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THE TERTIARIES OF THE HOLY TRINITY : Philippine Chapter, Archdiocesan Shrine & Parish of the Good

Shepherd, Fairview, Quezon City; Diocese of Novaliches, Philippiness

The Tertiaries of the Holy Trinity (THT) was conceived when the Adorers of the Holy Trinity of the Good
Shepherd Parish ( now the Cathedral Shrine of the Good Shepherd) in Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines
in the year 2000, headed by Ate Carol Dimaano *desired to learn and experience a more contemplative
way of life under the guidance of Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco, founder of the Trinitarian Family. The good
Monsignor, who was then Parish Priest, was only too happy to help found a Third Order of his Trinitarian
Congregations in the parish.
* Ate is a respectful title given to an elder sister or member of a religious
association in the Philippines. Men are addressed with Kuya.

Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco, Father Founder/Formator

To Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco is attributed the founding or co-founding of the following congregations that all
originated in his then parish of the Good Shepherd. He was the Trinitarian Familys Formator/ Spiritual
Director for 26 years until the Parkinson disease confined him to his bed.
He guided, formed and taught these groups all that he learned and all that he believed were
inspirations from the Most Holy Trinity, Whom he loved above all things and to Whom he has dedicated
his life . He helped all the Co- foundresses start from scratch by finding their first homes, interviewing
and counseling their candidates, and helping them financially most of the time. He was the revered ,
most respected and beloved Tatay ( Filipino term for father) of all his Trinitarian children.
With him and with his constant encouragement, his children evangelized and spread the adoration, love
and service to the Most Holy Trinity all over the parish and throughout the Philippine Islands.
Under his leadership and through his founding of the PREX Movement, all lay parishioners in his parish
and in parishes all over the land moved with dynamism under the banner of the Most Holy Trinity. PREX
Kuyas and Ates became leaders filled with the Holy Spirit animated with zeal and love for evangelization.
(also see Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco and the PREX Movement)
In the later part of the 1980s, not even a Monsignor yet, Fr. Fidelis founded the Love Your Priest
Movement. This helped tremendously in the growth of any parish where his Trinitarians were.
As of date, the Trinitarian family has spread outside its Mother Countrys borders, continuing their
Father Founder/Formators vision of teaching all men about God The One in Three and to serve as
models of what the Trinity really stands for - love and unity.


1. Adorers of the Holy Trinity - Lay Apostolate founded by Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco on February
14, 1986
2. Carmelite Nuns of the Holy Trinity (CNHT) - Co- founded (with Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco) by
Mother Trinidad Bunac on November 14, 1994.
3. Carmelite Sisters of the Holy Trinity (CSHT) Co-founded ( with Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco) by
Mother Carmen Franco on October 18, 1986.
4. Emmanuel Servants of the Holy Trinity ESHT) Founded by Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco on
December 20, 1982.
5. Handmaids of the Holy Trinity Co- founded (with Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco) by Mo. Virginia
Mercado on October 15, 1982.
6. Missionary Servants of the Holy Trinity Co-founded (with Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco) by Mo.
Perla Santillan on May 1, 1984.
7. Rural Missionaries of the Holy Trinity co-founded (with Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco) by Mo.
Fidelis Din on April 8, 1988.
8. Tertiaries of the Holy Trinity Co-founded (with Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco) by Ate Carol
Dimaano on June 8, 2000.
9. Trinitarian Handmaids of the Divine Word Co-founded (with Msgr. Fidelis Limcaco) by
Mo. Elena Suico on May 12, 1992

What is the Tertiaries of the Holy Trinity?

The Tertiaries of the Holy Trinity is a Pious Association of the Lay Faithful established in 2000 and
duly recognized as such in the Diocese of Novaliches, Philippines by His Excellency Bishop Antonio R.
Tobias in 2004.
It is a Parish- based community of prayerful, Eucharistic centered, responsible men and women
committed to an active and generous service of the parish and guided by their living motto of Studio,
Devotio et Servicio. The THT is semi-contemplative. The THT shall be guided also by the Vision and
Mission of the parish they belong to.

The THT shall be given their order of services from the Parish Priest who will be their Spiritual
Director as well.
Who may join?
Any baptizes Catholic eighteen years old and above, male or female, married or unmarried are
welcome to join.
What are the requirements for admission and training?

Must be a daily or frequent Mass goer.

