns and social cues and behaviors. The movie

created an emotional connection within those who aren't familiar with

autism. The movie also tried to use the opposite meaning of disability to
gifted saying this credit of gift helping her achieve success when nobody
thought she would be capable. Possibly changing our perspective from
clipping the wings of disability to allowing the wings to develop may allow for
more innovation or invention. After all temple always referred to her autism
as different but not less. Throughout the movie the author uses colors, when
it was in temples mind he will use black-and-white then colorful colors in her
outside or in her environment. With the mise en scne as the film goes on,
the images used show how deep and detailed temples mine works, when
arriving at the farm she opens and closes the gate, she was doing that to
show an image with the degree of the gate as it closes and she was
calculating how it worked. Also when temple first arrived at the airport in
Arizona she call her aunt and says how hot it was then added I can see the
heat that was the first inside of how temples mine works and once again the
mise en scne helped us to see that clearly. Several times in the movie there
were flashbacks, example of the wallpaper when temple was visiting the
psychologist with her mom. The mise en scne here showed the year and the
style using at that period of time, but also it showed how temples mind was
working already at that age. The message of this movie was more than
interesting because having a disability is definitely hard and what makes it
more troubling is when others don't quite understand. The movie for sure
gave the society a new perspective about people with autism. The

metaphors used in the movie were quite amazing and make it clear to
understand more people with autism. The movie also uses parallelism of
temple observing animal behaviors and her using it or applying it in her life
because she is a visual learner. The chronologically wasn't linear there were
some jump back to temple childhood. The settings in this movie were very
interesting. The movie extended in many different issues in parallel of
autism, it touched schizophrenia showing the insufficient of maternal
affection. It shows different institutions about temples interacting in her
learning environment. It also showed her psychology approach and her
graduating with a degree in psychology and doing a masters degree in
animal science, knowing her using previously an observation of animals
behavior to help her dealing with her life. The movie also showed that temple
faces sexism while trying to integrate in the world cattle ranching. It shows
how temple was brave and determined.
Conclusion, temples life as an autistic person has increased the worlds
understanding of the condition with personal immediacy and help rise autism
diagnosis. She is the voice for those who are sometimes challenged to make
themselves heard and the movie demonstrate all of these aspects in its
wonderful mise en scne. The mise en scene helped us viewers to see
through the eyes of temples Grandin. It was an amazing way for a film maker
to help us understand from the natural progression of simple images to her
feelings, how she thought until to how she coped with her autism.