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RLECTION MANIFESTO. OF Tine GONGHESS ADOPTED AT THE MEE COMMITTEE AT’ CALCUTTA ON DIAN _ NATIONAL OF THE WORKING EMBER. 1, 15. or sixty years the National Congress has laboured forthe retin of indi, Dry long apa of eae {er mistory has been the history of the Indian people stain Ing at the leash that has held them in bondage, ‘trying ovunloose themselves from it. From small beginnings i haw progressively grown and. spread in this vast country, {areying the mestage of freedom to. the Mawes Of oir peo. plein the towns as well ax in the remotest villages. From Thee massee it has gained power and strength and de- Yeloped into « mighty organisation, the king and vibrant Fol of India's will to FREEDOM. AND INDEPEND. {CE, “rom generation. to generation 18 haa dedicated tao to this nncted cause, and“in fia name and under ita bonnet” innumerable countrymen and counteywomen of Sun have laid down their ives and undergone sufferings fn order to redeem the pledge they had taken. By service fal erent has endhrined int tn the hearin of oar jes by its refusal to submit to any dishonour to our Retion it has built-up © powerful movement of resistance to foreign rule. ‘The carcer of the Congress has been one of both, constructive effort for the good of the people and of unce ing struggle to” gain freedom. In this struggle it has faced numerous crises and come repeatedly into direct conflict with the armed might of a great Empire. Follow. Sng peaceful methods, it has not only survived these con- fiicts but. has gained new strength from. them. After the recent 3 years of an unprecedented mass upheaval ‘and ruthless Suppression, the Congress has risen stronger than ever and become more loved by. the people ‘by whom it hae stood through storm and stress, CONGRESS ELECTION MANIFISTO or ‘The Congrees has stood for equal rights and oppor. tunities for every ‘citizen of Indiat manor wonaly Te has stood for the unity of all communities and. religious groups and for tolerance and goodwill between thom Te fins stood for full opportunities for the people as s whole to grow and develop according to theit own wishor and enlus; it has also stood for the. freedom of cach, group tnd territorial area within the nation to develop tes awh fultare within the Tanger framework, ‘sind it has stated that for thi purpose mich territonal areas or ‘provinces should” be constitived, ns far aa poole, on a Aingeatic fsnd cultoral basis. Te Nas stood for the rights of all howe ‘who suffer from social tyranny and injustice and for the Femoval for thom of all barriers to equality. ‘The Congress has envisaged a free, democratic State with the fundamental rights and liberties of all {es citizene guaranteed. in the constitution. This. constitution, in Sts view, should be a federal one with autonomy for ite constituent units, and its legislative organs elected ‘under piers adult fanchie. “fhe federation of India must, ‘willing Union of its various parta. In order to give the maximum of freedom’ to the ‘constituent unite, there may be a minimum’ list of common and essential federal subject which wll apply ell it and. furthor ‘ptional list of common subjects which may be accepted by such units as desire to do so Py FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS. ‘The constitution shall provide for fundamental righte, among them the following: 1. very citizen of India has the right of free ‘ex: Pression of apinion, the right of free asepetation and com. ination,and the right to assemble peacefully and ‘without arms, for a purpose not opposed to law or morality. 2 Bvery citizen shall enjoy frecdom of conscience laa aie cialis te 108 4MBEDKAR'S ATTACK Fe oe oa meenoeente a ieee as Get teal of tha aitaeett ngs ae protected, ee eg as nae pe meen arto le ig cae Sion mee A Ate ater Exetel of any trade’ oF calling eee ee. eee spe Acero eat et rae su rains ame ae save Saray Pilea ons in accordance ‘with regulations and ‘ncervations made =e Re en ee age pie eee acer cece oo Ceted saves dasidaiee wi lo a mae Pa ase opal a er eee Pgs peeled re malas c basis of universal 12, Every citizen ia free to move throughout India and to stay and sotte in any part thereof, Vo follow wae fade ‘or calling and to be treated equally witl 0 logal prosocution of protection inal pacts Of Tati ‘The State shall further provide all necessary safe guarts for the ‘protection and” the development of the CONGRESS ELECTION MANLYESTO 10% ef backward or suppressed elements in the popilation, 20 that they might ‘make rapid’ progress ‘tnd? ye and’ equal part in national hfe. in particulars the Soe Mill help in the development of the people of tke, Cakes eas in 9 manner most suited to theil genus ant fine lucttion and social and economical progress of hota? uted ‘eluses CONTENT OF FREEDOM. 