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2 tech world

Best plans to
stay connected
DIGI Postpaid is a next-generation
postpaid plan created with the full
understanding that the Internet is
made of all things that matter.
Digi recognises the demands of
todays Internet users and launched
this postpaid plan to meet these needs
as well as the ones of tomorrow.
Digi Postpaid has plans that cater to
customers with various usage profiles
and age groups, including individuals
and family members.
Currently, this innovative postpaid
plan comes with three key features:
Beyond Internet, Best apps and
services, and Malaysias widest 4G LTE
(Long-Term Evolution) network.

Beyond Internet
People want to stay connected no
matter where they are so that they
never miss the opportunity to get the
latest updates or to share their
experiences with loved ones and the
rest of the world.
The offerings under the Beyond
Internet feature in Digi Postpaid relates
to Internet quota and usage patterns
and requirements. You will enjoy extra
Internet quotas with any postpaid plan
of your choice.
Digi has also introduced a new
Internet Rollover feature for its
postpaid customers to carry forward
their unused Internet quota to the
following month.
Now you can always keep in touch
with the people who mean the most to
you. Budget travellers going abroad
can now stay connected with family
and friends via Digis unlimited social
messaging offer at RM10 a day,
available in 10 countries with selected
Digi also now offers the flexibility
for customers to sign up for any
Digi postpaid plan for their family
members. Family members on Digi
Postpaid will enjoy free calls, SMS
and MMS among one another.

Best apps and services

When choosing the right postpaid
plan, you will want to know what your
service provider can give you in terms
of services and applications.
Digi Postpaid plans are optimised for
more apps and service, which is
perfect for users with highly active
digital social lifestyles.
For you to stay connected, Digi
Postpaid plans come with unlimited
social chat for apps such as WhatsApp
and WeChat.

Through the Digi Postpaid plan, you

can now enjoy unlimited music
streaming from a host of popular
music streaming platforms such as
Apple Music, Spotify, JOOX and many
If you are a big fan of television
shows and movies, you can now enjoy
a 12-month iflix subscription through
Digi Postpaid plans with a monthly
subscription of RM68 and above.
Furthermore, all Digi Postpaid plan
sign-ups are entitled to cloud storage of
up to 100GB from Capture.
For added convenience, you can
enjoy direct operator billing services to
purchase apps from the Google Play
Store without the need of a credit card.
Digi is the first in Malaysia to enable
this capability.

Malaysias widest 4G LTE

The 4G LTE Internet network has
definitely changed the social digital
landscape and has helped users
achieve incredible Internet speeds.
You can now experience consistent
high-speed Internet access on
Malaysias widest 4G LTE network with
Digi Postpaid.
The network enables customers to
remain future-ready with Digis latest
offerings in LTE advanced (LTE-A),
Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) and
prides itself
for its
continued 4G
LTE network
growth, with a
coverage of 72%
of populated
areas in Malaysia.
It is available in
150 cities and major
Digis LTE-A
coverage now serves
31% of Malaysia. Digi
has been testing VoLTE
technology and the
introduction of VoLTE and
VoWiFi has been slated for
later this year.
For a limited time, Digi
Postpaid plan offers 7GB
Internet and unlimited calls
with Internet Rollover at only
RM78 per month.

n For more information, visit

More calls and SMS

Digi postpaid 98

Digi postpaid 148

Digi postpaid 238

Monthly fee

Monthly fee

Monthly fee

Get this promo for life if you

sign up by June 30.

Get this promo for life if you

sign up by June 30.

Get this promo for life if you

sign up by June 30.

Internet quota

Internet quota

Internet quota

Internet rollover

Internet rollover

Internet rollover

Unlimited calls to all networks

Unlimited calls

Unlimited calls

Unlimited SMS to3 Digi friends

Unlimited SMS

Unlimited SMS

to all networks

to all networks

Unlimited social
WhatsApp and WeChat

Unlimited social
WhatsApp and WeChat

Unlimited social
WhatsApp and WeChat

Free apps
Capture 100GB
Music Freedom
iflix 12 months full access

Free apps
Capture 100GB
Music Freedom
iflix 12 months full access

Subsequent charges
Calls 0 sen
SMS 10 sen
MMS 20 sen

Subsequent charges
Calls 0 sen
SMS 10 sen
MMS 20 sen

Internet add-on
RM8 for 1GB (2 days)

Internet add-on
RM8 for 1GB (2 days)

Free apps
Capture 100GB
Music Freedom
iflix 12 months full access
Subsequent charges
Calls 0 sen
SMS 10 sen
MMS 20 sen
Internet add-on
RM8 for 1GB (2 days)
Choose the best Digi postpaid
plan for your needs.



