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To the Parish Planning Council:

As you are aware, a number of members of Immanuel Lutheran Church are worshipping with
Pastor Nathan Fuehrer at Cornerstone Funeral Home. In the interest of reconciling this division,
we have collected and articulated the concerns of these people and provided a list of the reasons
most commonly given as to why they are not able to return to worship at the Immanuel Lutheran
Church building under the present circumstances or commune at its altar. Furthermore, at the
December 6 voters meeting Chairmen Masnyk stated that PPC would look into whether there are
existing doctrinal disagreements within the membership of Immanuel. In order to assist you in
this task, we offer what we see are the central issues of doctrinal disagreements as well as the
shameful offenses and abuses that have occurred in the name and under the sponsorship of
Immanuel Lutheran Church.
Issues for Reconciliation: Repentance and Forgiveness for Sins
We ask that all who spoke against Pastor Fuehrer at the voters meeting on October 25,
2015 repent so that we can forgive them for slandering and bearing false witness against
our pastor.
1. These individuals are guilty (1) of slander because they spoke evil of our pastor
publically, rather than bring any fault to him privately (Matthew 18:15), (2) of
bearing false witness because they brought public charges against him without
"the testimony of two or three witnesses" (1 Timothy 5, Matthew 18) (e.g.,
"Pastor Nathan told a widow her husband was in hell," "He said I didn't have the
Holy Spirit", "He refused to work with Pastor Brown", etc.), and (3) of misusing
God's Holy Name because they used God's holy house as a forum to publically
slander and bear false witness (see "The 2nd Commandment", The 8th
Commandment, and "The Lords Prayer, 1st Petition" in Luthers Small
2. The Chairman and Elders of the congregation must publicly repent of the slander
they spoke and/or negligence they committed leading up to and during Pastor
Fuehrer's trial. On account of their scandalous conduct and willful negligence,
they must also resign their positions.
3. As for all who slandered Pastor Fuehrer at his trial, a public rebuke must be
administered. Furthermore, each of them must be approached privately according
to proper church discipline (Matthew 18:15-17). Any who do not repent should,
for the sake of their souls, not be permitted to partake in Holy Communion.

We ask that the ILC Leadership" as self-identified in the October 2015 newsletter,
publicly identify themselves, and repent so that we can forgive them for calling a meeting
to vote on the status of Pastor Fuehrer's call.
1. According to the ILC Bylaws (Article 2.2), only the Minister of Religion, PPC, or
25 voting congregational members are vested with the authority to call a special
voters meeting. The October 25th meeting was not expressly called under any
such vested authority. Moreover, we have not found mention in any PPC minutes
of a decision to call a special voters meeting on October 25th to vote on the status
of Pr. Fuehrers call.

2. In the ILC Constitution, there is no mention of an authoritative group within the

congregation designated "ILC Leadership." Such a group had no right to call a
special voters meeting and was presumptuous in doing so.

We ask that the Voting Membership of ILC repent so that God will forgive them for
unjustly driving out their pastor. (Acts 8:22)
1. On July 19, 2009, through the ILC congregation, God called Nathan Fuehrer to be
the Pastor of ILC.
2. Since it is God who joins pastors to congregations, only God can remove a pastor
(Matthew 19:6, Mark 10:9). He does so either (1) through another congregations
call, (2) for unfaithfulness in doctrine or life, including willful neglect or (3) a
physical, mental or emotional inability to perform the duties of the pastoral office.
3. It is evident to us that Pr. Fuehrers Call was not removed for any unfaithfulness
or inability. He was voted out on the grounds that it was necessary to do so to
save the church--that is, for the sake of people who threatened to leave unless they
could get a pastor more suitable to their own vision.
4. Presently, the voting congregation of ILC has turned away from God by openly
rejecting the preacher He sent to them in the hope of getting a preacher that suits
their own vision (2 Timothy 4:3). In driving away Gods messenger, ILC has
driven God Himself from their midst (Luke 10:16). Jesus says, It will be more
bearable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah than for
that town (Matthew 10:15, Luke 10:10-12).
5. We fear God, and cannot join in fellowship with those who so recklessly make
God their enemy (Matthew 10:28, Luke 12:4-5). Therefore, the voters of ILC
must receive Pr. Nathan Fuehrer, the rightly-called pastor God sent to them, until
God calls him elsewhere.

