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‘County OF Los ANGELES Public Health CYNTHIA A. HARDING, M.-H, Ire Beco s08no oF suPenvigons: JEFFREY D. GUNZENHAUSER, M.D, MP.H, sista interim Heath Ofer Mae ily Toe 315 Now Figueroa Sos, Room 708 Shae Kan oe Angeles, Calta 90012 nba TEL (219) 240850 FAX 219) 40-2709 on ab wi. pubcheathiacounty gov tae Aronorich February 29, 2016 TO: Each Supervisor i \ FROM: Cynthia A. Harding, M.P.H. (hylan mitt Interim Director SUBJECT: FOOD FACILITY GRADING SYSTEM (ITEM NO. 64-A, AGENDA OF JUNE 9, 2015 AND ITEM 59-A, AGENDA OF SEPTEMBER 1, 2015) In a motion by Supervisor Antonovich on June 9, 2015, the Department of Public Health (DPH) was directed to (1) conduct a thorough review of the retail food facility grading system in Los Angeles County, including an assessment of current grading factors, methodology, and a review of grading systems used in other jurisdictions and (2) provide a report of its findings and recommendations to the Board within 30 days. Reports were provided to the Board on July 8, 2015 and on August 18, 2016. In a subsequent motion by Supervisor Antonovich on September 1, 2015, DPH was instructed to provide monthly progress reports to the Board on the restaurant grading recommendation implementation activities. This February 2016 report is the sixth progress report in response to the motion. The Implementation Plan for Restaurant Grading Recommendations, which was developed to report on the progress or status of each recommendation, was updated for this report (Attachment A). Two recommendations have been completed. The target dates for some of the more complex recommendations were adjusted to allow time for additional discussion with stakeholders, and also sufficient processing of policy changes. DPH is currently scheduling the final round of meetings with the Califomia Restaurant Association (CRA) and the Food Safety Advisory Council (FSAC) members to discuss Recommendation B2, which would preclude the issuance of an “A” grade if two major Violations are found, and Recommendation D4, which would modify the owner-initiated Each Supervisor February 29, 2016 Page 2 process for restaurant operators who have chronic unsafe food practices. After these meetings are held, DPH will make a final determination on these recommendations. Since last month's report, DPH has made significant progress on Recommendation A3, which would add information to the grade card based on stakeholder input. DPH has determined that grade cards going forward will include the date of inspection, the inspectors initials, and a Quick Response (QR) code. The QR code will allow the public to access the last and prior inspection reports online. In an effort to reduce the cost of issuing a new grade card after each inspection, DPH will revise the inspection grade card to allow the entry of a few inspection dates on the card should the grade remain the same Our next report will be submitted in March 2016. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need additional information, please let us know. CAH:de PH 1508006 Attachment c: Chief Executive Officer County Counsel Executive Officer, Board of Supervisors eve 4.0, oun woe 0 pnb em tu |p NB LoNBAAE a ¢ EL se| ‘sto er ay vosunutooe ak uo ssommosp ere ue 62 Kea a porees 5 sare Supurmunsje corer ey muni upe Gases yeep eso gp uteunnon fue 8 -suonmoa) ‘upueanon ug stop oy uoeessy era Cue a sane on Sao y 210] oft om nay uo} 30 pap sap foe a uojsedeu Und p88, ue soverae “os mm wo (ove. rung howy Nem Poo) AN ING peRNoRD egw wRNHIwuES EAL seasIGu| aiczeeN | epmsder uods wooodeu Shu uoRonpop anon wad oi ox ebuo seeodoN 2 NOUVONAMINOTS us dans au “seouo wep 202 s0x0q uous i non nd pinoy Ayunvodd en ue 9h ahd eu p29 ape wv papa “cpmnogs une AUOUNDN i eon 0X hd os WO nd oe 3 CY NOUWONS 1-62-20 ody smn - suonepueuniooeY SuperD wRINeIseY 20} URE LOHENUELON V ANSWHOVLLY W LNSWHOVLLY