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Lesson Planning Document
Courtney OConnor
Advanced 8th Grade ELA
Lesson Title: How to Influence People and Make Friends
Unit Plan: Mini How To Unit
TN State Standards:

Delineate and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text, assessing
whether the reasoning is sound and the evidence is relevant and sufficient;
recognize when irrelevant evidence is introduced.
Determine a central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of
the text, including its relationship to supporting ideas; provide an objective
summary of the text.

Check all that apply for this lesson: Instruction in X WHERE IT APPLIES
Readi Writing Speaking/Language/List NonCritical Languag
Print Thinkin e (SIOP)
Understandings and Essential Questions
Unit Understanding(s): How-To texts influence and integrate into persuasive writing

I.O. #1 Given: Chapter from How to Gain Friends and Influence People
TLWBAT: THE LEARNER WILL BE ABLE TO answer text dependent questions.
By; Creating a answer based on the information within the text.
At (performance level): The students will write and discuss the questions before
sharing answers.

I.O. #2 Given: A chapter from How to Gain Friends and Influence People
TLWBAT: create a how to video or recording
By; They will create a video or recording successfully instructing someone on how
to do something of their choice.
At (performance level): A viewer of the video or recording will be able to complete
whatever the task is successfully.
Prerequisite Knowledge and
Prior Knowledge
The students will need to
know the guidelines for their
How To project.
They will need to have read
the chapter of the guiding text.

Desired Knowledge/
Essential Learning
The students will know how
to successfully instruct
someone to complete a task
and the level of detail that is
necessary to do so.

Students will work on selfenrichment strategies based on
the guiding text.

I will set up the journal on the board prior to students arriving.
Students have already been placed into groups for their projects,
and should have a draft of their scripts by now.

Some students have been
absent and will need to be
included or instructed on
the expectations of the
Some students have also
already began working on
their recordings and we
will need to give them a
space where they can do

Assessment (based on objectives)


How-To Video

Throughout the lesson I will

be circulating through the
groups and asking guiding
questions to help students
understand the assignment.
The groups the students are
placed in are designed in
order for the students to
assist each other. Each
group includes students who
demonstrate different levels
of thinking and
comprehension throughout

Chapter from the guiding text, writing utensil and paper, journals.
Integration of Technology
Teacher Use: I will project the journal onto the smart board.

Adaptive Technology:

Student Use: Students will utilize a recording technology in order to

video tape or record their projects.





Anticipatory Set (1-3 Focusing )Attention Signal

As the students enter the room I will have the journal on the
Smartboard. They will be told to get their journals and to begin writing a
10 mins
If you are not in the process of becoming the person you want to be, you
are automatically engaged in becoming the person you don't want to be.
Begin by responding to this quote by Dale Carnegie. What are your

thoughts? Do you agree or disagree and why? Then list a few traits of
the person you want to be. Choose one (or more) and create a short
how-to list. How can you become that person? Please be realistic and as
an extra challenge see how many of your new vocabulary words you can
successfully use within your response.

We have been talking about creating how-to lists, but first Id

like to hear what you think of the quote. Do you agree or

Now, and please leave all joking aside, would anyone like to
share one of their personal goal how-to lists?


Lesson Activities:

Please take out your chapter from the Dale Carnegie book.

On the board are a few text dependent questions.

I want you to work through each one and write out your answers
using your text. This is a review since you didnt work with the
text yesterday.

We will go over this after, but the faster you get this done the
more time you will have to work on your projects.

I will then circulate and answer any questions that may arise.

I will then go over the questions with the class.

You can put away your chapters for now.

Now before we begin working on our projects I would like to get

an idea of where everyone is currently at with theirs.

How many of you are ready to begin recording today? You have
a complete script and know what both peoples roles are within
the project.

How many are still writing their script?

How many people are still working on a good topic to make

their video or recording about.

If you are ready to record Mr. Nettles and I will figure out places
for you to go.

If you are still working on your script you can continue doing

For the last few minutes of class, depending on how many

people are in the room or around the school, Id like some
groups who are mostly done to share out what they are working

How are you doing your video? Are you using the rhetorical
triangle at all?

15 Mins