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After being unanimously elected the leader of the first colony on the planet

Hyperion, there are certain tasks I need to complete in order for the colony to
survive. First, I would have colonists build an infrastructure so buildings exist for the
separate organizations inside the government. I would then begin defining and
assigning different occupations to colonists due to their skills and interests. Public
works is the first governmental area to address because it is the framework of
society, establishing organizations such as law enforcement and education would
encourage peace and technological advancement. After the base of government
and society is in existence, sustainability and survivability are the most important
goals to work towards. Agriculture, water, solar power, and domestication of local
wildlife is one of the first steps towards sustainability and would be explored first.
This society will be for the most part, socialist. All will have to work in order to
survive and being carried by your peers in unacceptable. During the initial period
when colonists only have personal living spaces, all that are of age and able bodied
can help with constructing the required facilities. Children and those not suited to
hard labor can begin collecting materials and utilizing resources from the
surrounding area for agriculture and construction. Once they are done, most can get
into a regular lifestyle as the colony grows and becomes more urban. Industries
such as mining and logging will emerge once the initial boom of construction and
agriculture starts up, to provide materials for the expanding colony. I will also
establish sustainable sources of solar power as well as drinking water. Pollution
control will be an important focus for these industries so we can avoid abusing and
destroying Hyperion like we did Earth.
Depending on what seeds were brought with the colonists, and what can be
collected from the surrounding area, farms will be developed so to supply stable

food production. There will be a period of time that botanists need to establish
water conservation and irrigation for both the native and the earth plants on this
new planet Hyperion. Other food sources will also be explored such as animal
domestication and byproducts. This will ensure sustainable food sources far before
the stores run out, this accounts for the inevitable population growth that will
happen in the coming years.
Once the colony is functioning on its own, I will give up all of my power after I
create a democratic system where all citizens vote on all issues. This system will
eliminate the possibility of corruption and help the colony function smoothly. This
system would suffice for the time being until the colony grew to a size where it
would be too cumbersome.
Space exploration research would be the main type of scientific development,
being the planning and constructing of space craft. The ultimate goal of scientific
development on this planet is to make it a stepping stone for missions deeper into
the galaxy and to continue expanding our borders.

Tweet: The colonists shared my vision for a world greater than earth and
voted in-route to Hyperion that I would lead them with the hindsight of Earths

I am interested in the Liberal Arts and Science education offered by the

University of Utahs Honors College because I want to become a well-rounded
student while receiving a positive college experience in a diverse community. This

program will better prepare me to solve problems posed to me in my desired career

in mechanical engineering and computer science as well as throughout my entire