4 tech world

Living life
WE all have an ideal of what the
future is going to be like. It is
quite certain that we will be
living with technology that is an
extension of ourselves.
Our reliance on technology has
dramatically improved the
quality of life, with rapid
advancements in medicine,
manufacturing, education, design
and communication pushing
scientific and societal
development forward.
Simple tasks can now be
completed with just a touch or a
swipe of a screen.
As we enter the age of
disruptive technology, tech
developers challenge conventions
and traditional forms of how we
perform everyday actions.
Here are some game-changing
technologies that have excited
experts and enthusiasts and can
define our lives in the near

Smart health and

There is definitely a growing
interest in the health and fitness
scene globally.
From gym rats and yoga gurus
to healthcare professionals,
people not only want to monitor
and document their progress,
they are also looking for ways
they can make their health and
fitness regime more personalised.
Experts are starting to realise
that conventional cookie-cutter
methods used in health and
fitness are not producing results
for individuals simply because
people are all different.
Smartwatches and fitness
bands have paved the way for
personal smart devices that cater
to health and fitness enthusiasts
by offering a variety of social and
interactive fitness-based

In addition to stylish designs,

fitness bands offer a more
practical approach to fitness
and health monitoring.
Fitness band brands such
as Fitbit and Jawbone are
targeted specifically at the
niche fitness community.
These devices guarantee
accurate biometric readings for
basic health vitals, such as the
number of steps taken in a day,
calories burnt, pulse rate and sleep
pattern, which can be monitored in
real time through your mobile
Health-based wearable devices
have now evolved beyond fancy
wrist gadgets into smart apparel
that can help you keep track of
your fitness performance.
Biosensors woven into fabric can
not only transmit biometric data to
your smart devices but also
provide information such as
posture and muscle stress when
The biosensors in Athos smart
training apparel detects electrical
activity when muscles activate in
real time and transmit this data to
its own smartphone app via
Hence, you will be able to
monitor your muscle performance
and balance while you are working
In the long run, health-based
apps, gadgets and wearable devices
are moving into the advancement

Smart lighting such as Philips Hue can

change colour via a smartphone app.

Smartwatches (above) and

fitness bands such as Jawbone
(below) are proving popular
with fitness buffs.

of remote and personalised

medicine that is not only mobile
but can perform functions such as
give emergency alerts and provide
treatment and therapy for the
person using the device.

Hi-tech home and living

Refrigerators or washing
machines equipped with touch
display settings and robot vacuum
cleaners have become common
household additions.
A great deal of advancement in
artificial intelligence is now being
integrated into seemingly regular
home appliances, allowing them to
make actionable decisions in
saving energy.
Nest, for example, is a new
smart home thermostat that is not
only designed to record your home
energy use but modulate
accordingly to save energy.
Its artificial intelligence feature
will learn your daily energy
usage in six days and will
programme its function based on
that. It will also monitor energy
usage from time-to-time to make
modifications if necessary.
The integration of smart
technology in household
appliances also offers consumers
the ability to personalise them.
The new smart lighting
product from Philips known as
Hue is able to change the
colour of your lighting from
red to blue to white via an app
installed on your
Different colours of
light have biological
benefits that allow
you to be more
energetic in the
morning and
calmer before bed.
With 3D
printing, dcor
enthusiasts have the
opportunity to create
personalised decorative items
and furniture based on their
own design and material.

environmentfriendly coffee
table could be a
reality with just
some coding and a
push of a button.
Technology applications in
security and surveillance have
also improved with the
introduction of smart security
Many high-end properties in
Malaysia already come equipped
with biometric scanning on door
knobs and touch display
combination locks, eliminating the
need for keys.People now want

security alerts
surveillance in
real time through
remote services.
To cater to this
need, smart security and
surveillance company
Canary has come up with a
discrete security camera and
motion sensor detectors that are
not only linked to your phone but
also notify you immediately if
there is a break-in when your
device is armed. You can choose to
view live, sound the alarm or
contact the authorities.


Biosensors in
Athos smart
training apparel
keep track of



6 tech world

Augmented reality
technology allows users
to immerse themselves
in digital experiences.

