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Japan International Ship System Examination

Questionnaires given by MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
Transport and
May 2009
<Main Diesel Engine>
Causes of black smoke from M/E
Purpose of indicator card in getting IHP
Purpose of air blow
Name of valves on cylinder head
Parts of M/E
Moving Parts of M/E
Meaning of Scavenging
M/E inlet F.O. / L.O. pressure
Condition of air cooler if differential of inlet pressure and outlet
pressure on U-tube manometer is high
Kinds of valves
<Diesel Generator Engine>
Valves on cylinder head
Parts of Diesel Generator Engine
Moving parts of Diesel Generator Engine
<Shaft & Stern Tube & Propeller>
Shafting arrangement
Purpose of stern tube

Damages of propeller blade
Material of propeller blade
Parts of centrifugal pump
Starting of centrifugal pump
Explain the operation of inlet valve and outlet valve on centrifugal &
gear pump
<Provision Refrigerating Machine & Provision Chambers>
Explain the Refrigerating system
Location of oil separator
How to check gas leak
Kind of Freon Gas
<Heat Exchangers, Heater & Cooler>
Which has higher pressure Lub. Oil or Sea Water on Lub. Oil Cooler ?
Motion of refrigerant on horizontal condenser
<Electrical & Electronic equipment>
Ohms Law
Calculation of total resistance of two resistors connected in parallel
Fuse and Circuit Breaker
What are the example of good conductor and insulator ?
<F.O. , L.O. & Cylinder Oil>
3 methods of purifying Fuel Oil

Reading measurement (Micrometer, Vernier, Caliper)
Cutting tools
Purpose of Zinc Plate