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Severe Weather Project - Grading Rubric

The town you live is in danger of

encountering severe weather that may cause
millions of dollars in damages, many injuries to your
families or employess, and tragically, loss of life.
Your partners and you have been named to a special weather disaster
team by the mayor of your town. Your job is to study the weather
phenomena that plagues your area, thoroughly describe what it is, why
it happens, and what can be done to avoid it or at least minimize the damage and loss of life
that it brings, and come up with a plan to save your business/ etc.


Weather phenomena
Severe Thunder Storm
Severe Flooding
Severe snow storm
Intense fog

*Team of four members ________________________ _____________________________

__________________________ _____________________________
Your completed project should include the following items:
1) A written report 10 points Some ideas, but not limited to:
A) Analysis (4)
-what is it ?
-how does it occur?
-scientific terms? what it is?

B) Why is it a problem (3)

C) Solutions to the problem (3)
2) Some type of model, short video, or other graphic (4)

3) A presentation to the people of your city (4)

4) An additional visual aid for your presentation.(2)