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Foundation Grant 2009-2010

Follow-Up Evaluation Report

As a recipient of a School District 73½ Foundation Grant, we ask

that you evaluate your project’s success and report to us. Please
use the following questions as a guideline for your report. Feel
free to attach any additional information that pertains to your
evaluation. Please return completed forms to the District Office
(attention Laura Montgomery) by April 16, 2010 in order to
receive future grant funding from the PTA.

Applicant(s) name(s): Meg Kohen

Project Title: World Drumming

Did the project meet your goals and expectations? Please


The addition of the drums into my curriculum has positively

impacted my music program far beyond what I could have
imagined.. The students are connecting to the music in ways
they were simply unable to do by just reading about it in books
and listening to recordings. They are now able to understand
physically what it means to play the different instruments, how
the different sounds are created, and the focus and attention it
takes to be a part of musical ensemble. Additionally, they are
learning to respect and work together as musicians- many of
them without any formal music training prior to my class.

Throughout the course of the year, I have also had all of my swing
choir students play the drums as well. This makes them aware of
the physical and mental demands of playing a musical
instrument. We’ve discussed the similiarities and differences
between singing and playing the drums, and even incoroporated
the drums into a piece for International Night. The kids look
forward to playing the drums, and many auditioned to be part of
the featured International Night ensemble.

How many students benefitted from the project?

I have used the drums with all of my 7th and 8th grade students
over the course of the year; this would total to around 200

How did they benefit? (speak to the impact on students’ learning

and/or the enrichment level)

As stated before, students are now able to connect hands on to

the music they are learning about. General music students not
enrolled in an outside musical ensemble are now gaining a better
understanding of what it means to work as part of a musical
group, how to follow a director, what musical form is and how it is
used, and how to evaluate their musical ability and pick and
instrument that suites them.

How did the students view the project?

I find that the students truly enjoy and look forward to the days
we play drums in class. The students are interested in learning
more complex patterns and different techniques. What has made
me really excited is that students that never before expressed an
interest in music or in playing an instrument are often the ones
that are truly exceptional on the drums. I am happy to see that it
gives those students a way to reach their musical potential that
was not availabel before.

Would you be interested in continuing this project? Explain and

mention if your would make any changes if you were to continue
with this project?
I plan on continuing to use the drums for as long as I am
privledged to teach at McCracken. The difference it has made in
my music program is incredible.

If applicable, how could your project be shared and duplicated

within the school district?

I would love the students to have some exposure to World

Drumming at Middleton, either through visits/performances, or
through actual workshops given to the students and teachers.

How were you able to share this project with parents and the

The drums were featured at International Night through a special

combined drum-choir piece entitled “Listen to My Heartbeat.”
Additionally, video footage was taken of my general music
classes learning this piece and emailed to the School Board,
Administrators, and other school community members.