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Duration of Term 3


Link to the Aust Curriculum


Lesson 1: week 1

Learning area:
English: Literacy: Creating
literature: Create
imaginative texts based on
characters, settings and
events from students own
and other cultures using
visual features, for
example perspective,
distance and angle
Lesson objectives:
1. Write one element of a
story (beginning, rising
action, conflict or
resolution) on the book
creator app relating to the
2. Put the four elements of
a story together on the
book creator app to create
an imaginative story.
General Capabilities:
Critical and creative




- Teacher is to assess
each childs individual
- Teacher is to read and
mark each groups
finished story. The story
needs to be creative,
make sense and relate to
the theme.



Lesson steps:
1. Explain to students that today we are going to create a story in groups of 4. Summarise
the previous lesson on the 4 elements of a story to refresh each students prior
2. Arrange students into groups of 4, one person each being the beginning, rising action,
conflict or resolution.
3. Explain to students that they will be using the book creator app. Revise students prior
knowledge using the book creator app.
4. Explain the task as a group, you are going to create one story using the theme under
the sea. Each person is going to write their allocated section of the story with the help
from your other group members.
5. Ensure sufficient help resources for book creator are available to all students
6. Before starting the task, ask students if there are any questions about using the app.
7. Hand out one iPad to each group of 4, instruct students to click on the app book
creator and start the task.
8. Walk around to assist students and check they are on task.
9. If students finish early, instruct them to use the internet to find images that relate to
their story and add them in their story book.
10. All students save story
Key Questions:
- What are the four elements of a story?
- Who remembers how to use the app book creator on the iPads?
- Is there any questions regarding how to use the app?


- One iPad to each

group of four

Lesson objectives:
1: Create a plan in groups
of 4 for story writing
assignment using
text2mind website by end
of lesson
2: Participate in all group
discussion and
collaboration during the
planning on

General Capabilities:
ICT capability
Personal and social


Lesson 2: Week 5

Learning area:
Digital technologies
processes and production
Plan, create and
communicate ideas and
information independently
and with others, applying
agreed ethical and social
protocols (ACTDIP013)

Teacher assesses
students over duration of
lesson and takes notes on
students group work
taking anecdotal notes.
Mind map is assessed
based on quality of plan,
quantity of details,
neatness, and any extra
effort included.

Lesson steps:
1. Students are asked to listen in to teachers instructions to understand how the lesson will
flow today.
2. Each group moves to a computer to which everyone has access to viewing.
3. Groups enter webquest site a make way to planning page.
4. Students have appropriate materials and resources to assist them in understanding the mind
mapping website such as youtube tutorials and a list of what is required in their mind map
and how to get to the text2 mind map location.
5. Teacher is to provide a demonstration after the youtube tutorials have been watched for
those who have further questions and require further help.
6. Teacher walks around the class and offers help to students if they require it.
7. When groups begin finishing, students must screenshot their work and save the file in
images. Instructions are all on webquest page and teacher is available for help at all times.
Key Questions:
- Is everyone comfortable with using text2minmap?
-Who can tell me what needs to be included in the plan?
- Is everyone familiar with the snipping tool?

1 computer per
group of 4
Smart board

Lesson objectives:
1. For students to work
collaboratively in small
groups for duration of
2. To create 4 diorama
(backdrop and characters
separately) that reflects the
story created, using various
techniques and materials.
General Capabilities:
Critical and creative
Personal and social

Assess students off a

rubric that targets their:
- Creativity
- Collaborative group
- Use of materials
- Individual
- Processes
undertaken to
complete the
Techniques used to
create the final


Lesson 3: Week 7

Learning area:
Visual Arts: Use materials,
techniques and processes
to explore visual
conventions when making
artworks (ACAVAM111)

Lesson steps:
1. Explain that the objective is to begin creating their group story dioramas.
2. Ensure every person has their own shoe box.
3. Students should decorate the inside of the shoe box, creating a background image (as they
desire). This background will be photographed and inserted into the app Puppet Pals to
create a short movie in future lessons.
Ensure tables are set up with table cloths, paint and brushes.
4. When students begin to finish other group members can begin creating the characters on
pieces of clean paper. These characters will be used when students create a short movie with
Puppet Pals in a later lesson. The characters will not be permanently situated in the diorama,
rather students will move them in front of the background - as per the story line.
Ensure tables are set up with craft materials and equipment. Note PVA is very
sticky and it may be helpful to have wet tea towels on each table for students to
clean with.
Key Questions:
- Does anybody have any questions regarding what we are doing today?
- Does everyone remember which part/ element of the story they are creating in their diorama?
-Is everyone comfortable with knowing where all of the items are located?

1 Shoe boxes per

Craft Materials
Empty toilet rolls
Wooden sticks
PVA glue
Coloured textas
Tea towels

Lesson 4: week 10

Learning area:
Englsih: Literacy: Creating
texts: Plan, draft and
publish imaginative,
informative and persuasive
texts demonstrating
increasing control over text
structures and language
features and selecting print
and multimodal elements
appropriate to the audience
and purpose(ACELY1682)
Lesson objectives:
- Listen to the instructions
on the app given by the
teacher at the beginning of
the lesson.
- Participate actively with
the group and assist in
making the film for the
duration of the lesson.
- Create a narrated and
moving picture film using
the puppet pal app by the
end of the lesson and
upload onto Padlet.

General Capabilities:
Personal and social
Critical and creative

- When giving
instructions, the teacher
is to monitor the class
behaviour and ensure
that no one is
misbehaving. Ensure that
everyone comprehends
what the task involves
and how use the app
- Teacher is to look
around the room during
the lesson to ensure the
groups are participating
nicely are all people are
- Teacher looks at each
finished film on the class
Padlet and assesses film
based on quality of voice
projection, the finished
story, the effort put in
and the overall look of

Lesson steps:
1. Revise students prior knowledge using the puppet pals HD app
2. Ensure sufficient help resources for puppet pals HD are available to all students
3. Before starting the task, ask students if there are any questions about using the app.
4. Explain to students that they are creating a film using the story they created in lesson one on
the book creator app. In their previously allocated groups of 4, each person is creating and
recording one scene each.
5. Instruct students to start the task.
6. Walk around to assist students and check they are on task.
7. Give students 30 minutes to make and record their story using puppet pals.
8. If groups finish early, instruct them to add their finished film onto the class padlet (so that
the class can see everyones films)
9. Once all groups have completed their story ask for volunteers to share their story with the
Key Questions:
- Who remembers how to use the app Puppet Pals HD on the iPads?
- Is there any questions regarding how to use the app?

- Puppet Pals HD
app and book
creator app on
- 2 iPads per group
(one iPad used for
the book creator
app and 1 iPad
used for Puppet
Pals app)