Issues for Restoration: Correction of Doctrinal Abuses

ILC must prohibit PPC from evaluating pastoral ministry with reference to a "Vision for
a. LC-C Lutheran's believe that the bible teaches that doctrines of men do not have
the authority to overrule the doctrines of God. (Matthew 15:9, Mark 7:7-8,
Colossians 2:20-23)
b. A local "congregational vision" is a doctrine of man; but "The Divine Call" of the
pastor is a doctrine of God and not subject to the opinions of men. (Galatians
1:10, Hebrews 13:17, Augsburg Confession, Art. 14)
c. Immanuel Lutheran Church voted to revoke the Divine Call of their Pastor on the
grounds that he was not a good fit for their congregational vision, thus subjecting
the Divine Call of God to a man-made vision.
d. In order to safeguard the Divine Call of the pastor, ILC must make a
constitutional amendment under Article 4.2 of the Bylaws stating that any
integrated "congregational program" or vision must be (1) written down and
approved by the whole congregation and available for easy reference, and (2) is
only to be used to evaluate and coordinate congregational activity, not to evaluate
the Divine Call of the Pastor or to overrule any other biblical doctrine and


ILC must close the Immanuel Communion Table to those who are of different or no
confession/denomination of faith.
a. LC-C Lutheran's believe that the bible teaches that Communion fellowship is not
to be shared with Christians of different denominations/doctrines. (1 Cor 5:9-11,
Rom 16:17, 1 Tim 6:3-5, 11a, Titus 3:10-11, and 2 John 10-11; CTCR: Closed
Communion in a Contemporary Context).
b. Immanuel Lutheran Church's Communion Information in its Friendship
Register does not state this.
c. Immanuel Lutheran Church must openly state that Christians of different or no
denominational affiliation are not permitted to commune at the ILC altar. This
must be reflected in the Communion statement in the Friendship Register, in the
weekly bulletin, and the pastor or an elder must announce it publically and
unambiguously before each Divine Service.


ILC must prohibit women from exercising direct pastoral oversight or spiritual authority
in the congregation.
a. LC-C Lutherans believe that the bible teaches not only that women cannot be
pastors, but also are not to exercise spiritual authority or pastoral oversight within
the congregation (1 Corinthians 11:3, 14:34-35, Ephesians 5:22-32, 1 Timothy
2:11-15, CTCR: Theses on the Role of Women in the Church).
b. The current female chairman of Immanuel has been involved with the Elders in
exercising oversight of the Pastor.
c. Immanuel Lutheran Church must either (1) restrict the role of chairman to men, or
else (2) provide a constitutional safeguard to make sure the chairman has no
authority to be involved in pastoral oversight, such as elders meetings dealing
with matters of pastoral oversight and church discipline as per Gods command.

It is our contention that these offenses are chronic symptoms of a congregation that is deeply
divided, but whose representatives have apparently thought it best to preserve a facade of unity
and peace at all costs. These problems and their fruits cannot be dealt with until they are
acknowledged. Neither can they simply be ignored for the sake of "moving forward." To do so
is thinly-veiled hypocrisy and will only lead to more conflict. Since you truly care about whether
we--your brothers and sisters whom you are sworn to represent--return to worship and fellowship
as one united congregation, we trust you will with sincerity and love investigate these concerns
openly before the whole congregation until you have direct and unambiguous answers to them.
To neglect these matters or dismiss them is an indication to us that we are to be regarded the
same as our Pastor, acceptable losses in an expedient campaign to save the church. You are
baptized; you are redeemed; you hear the voice of Christ; please hear us.
Sincerely in Christ,
Leonard Lorenz and Joshua Langill
Voting Members of Immanuel Lutheran Church
January 12, 2016