Must be willing to participate in the meetings and activities of the THT.
Must be willing to undergo training.
Must strive to be models of prayer and a holy life.


The Trinitarian Rule of Life is followed by all of the Trinitarian Congregations under Monsignor Fidelis
Limcaco. The Rule of Life is patterned after the Carmelite Spirit.
Basis and End of Common Life
1. Beloved Sons and Daughters, the main purpose of your living together as a community is to be
holy through the daily consecration of yourselves to the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit.
2. Let your life be an expression of your profound love to the Most Holy Trinity.
3. Let the Most Holy trinity be the bond of unity of every community.
Prayer and Interior Life
1. Let all Trinitarians pray constantly that they may be nourished by their life of prayer.
2. All members, as an individual and as a community should cultivate a life of prayer especially
through daily Mass, frequent reception of the Sacraments, daily mental prayer and devotion to
the Blessed Virgin Mary and other Saints.

The Evangelical Counsels of Obedience, Poverty and Chastity are a gift of the Holy Trinity, the source of
holiness. By the Profession of the Evangelical Counsels, a Trinitarian follows Jesus Christ who is poor ,
chaste and obedient.
A. Obedience
1. Let all Trinitarians be of one mind and one heart with the Triune God through an unconditional
submission to the divine will in imitation of Christ.
2. Let all members out of love, respect and obey their superiors who have authority over them.
3. Let those in authority show good example by their loving concern for the welfare of the
community that the members may be encouraged to obey cheerfully and promptly.
B. Poverty
1. The vow of poverty is rooted in the Gospel value of joyous dependence on God through the
community and of sharing Gods gifts especially to the poor. Let all Trinitarians live a simple life
with full trust in the Divine Providence, sharing things in common and always mindful of the needs
of others.
2. Let your poverty be lived as an individual and as a community both in spirit and in reality.
3. Let each one realize the value of work as means to contribute to the needs of the community.
C. Chastity
1. By the vow of Chastity let Trinitarians dedicate themselves with an undivided heart to God. It is
a reflection of the infinite love which has its ultimate origin in the life of the Most Holy Trinity.
2. Let each one joyfully embrace the vow of Chastity for the sake of the kingdom of God and
thereby become a source of holiness and growth for the community and for the Church.
3. A Trinitarian must avoid inordinate attachment to any person that impedes ones growth to a
genuine love of God and neighbor.
4. Let continence be observed by each one through the purity of mind, heart and body.


First Servant Leaders

On the Feast of the Holy Trinity, June 18, 2000, Msgr. Fidelis inducted the first group of 20 women
Tertiaries with Ate Carol Dimaano as its first Servant Elder. She served for 4 years. (See List of THT
Officers and their tenure.) The officers were: Assist. Servant Elder- Ate Edith dela Cruz; Servant

Secretary Ate Carmen Borja; Assist. Servant Secretary Ate Rose Castro; Servant Treasurer Ate Letty
Rollan; Assist. Servant Secretary Ate Lilia Laigo; Servant Auditor Ate Lourdes Neri.
The succeeding Servant Elders who served for 2 years each are the following: Ate Salve Castelo, Ate Didi
Neri, Ate Carmen Borja, Ate Rose Castro, Ate Masit Dagot, Ate Regina Saculo (current).

