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Rethinking Global Affairs Post 2015: Reshaping Nations, Restoring Lives

April 2016
Call For Abstracts
In 2015, more than ever, it became obvious that old paradigms will no longer
do, and new frameworks are required to address new global issues. Last year, the
emergence of ISIS, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Iran Nuclear Deal, a
devastating Earthquake in Nepal, the Ebola Epidemic, the Paris Climate Accord and
advances in marriage equality, all helped transform the way we see the world and
how we cooperate in the face of global adversity.
With last years historical developments in mind, the Rutgers Student
Association for Global Affairs announces a call for papers to address the problems of
a changing and globalized world, post-2015. On April 29th an interdisciplinary
graduate student conference will be held in Newark, NJ to discuss the most pressing
global issues post- 2015. The conference will consist of several themed panels in
which presenters will each give a 15-minute presentation of their work, followed by
questions and dialogue. Students are encouraged to share both completed papers
and ongoing research, as this is intended to be a forum for exchanging a variety of
ideas across the disciplines, as well as networking and receiving peer feedback.
We invite the submission of abstracts by graduate students in the disciplines
of (or related to) philosophy, law, economics, history, political science, global health,
environmental studies, business, anthropology, criminal justice, sociology and
international relations. Abstracts (200-300 words) should be suitable for blind
review, and include a separate document with name, paper/presentation title,
affiliation and contact information. The deadline for abstracts is Tuesday, March
15th. All submissions should be sent electronically to Kelsey Lizotte at