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Resistance to Antibiotics

Pip Harris

Game title scene displayed, "New Game" option clicked.
New screen - words "Level 1 - Throat Infection!" appear over
throat infection map, then fade.
New text appears: "Your objective: Destroy all bacteria
before it reaches the back of the throat, and dives deeper
into the body - but remember - be quick, the living bacteria
can mutate and grow stronger, learning the abilities of
their fallen brothers!" Text disappears, game begins. Some
bacteria are attached to "walls" of the throat and mouth,
chewing on them and causing pain and inflammation, others
are walking around.
Using rudimentary weapons, swords, minimal shield,
antibiotics defend against invading bacteria. Bacteria have
claws, teeth, but aren't too intimidating.
Too many bacteria are "unkillable" ie too strong, some are
able to jump higher than antibiotics, escape down the throat
infection % bar at side of screen fills over line by time
all bacteria are gone or killed.
"RECOVERY FAILED" appears on screen.
Level-up screen.
Screen with network of abilities to unlock. Text appears
"Here you can unlock 3 new abilities to use in your quest
against the bacteria and their mutations!"
Level ups include higher jump, stronger weapon eg axe, club
with spikes, more armour eg helmet, shoulder pads, spikes,
ranged weapons.
Select high jump, stronger weapon, and armour level 1.
Level 2 - lungs
Scan down view of level. Bottom of lungs like swamp, sign
pointing down to stomach/gut.

Text appears: "Don't let the bacteria spread and infect all
the way to the bottom of the lungs, take them out before its
too late and they move on deeper into the body!"
Antibiotics with improved armour, new sword and jump ability
fight bacteria on different levels, moving downward.
However, bacteria have mutated, are now bigger, and have new
abilities; harder to take down with larger spines meaning
more protection, plus they now have a ranged spit attack.
Once again, you are unable to defeat them all and too high a
% escapes.
"RECOVERY FAILED" appears on screen.
Level up screen.
Text appears: "It seems these bacteria are stronger than we
thought! Upgrade to a level 2 warrior to have a better
chance of wiping them all out!"
Click level up button, character becomes 2nd stage
antibiotic (bigger pill).
Mid play through Level 4 - Heart
Player has levelled up again, to syringe arms level 3, is
stronger again, more armour, and abilities.
Bacteria much bigger, meaner, armoured, are able to spread
disease through leaving goop, which is harmful to you. Also,
there are certain bacteria that stay in place and multiply,
you must reach these and take them out asap. The infection %
bar is filling rapidly.
Level 6 - Brain.
Large text appears across the screen: "Boss Level".
Text fades, replaced with "Oh no! The bacteria's mutations
seem to have been too much for you! You have not managed to

fully eradicate them, and now there is a super-bug infecting

the brain! Quickly, take it down before its too late! Be
careful though - some areas of the brain you will need to
damage to get to the bacteria, but be careful not to cause
too much damage!"
Text fades, damage bar is now next to the infection bar.
Player is now level 4 - IV bag inspired character.
Player is in cut off section of the brain, there is a
network of passages and sections that must be worked
through, taking out the infecting bacteria and multiplying
spawners, before reaching the boss superbug in the centre.
Jumps into action taking out those nearest, wipes them out,
hacks at a wall leading to the next section, wall breaks
down, but damage % bar increases.
Late play level 6.
Player is a few sections from the super-bug, can see a path
of destruction behind the player, showing route taken.
Infection and destruction bars are both nearing full.
Player moves on towards super-bug, breaking down more
sections, destruction bar increases.
All but player antibiotic are now taken out, reaches
Super-bug turns to player, swallows them whole.
Text appears "GAME OVER".
Black screen. Text appears: "Abusing antibiotics is not a
game." Header, centred.
Text appears below: "Using antibiotics for non-serious
infections and sickness is a bad move.
Bacteria can mutate and become resistant, meaning the
antibiotics quickly become ineffective against the new,
stronger bacteria, which can also take on the attributes of
other dead bacteria around them.

This will make the infection or illness much more serious,

requiring stronger antibiotics as the stronger bacteria
multiply and thrive, and the cycle can continue, until a
very dangerous and hard to kill super-bug is created.
The stronger antibiotics can also pose a threat to the body,
as they can damage the patient in their attempt to take out
the super-bug.
Don't play around with antibiotics when they aren't needed.