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Main Point

How/why it supports the argument

1. (Thesis) The best way for a basketball fan

to stay updated about the Lakers tanking this

season is to read pieces of online sports
journalism, as the genre engages the readers
interests through fact-driven content that
formulates new opinions and also engages
their interests through the ability of these
opinions to spread.
2. Describes the sources I chose and the
topic: the Lakers tanking.

It shows some background information about

my sources to describe the argument in the
later paragraphs

3. The main audience of sports articles are

sports fans.

It explains who the audience is. Online sports

journalism is meant to be written for them,
and so it engages their interests.

4. Fans stay engaged with this type of genre

because there are a multitude of opinions to

By explaining their thoughts on the Lakers

taking, the writers are able to formulate many
opinions that the Laker fans have an interest

5. By reading and interacting with sports

articles, fans are able to share and spread
their own opinions they think about after
reading the original article.

Just as the thesis says, new opinions are

formulated and spread. This is because of
the comments section and the ability to share
it through social media.

6. The articles are able to spread in the first

place because they are trustworthy. The
opinions of the writers are based off of facts.

The opinions are based off of fact-driven

content that the writer talks about.

7. The audience is able to stay engaged with

the content because of the writer's familiarity
with the team they are covering.

There is a connection between the reader

and the writer. This relation engages the
readers interest towards the written genre.

8.The writers stick with the conventions of the

given genre, which is why each piece is

The audience remains interested and keeps

going back to read this genre because the
writers stick with the usual conventions when
writing the sports article.

9. Sports articles are a great source for sports This conclusion relates back to the
fans to read.
introductory paragraph, and restates the
thesis in other words.

For WP1, I did not make too many structural changes, but there were pieces I left out
and I changed the content of several paragraphs so that every part of the essay would support
the argument. To help with the flow of my piece, I removed bits and pieces of longer
paragraphs. Many of my paragraphs had extra information that did not pertain to either the
topic sentence or the thesis, so I got rid of that fluff. I also tried to make better transitions
between paragraphs, so the reader would be able to anticipate what was going to happen next.
Also, I re-wrote a few of my topic sentences. Some were way too vague, and others did not
provide a preview of the upcoming paragraph. Overall, I feel like I didnt have to make too many
changes. All of the editing and revisions I did for the final paper was to basically help with the
flow of the paper and to create a stronger argument.