Msgr. Fidelis, bent on forming the spirituality of the Tertiaries, patiently gave them weekly conferences
on the Trinity, on Leadership, and on Discipleship. The Missionary Servants of the Holy Trinity were
tasked to give the 2 day Seminar on the Most Blessed Trinity. In addition, a Theology teacher of the
Loyola School of Theology, Mrs. Teresita Magno, gave a twice a week session on the Theology of the
Trinity. All these gatherings inspired the Tertiaries to know more and more about the most beautiful
Mystery of the Trinity.
The Tertiaries, being parish-based, became members of the Education Ministry of the Parish Pastoral
Council since they gave talks and seminars in other parishes. But later on, as the THT initiated the
Adoration of the Holy Trinity, Morning Prayers, Prayers for the Sanctification of Priests, and since their
devotion was clearly the daily Masses and Eucharistic Adoration, the association became part of the
Worship Ministry.
In their prayer meetings, the THT share that they are slowly being transformed and are really Trying
Hard Talaga! ( a coined acronym of the group which means really trying hard!) to be worthy
members of a Third Order who seek Christian perfection while living in the world.
Each year, on the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity or Trinity Sunday, new members are accepted and
inducted, wearing the THT uniform and imposed with the Trinitarian Cross by the Parish Priest
who is their Spiritual Director. These members have done six (6) months of regular attendance
of meetings and activities before the Acceptance Ceremony for Novitiate on the Trinity
They will then be called Novices. The Novices will then undergo two (2) years of formation. At the end
of two years, the candidates shall be voted upon by the Council of Elders on their worthiness to
do the Spiritual Profession of Simple Vows as full-fledged members. The Novices shall undergo
a two-day retreat prior to the Spiritual Profession. The Simple Vows of Obedience, Poverty and
Chastity are made in the presence of the Parish Priest and the Servant Elder and the THT
Congregation. Each Novice shall have two sponsors or Godparents during the Profession.
Members of the Trinitarian Federation and guests may be invited as agreed upon and invited to
a simple Agape after the Ceremony.

The Simple Vows are renewed every year. These simple vows may be dispensed with by the Parish
Priest/Spiritual Director.

THT Core Values


Spiritual growth

5. Competence
6. Fairness
7. Perseverance
8. Self-Control

9. Acceptance
10. Respect

We are a Parish-based community of prayerful, Eucharistic-centered men and women inspired and
bounded by the love of the Most Holy Trinity. As Christians living the Word of God, by His boundless
grace, we are committed to an active and generous service of the Parish and the living Motto of
Studio, Devotio et Servicio.

We are zealous in learning more about the Mystery of the Holy Trinity, and we exert untiring efforts in
Promoting devotion and adoration of the Triune God so that all may be imbued with that allencompassing Trinitarian Spirit, so help us, God.

AIMS AND PURPOSES (Art. II of the Const & By-Laws)

Section 1. Knowing more about the Most Holy Trinity (Studio)
The THT shall create a community of Trinitarian devotees continuously seeking for more
knowledge of and promote devotion to the Holy Trinity.
Section 2. Loving the Most Holy Trinity (Devotio)
The THT shall form members who shall learn:
a) How to pray, in the contemplative way, the Liturgy of the Hours and the Adoration of
The Holy Trinity.

b) To love and pray for the Sanctification of the Parish Priest and all Priests.
c) To be more loving and caring to their families.
Section 3. Serving the Most Holy Trinity (Servicio)
According to the will and wishes of their Parish priest who is their Spiritual Director, the THT
shall serve as a community of church helpers, promoters and teachers and render assistance to those
who need spiritual services by establishing THT Chapters in other parishes within the Diocese and
someday outside the Diocese and country. ThT members are encouraged to be Adorers first, then serve
as they are called in anyway as Catechists, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Lectors, Choir
members and in other church organization but as much as possible limiting their involvement to just two
(2) other organizations.


Daily Spirituality Morning Offering, Holy Mass & Communion, Morning & Evening Prayer, Examen,
Consecration to the Most Holy Trinity, Daily visit to the Blessed Sacrament or one hour a week personal
visit, Spiritual Reading/ Life of Saints, Rosary, Chaplets, Acts of Charity.
Confession Once or twice a month
Regular Attendance of Meetings
Regular Conference with the Founder/Formator or Spiritual Director
Once a month group Holy Hour to the Most Holy Trinity (with solemn Exposition and Benediction)
Active involvement in Parish Activities and Ministries
Maintenance of the Adoration Chapel & Monitoring of Adorers
Theology classes
Catechism Lessons Bible and CCC
Weekly review of the Constitution and By-Laws and Rule of Life
Seminars, Recollections, Retreats
Training of Speakers for Outreach

SAMPLE MEETING (frequency of meetings may be adjusted to once a month in other Chapters)
Every Wednesday after the 6:00 AM Mass:


Agape, Attendance Check

Opening Prayer or Trinity Song by assigned Leader.
Scripture Reading Lectio Divina; Sharing
Reading of a Chapter of the Constitution and By-Laws and of the Rule of Life.
Reading from CCC or Book on the Trinity ( The Imitation of Christ is an alternative too.)
Talk by the Spiritual Director
Matters Arising from the Previous Meeting.
Resolutions/Assignments/ Other Matters
Recitation of Servant of God
Closing Prayer/Trinity Song/ Blessing by Spiritual Director


The Servant Elder will call out the names of the Candidates and they line up before the Altar.
Parish Priest:

What do you wish, Sons and Daughters?

