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Gloria Gantes

LEI 4724
Activity 3
Activity: Bang Bang
Equipment Needed: None
Activity Description:
Purpose and Objective: Participants are enforced to work on their problem solving skills by
identifying the hidden rule behind the game. The hidden/secret rule is that the first person
who speaks, is the one who died even if they werent shot. The facilitator can also be the one
who dies in a round
Set Up:
1. Facilitator must introduce him/herself
2. Have participants sit in a circle, facing towards the inside
3. Best if played with groups of ten or more participants
1. Facilitator begins by demonstrating his/her finger gun. Facilitator proceeds to explain
by saying I have a gun. With this gun I will shoot a number of people, but only one
person is going to die. I need you to tell me who will die."
2. Facilitator proceeds to "shoot" the gun at a number of people in the circle, while
saying "bang" for each shot. After the first round, the facilitator can ask the group
"Who's dead?"; but, it is encouraged to not ask after every round because that would
result in the facilitator dying him/herself. Instead, look around and wait for the group
to give answers
3. Allow for several people to provide answers before replying with confirmation of
who died; while other times quickly confirming the death of the first person to speak
4. Repeat rounds several times
5. If participants seem to be grasping on to the secret too quickly, grenades can be
thrown or the facilitator can shoot him/herself. These obscure actions are somewhat
meaningless, they simply trigger more confusion
6. Time permitted for game is between five and ten minutes, or until all participants
have figured it out
Leadership Considerations:
This activity is great mental stimulator; but it brings great risk. If a participant cannot
figure out the hidden trick after noticing their classmates have, they can begin to feel
inferior and as if they are not capable. In other terms, it can be detrimental to their selfefficacy. It is imperative to encourage participation all throughout.
Physical disabilities do not hinder this activity, as the only person shooting is the
facilitator and participants stay seated around a circle throughout. For patients with memory
loss, this activity can aid in recollection processing. Participants will automatically try to
remember the order of shooting made by the facilitator and incorporate that into their
problem solving skills, even though it is not required. If for some reason the patient cannot
recollect, the facilitator must imitate last shooting.
Another adaptation that can be made for this activity is for patients with anxiety. This
game can be turned into a lesson about normalcies of death and related topics.