A new reality
Conceptualised in the 1920s as a
novice pilot training device, virtual
reality was popularised in the
1990s as new age gaming
Virtual reality offers the user an
artificial visual environment based
on certain programming but
isolates users from real life and
only stimulates sight, leaving the
four other senses behind.
A step up from that, augmented
reality combines virtual reality and
real life. The technology has been
used as a nifty advertising strategy
by many big brands from beauty
product giants to famous coffee
chain outlets since the early half of
the 2010s.
The general idea of an
augmented reality feature is that
when your smart device scans a
specially designed article such as
an image on an advert, you can
stream exclusive content or
perform a certain function on your
mobile device.
Tech companies are now
thinking of taking augmented
reality to the next level. By using
your mobile device or a smart
viewing device such as smart
glasses, you can now not only view
your e-mails as holograms right in
front of your face but also interact
with the hologram by navigating
functions with simple swipes and
Since the launch of Googles
smart glasses, developers are
pushing the boundaries of creating
smart glasses that can do more
than just take pictures or videos.
Meta, an augmented reality
developer, is paving the way for
the development of augmented
reality glasses.
With the development of its
second prototype, the Meta2, users

Devices such as the

Meta2 augmented reality
glasses combine digital
content and the organic

can now immerse themselves in a

limitless digital experience that
extends beyond the domains of a
computer screen and integrates
with the organic environment.
Without the need of fancy hand
gestures, Meta2 allows users to
interact with holographic threedimensional images like they are
real objects.
It also allows you to collaborate
with other Meta2 users and can be
used in a myriad of applications
such as in education, remote
control, design and medicine.

Exoskeleton aid
Memorable themes of
exoskeletons are found
everywhere in pop culture, not
least in films ranging from Aliens
in 1986 to Elysium in 2013.
Exoskeletons are the fantasy
technology everyone is looking to
make into a reality.
A lot of emphasis of exoskeleton
technology is put into military and
weaponry development but the
applications of exoskeletons have
also been used in the field of
medicine as a rehabilitation tool
for disabled and paralysed
One such company to headline
in this technology is ReWalk, which
is helping wheelchair-bound

patients walk upright with motor

guidance at the hip and knee
Exoskeleton developers are now
introducing the technology at a
commercial level especially in
construction and the handling of
heavy machinery.
These exoskeletons will enable
users to exert less energy when
they are performing an action and
also protect them from injuries
while performing such activities.
Ekso Bionics, another
exoskeleton developer, initially
delved into producing iron suits
for the US military but then
ventured into physio-rehabilitation
for people who have suffered
strokes or are recovering from
They have now introduced a
new line of exoskeleton devices
that can aid construction workers
in handling heavy equipment.
At the moment, these devices
work in analogue, using simple
physics to distribute weight evenly
so that the user can use heavy
machinery with little or no effort.
Powered exoskeletons, which
require an energy source, and
mechanical and electrical
hardware are in the works to
allow regular people to perform
arduous activities with minimal

Exoskeletons help people walk upright with motor guidance.



8 tech world

Affordable homegrown tech

SMARTPHONES, tablets and
laptops are the buzzwords
of todays world of mobile
communication technology
and the devices seen in the
hands of people everywhere.
While the market for these
devices is undoubtedly growing,
one must admit that they do not
necessarily fall within an
affordable range of consumer
goods, especially those that offer
better specifications and higher
Cognisant of this, SNS Network
(M) Sdn Bhd took the initiative
to create a range of mobile
communication and information
technology devices that better fit
the segment of the population with
mid-sized pockets.
This led to the introduction of
the JOI brand, Malaysias first
homebrand of mobile devices.
The whole idea of starting this
brand was to offer a selection of
these devices smartphones,
tablets and laptops that are
affordable but do not compromise
much on quality or performance
when compared with the higherend range, says SNS Network
managing director Ko Yun Hung.
Powered by Intel and using a
Windows-based platform, the

Ko Yun Hung, managing director of SNS Network, with a range of JOI devices
in the company showroom.