Candidates (kneeling): I wish to be received as a Novice of the Tertiaries of the Holy Trinity.
Parish Priest:

Do you believe you can live the life of a tertiary of the Holy Trinity for a
period of two (2) years?


Relying on the graces and blessings of Almighty God, I will do my best to

fulfill my obligations as a Novice of the Tertiaries of the Holy Trinity.

Parish Priest:

May the Holy trinity accept the offering of yourself to God. Strive to live a
holy life, persevere in prayer, fidelity to the Church and love for one another.



Parish Priest:

(Blessing the Trinitarian Necklaces) Bless, O Most Holy Trinity, these Trinitarian
Necklaces which your servants will wear as a sign of the crosses they will carry
In life, and a sign of the love and blessings You give to those who love and
serve You, Amen.

Parish Priest:

(Imposing the Necklaces upon each candidate) Receive the Cross of the Holy
Trinity as a sign of the crosses you will carry throughout your life, but with the

Help of the Most Glorious and Blessed Trinity.




The Servant Elder will call out the names of the Novices and they line up before the Altar.
Parish Priest:


What do you ask of us, Sons and Daughters?

Upon completion of my Formation Period, I find myself called by the Triune
God to make my profession of Simple Vows.
Have you considered gravely the obligations entailed by this serious act?
After much reflection and prayer, I have considered the seriousness of this
Profession of the Simple Vows of Obedience, Poverty and Chastity.


Having received the unanimous approval of the Council of Elders, and as Parish
Priest, I accept you for your First Profession of Vows. May God be gracious to you.



Novices: (kneeling) I, _____________________, solemnly make my Profession to Almighty God,

The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit in your presence, (Msgr. Or Rev. Fr.) and in the
Presence of our Council of Elders. I promise Obedience, Poverty and Chastity to the
Most Blessed Trinity for a period of two (2) years. So help me God!
All answer, Amen! (Applause)


1. Novices shall wear their uniform and hold lighted candles.

2. If the group is small, each Novice will recite the Profession individually ; if the group is
more than five (5), the Profession will be recited together.
3. Each Novice shall have two (2) sponsors or Godparents standing behind them and who will
watch over their spiritual welfare.

4. A simple Agape may be celebrated after the ceremony.



What do you want, Sons and Daughters?


I wish to renew my vow as a member of the Tertiaries of the Holy Trinity.


Do you believe that you can carry on with the life of a Tertiary of the Holy Trinity?

Relying on the graces and blessings of the Triune God, I will do my best to continue
with my duties and responsibilities as a member of the Tertiaries of the Holy Trinity.
May the Holy Trinity accept your renewal of vows. Strive to live a holy life,
persevere in prayer, fidelity to the Church and love for one another.
(kneeling) I, ____________________, solemnly renew my vows of Obedience, Poverty
and Chastity to Almighty God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and in your presence (Msgr., or Rev
Father) and in the presence of our Council of Elders. I rely completely on the love and mercy of the
Most Holy Trinity for my worthiness and capabilities to know, love and serve the Most Holy Trinity all
my life. So help me God!
May the Most Holy trinity bless you for your faithfulness, in the name of thre Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.


The Logo
The Logo shows the hand of the Father, the flame to mean the Holy Spirit and the lamb to signify the
Son, Jesus. The year 2000 signifies the year when the THT was founded in Fairview, Quezon City,

The Uniform

The Ladies Uniform was designed by Ate Carol Dimaano and approved by Msgr. Fidelis in the year 2000.
It is of brown shade, in keeping with the Carmelite spirit of the Founder/Formator, Msgr. Fidelis who
was a Carmelite and will always be a Carmelite in spirit. The blouse has an apron - like overlay to mean
service. Red piping around the apron means love. There are three (3) red buttons sewn over the chest
side to show the Trinity held close to the heart of the THT. A belt or ribbon ties around the waist to
mean continence. The skirt is 6 inches way below the knee. Brown or red shoes may be worn. A short
white veil goes over the head.
Mens uniform is short sleeved shirt of light brown with red piping on the sleeves and some red buttons.
The pants may be brown or black.