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Michelle Eva Morholt

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Overall, I enjoy and seek out challenges. Professionally, I thrive where a focus on teamwork and utilizing best evidenced-based
practice while facilitating positive experiences through quality customer service is the keystone to our success. As a Doctorate
of Nursing Practice candidate and a life-long learner, I am dedicated to seeking out best evidence-based practice all
techniques and methodology of patient cares. Possessing excellent communication skills, a diligent work ethic, and a thirst for
knowledge, I continually strive to be a vital asset for every team I join.


University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics: Acute Internal Medicine Clinical Nurse: Pulmonary and Palliative Specialty Unit
2015 Present
Providing competent patient-centered care for diverse patient populations, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatments.
Huntsman Cancer Hospital: Health Care Assistant
2014 2015
Reliable, detail-orientated and continually focused on anticipating client needs. Effective in coordinating collaborative care and patient advocacy.
Westminster College: Supplemental Instructor- Anatomy and Physiology
2011 2015
Utilized creative and communicative teaching plans by integrating effective teaching tools and learning techniques to assure everyones success.
SkyWest Airlines- Professional Flight Attendant
2007 2013
Consistently providing first-rate flights for all guests with a focus on safety and exceptional service.
Morholt Enterprises- Care Giver
2000 2007
Consulted regularly with health care professionals regarding diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, dietary needs, and daily activities. Patient care including
medication administration, social interaction, and physician mandated exercise.


University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

2016 2019
Currently participating in the Primary Care Provider Mentor Program. This unique opportunity has allowed me to be personally mentored by Doctorate of
Nursing Practice Program Director, Dr. Julie Balk. Upon completion, I will begin my DNP with a specialization as a Family Nurse Practitioner.
Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah
2011 2015
Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Minor in Mandarin Chinese.

License &

Licensed Registered Nurse

Interstate Compact #9420130-3102

Health Care Provider BLS CPR Certified

Member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

Volunteerism &
Member of Alpha Chi National College Honor Society
Member of Utah Nurses Association
UUHC Clinical Nurse Preceptor


Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified

Volunteer Nurse, VA Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT

Volunteer for Be The Match
Volunteer Hospice Nurse for the INN Between, Salt Lake City, UT
Founder of SNAP: An Alumni Mentor Program for Student
Nurses of Westminster College

Administrative Skills: Proficient in R Square, SPSS, Project Manager, and Microsoft Office Suite Including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
Experience with Maintaining and Organizing Office Workspaces, Databases, Contacts, Scheduling, Filing, Communications, and Statistical Analysis.
Basic Nursing Skills: Including Establishing Professional Relationships, Promoting Physical Safety, Preventing Falls and Injuries, Patient Transfers and
Ambulation, Prevention Spread of Organisms and Infectious Diseases, Promoting Psychological Safety, Appropriate Usage of PPE and Restraints, Ability to
Maintain Sterile Technique, Feeding, Bed Bath Washing, Oral Care, Passive Range of Motion Exercises, Positioning, Changing Occupied Bed Linens,
Application and Removal of TED Compression Hoses, Blood Glucose Monitoring, and Assessment of Vital Signs in Adults Children, and NewbornsIncluding Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respirations, Temperature, Oxygenation, and Pain.
Advanced Nursing Skills: Preparation and Administration of Medications and Blood Products; Oxygenation, Chest Tube, and Tracheostomy Care; Catheters
(PIV and Foley): Insertion and Removal while Maintain Sterile Technique; Maintenance of Vascular Access including PIVs, Midlines, PICCs, and IVADs.
Maintenance of Drains including Dobbhoff, NGT, PEG tubes, Urostomies, Colostomies, and JP drains; Wound Care: Proficient in Assessment, Measuring and
Documentation of Wounds, Obtaining Cultures, Preservation of Clean Wound Bed, Familiar with Dressing Removal and Application. Assisted in preparation
and application of Wound Evacuation Systems; Lab draws and Blood Cultures; Head to Toe Assessment: Including General Survey, Integumentary, HEENT,
Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Musculoskeletal, and Neurological; Continual Adherence to Facility Protocols and Professional Standards.
Specialized Nursing Skills: Experienced in Nursing Focused on Pulmonary Dysfunctions including Lung transplants, TB, Cystic Fibrosis, COPD; CardioVascular and Telemetry, Transplant, Oncology, Ortho Trauma, Gastrointestinal, Neurological, Surgical, and Palliative Specialties.
Individualized Patient-Centered Care: Proficient in Preparing, Proposing, and Facilitating Coordinated Care required in carrying out appropriate care plans.
Documentation and Client Charting: Familiar with ADPIE, SOAPIER, CBE Documentation Styles, Industry Abbreviations and EPIC software.
Client Teaching: Including Pathophysiology of Diagnosis and Prognosis, Deep Breathing and Coughing techniques, Usage of Incentive Spirometers,
Obtaining Sterile Sputum, Client Self Care. Promotion focused on best Evidenced-Based Practice regarding Diabetic Control, Diets, Assessment of Vitals,
Medication Administration, Exercises, Self-Care, Sterile Wound Dressing Changes, Lactation, and Care for Newborns while Maintaining Culturally
Competent and Respectful Professionalism.
Peer Teaching: Current Clinical Nurse Preceptor responsible for orientating RNs to Acute Internal Medicine Service line at UUHC. Capstone Preceptor for
Current Nursing Student. Continually collaborating and seeking out new knowledge and skills with peers in both Personal and Professional Settings.
Communication: Comfortable working within Inter-disciplinary teams while Promoting and Advocating Individualized Patient-Centered Care.


Evidence-Based Practice: Continually Assessing Patients and seeking Current Proven Evidence-Based Practice that realizes Optimal Patient Outcomes.
Willingness to Integrate Technologies, Health Care Delivery Systems and Policies that are Aligned with Proven Evidence-Based Practice.
Language Skills:
Spanish- Currently learning Spanish with a focus on Medical Interactions.
Mandarin Chinese- Proficient in Advanced Intermediate Level Literacy including Conversation, Reading, and Simplified Chinese Writing.