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Ciara Kizzire


621 County Road 26 South, Fayette, AL 35555

(205) 270-8290

Samford University, Orlean Bullard Beeson School of Education (OBB), Overall

GPA: 3.68
Homewood, AL: Bachelor of Science in Education- Early Childhood Development,
Elementary Education, Special Education, and Collaborative Education, Spring 2016

Student Teaching
Walker Elementary School, [Suburban, Fourth Grade Science]
Planned and Taught and Earth Science Unit
Planned instruction
Delivered instruction
Participated in Faculty Bible study, as well as student Bible study
Walker Elementary School, [Suburban, Kindergarten]

Clinical Experiences
Oak Mountain Elementary School, [Suburban, Kindergarten]
Administered Vineland Assessment in the classroom setting
Pre/Post Intervention on Colors (4 week process)
Podcast for student engagement
Calera Intermediate School, [Rural, 4th Grade]
Created and implemented a BIP for a student
Completed an IEP review
Edited IEPs for the Special Education Teacher
Hall Kent Elementary School, [Suburban, Pre-School]
Worked through SETs creating an IEP
Used Assistive Technology in lessons
Administered the K-Seals in a classroom setting
Oliver Elementary School, [Urban, Kindergarten]
Worked with struggling students to help bring them up to grade
Completed a Novel Study on Because of Winn-Dixie
Walker Elementary School, [Suburban, 2nd Grade]
Teacher work day
Participated in a Professional Development
Attended Suicide Prevention Training
Trace Crossings Elementary, [Suburban, 2nd Grade]
Morning Intervention Instructor (Reading and Math)
Vocabulary Action Researcher- 6 week long intervention
Developed and implemented two professional learning plans
Individual Nature Project (Birds)

Spring 2016
Spring 2016

Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Spring 2015
Jan-Term 2015

Fall 2014Spring 2015

Spring 2014

Administered the following assessments: Denver, Vineland, and Yopp Singer

Instructional Strategies Log
Participated in Walk to School Day
Avondale Elementary School, [Urban, 1st Grade]
Researched the school demographics
Assisted students in small groups
Spring 2014
Cherokee Bend Elementary School, [Suburban, Kindergarten]
Assisted students in small groups
Spring 2014
Brookville Elementary School, [Rural, 2nd Grade]
Assisted students in small groups

Related Experiences
Orlean Bullard Beeson Leadership Team
Planned School-Wide Event
Met regularly with the staff at Trace Crossings Elementary to
plan events
Delegated work to the education program
Worked closely with the Samford Education Professors
Epic Elementary (Multicultural Event)
Mock Parent Conference
Participated in multiple professional learning communities (PLC)
Technology Integration in the Classroom
Proficient user of schoology, moodle, boardmarker, and edmodo
Technology Professional Development Provider for Trace Crossings
Elementary School Faculty and Staff
Samford University Connections Leader
Professional Babysitter

Professional Development

Fall 2014-Spring

Spring 2015
Fall 2014-Fall

Fall 2014-Spring

Worked Alabama Reading Association Conference

ELL Training Seminar
Title I Seminar
Parent Involvement Seminar
Gifted Student Training

Fall 2013-Fall



Samford Universitys Dean List

Samford Cheerleader
Leadership Scholarship
Founders Scholarship
Deans Scholarship
Herbert M. Etheridge Memorial Scholarship

Volunteer Work

The Bana Project (missionary)

Operation Christmas Child (organizer, in U.S. and Africa)
Habitat for Humanity
Samford Gives Back
Alabama Reading Association Conference (volunteer)
Zeta Tau Alpha Bible Study Leader

Other Experiences


Administrative Assistant for ADHA, Robert L. Coker, Birmingham, AL., May 2009-July 2015
Cheerleading Coach for High Fly-All-Stars, Christy Moore, Chelsea, AL., May 2013-May
Facility Supervisor at Samford University, Nick Madsen, Birmingham, AL., August 2012May 2015

Ciara Kizzire

621 County Road 26 South, Fayette, Alabama 35555

(205) 270-8290

Dr. Tarsha Bluiett, Samford University Professor, Telephone: (205) 726-2694
Dr. Amy Hoaglund, Samford University Professor, Telephone: (205) 726-4284
Dr. Karen Birkenfeld, Samford University Professor, Telephone: (205) 329-9616
Chelsey Summerrow, Walker Elementary Employee, Telephone: (678) 780-2835