4 hundred and fifty year and more of foreign rule hhas ‘arrested the growth of the. counter’ sud ‘humerous vital problems that "demend Kon. Intensive exploitation of the sountey an tae peo during this period: has reduced tho musee ta ie ep of misery antl starvation. ‘The country hss sou nee pees Politically kept under subjection and bumilited, but has al- to suffer economic, social, cultural and spintia) ina tion. During the years of war this proces nat gerada- by imesponsible authority in utter diesen eee Hhajet ne vom cn ncopetonen in einien reached a now height Tending to tribe famine set Raa her ne way er an a Ye bles except through tapes gf soa ‘The content of political freedom mune be ak ‘economic sind social, ‘he most vital and urgent of Tvs problema hi how to remove the Suse of poverty and te i nom hc miaccs. Tee o the wel and propre ofa fat the ‘Congres hae directa te speel iee emaaet vt,‘ by thr wellbeing and Tancoment ‘that it has judged chery pereny eid a shunge, and i his declared that anydhing that oof ‘the masoey of on out lc removed. Tndnstry’ and agcufeue, oe St se pe le mit > ceurage ac oa rapidly extendetin order to add to the meat a at By aa” give Tt the capacity for mah atenge He lepentdende on ottins. ‘But all this mast be ters wit a0 AMBEDKAR'S ATTACK timary object of benefiting the masses of our people and ing their economic and spiritual level, removing. un employment, and adding to the dignity of the individual, Hor thie purpose it will be necessary to plan and co-ordinate social advance in all” its many fields, to it the concentration of wealth and power in” the wands of individuals and groups, to. prevent vested interests inimical to society ‘irom growing, and_to have ‘oeial control of the mineral resources, means of transport Aiud the principal methods of production and distribution {in Jand, Industry and in other departments of national ac- tivity so that free India may develop into a co-operative cominonweaith. ‘The State must, therefore, own or control Key indostries; and waterways, "shipping and — other means of public" transport, curreney and" exchange, banking and insurance, must be regulated in the national interest, LAND AND AGRICULTURE. ‘Though poverty is widespread in Tadd it ia casoa- tinuy-a"Furel problem, caused chilly by-tie over pressure ‘on Loonl and Uther wealth-producing: ocupations. Tad tinder Bettish role kas been progressively tarallag, many Of her avenuer of work and employment, dosed and. & ‘vast mass of the population thrown on the land, witch, hes undergone a continous fregmentation, lla very large muinlbr of holdings Neve-beceme uneconomic" el Geestial therefore, thet the “problem of the land shuld tei, with inl ts emote, Ayelet be espegfed| on -sclentili ince end idustry'" hes to SGtaUgEL sepitiy ix oa vaclaus armas "1Clgo soaiorianh Gin Ca snrall’so as mot only to. peogres peels tar lao io abworb people from the land. In particular, cot Inca have be encourage oth Be wok ‘ig a {part-time occupations, Tt ia eaential that in the planing Tha the ‘devalopment ‘of industry, who natu Jweatih-production for the communy should be aluied at, H'thoull bo borne in tind thet this is not done at the CONGRESS ELECTION MANPEStO m1. forte creating fresh unemployment... Planning must lead to maximum e of every able-bodied: iployment, indeed, to the employment labourers. should have a ‘© opportunities of work offered to them and be abereeat im agriculture or in ‘The reform of the land system which dustry. needed in India. involves the’ removal of, between the peasant and the States, The rights of ance intermediaries should, therefore Be aout ot eat of equitable semper: naive farming or peasant propritorshiy, ‘continue, pro: gressive agriculture as well ax the ereation ‘of new afgel values ane farming dian. condi tions. Any such change, Gan, however be mate anise es ga Rent of ihe oanitrycnternd, “He dea SS lal cooperate “ne rene aa la to oe should also be large State farms ionstrati ei perimental purpose, | ATM OF demonstrative and BALANCED ECONOMY! In the development of latid and: industry there has {0 be proper hey por intgration and balance ‘between, tnd urban! economy. In, the past, musa) emcee al fore, ‘that experim« suffered, and the town nd. city, ‘ont of the vilage: This as to 8s nad oe ‘td to equals, no far ae posibe the wt a of town-dwellers an nd feneentrated in particular pro that is represented ‘which is not only Some of pro asian a TRU, ible, the standards of Industry should not bo iniees, 80 as to give a. SAMRIRDHAWS: ATTACK it: River commigigus'ehoul be constituted to under. chin task in Ofer to: promote ivigation and ent evetrand contimueus supply of water. to prevent froor’ fod! and voll eoton, to eradicate malaria, to develop hydro-electric power, and in other ways to help ais ‘the: standard of life, es in the ee hn pet cede te ore re i ae Ga it should Bo,made for the educs- ‘yl Goran then ntlleotually Tuorally, and to ft them serviges! Which will open out a re, rents 18 Science in isi sbie fields of activity has played. G csarncensng ual iaooncing wd moulding hua od wil dom gua rnter meary nthe are interests of industrial’ workers and shall secure for them iMumimom wage and a decent standard of living, proper es find conditions of labour in conform- - at 9 = toze COREE SRG Seale. | ‘oT regard to Inbour) the State shall safeguard the