brand made its entrance into

the Malaysian market in 2014
with the JOI 8, a phablet (a phonecum-tablet) that today has a
relatively affordable price tag
of RM688.
In the past 15 months since the
JOI 8s entry into the market, SNS
Network expanded JOI devices to

include a smartphone, PC stick,

tablet and its latest two-in-one
laptop and tablet, JOI 11.
The prices range from RM299
(JOI 7 Lite tablet) to RM1,271
(JOI 11).
Ko says these products are
finding their niche in the market,
with more than 50,000 units

collectively sold since their

We feel that JOI devices are
gaining ground and attracting the
interest of users as they fill the
gaps in the market.
The JOI devices not only offer
an alternative, they also offer
convenience and affordable
mobility, especially the two-in-one
JOI 11 laptop/tablet.
Taking the cue from customers,
some of these products can also
talk to each other on Microsoftbased applications.
This enables customers to select
and configure mobile devices from
the selection of JOI products that
can be synced with each other.
This, for example, will be ideal
for those involved in presentations
and field activities within the scope
of their jobs.
JOI devices also have the
distinction of being powered and
supported by two big names in the
information technology world
Intel and Microsoft.
JOI has the first combination of
Intel processors and Microsoft OS
in a Malaysian homegrown
Other reasons to choose JOI
include the fact that it is certified
by the Malaysian Communications

and Multimedia Commission

(MCMC), offering simple, easy-touse designs and unbeatable value.
JOI tablets are compatible with
televisions, monitors and other
display devices that support the
HDMI output.
Ko says SNS Network is now
focused on building and
strengthening the JOI brand in
the local market where there is
immense potential.
Eventually, the company plans to
partner with reliable parties to
take the JOI brand across the
borders of Malaysia.
JOI devices are available through
SNS Networks group of retail
outlets and also a number of other
Products can also be found in
online stores such as Lazada and
11Street and GLOO, among others.
SNS Network is a one-stop centre
for a comprehensive range of ICT
solutions, offered through 32
branches in Malaysia.
Its business encompass retail as
well as services and solutions,
education and consultation, and
carries various brands, including
Apple and Samsung.

n For more information, visit


SHARP-ROXY Sales & Service

Company (M) Sdn Bhd (SRSSC)
offers its first AQUOS TV line-up
the XU Series with 8K resolution
in Super Premium category the
highest resolution to be seen in
the AQUOS TV line-up.
The AQUOS XU Series was
awarded in the 2015 International
Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
as 2015 Honoree.
The AQUOS XU Series, which is
the AQUOS flagship model,
contains the X8-Master Engine Pro
with 8K resolution (the worlds
first) and 8K up-converter and is
powered by the latest platform of
Android TV.
The XU Series with 8K resolution
combines Sharps proprietary pixel
splitting and Quattron
This television delivers four
times greater resolution than
traditional 4K ultra HD.
Sharps latest generation 8K
up-converter mounted on the
newly developed X8-Master Engine
Pro unleashes the full potential of
this stunning resolution, whether
it is HD or 4K Ultra HD content,
promising detailed images that
seem to come to life.
The X8-Master Engine Pros Ultra
Dynamic Range Pro technology
incorporates a new direct LED
backlight system to provide a
contrast of extreme blacks and
whites by increasing the brightness
of the LED backlight in white areas
and decreasing it in black areas.

tech world 9

From screen to reality

Sharps AQUOS XU Series televisions greatly enhance the

viewing experience.

While it is analysing the images,

the brightness of the images are
corrected and restored to closely
match the brightness of the
original source.
Available in 80-inch (diagonal)
screen size, the detailed picture
delivered is of the highest
standard of colour and contrast.
By combining Sharps
proprietary Rich Color Pro in its
engine and the unique Quattron
Pro technology, this television

displays numerous shades of

colour, more than any AQUOS
Their synergy effect presented
by the new LED backlight system
as well as colour restoration circuit
with new phosphor has allowed
Sharp to expand the colour range
reproduction to 140% as compared
to its previous conventional
television models.
The brand new AQUOS XU Series
television also adopts Android

television as its
As introduced in the
UE630X series, Android
televisions three key
features Google Voice
Search, gaming and
Google Cast are
available in the super
premium series to
enhance your television
With its Smart
Remote, customers can
communicate easily
with their television.
By using the
microphone button on
Smart Remote, users
can give their television
instructions such as to
search for information
on Google, videos or movies on
YouTube or finding their favourite
applications on Google Play.
Users need not worry about
undetected languages because the
Google Voice Search feature on this
television supports 87 languages
with a high degree of accuracy.
Besides being able to detect
sentences, the Smart Remote can
also detect various regional dialects
worldwide. No other platform in
the Smart television market has

this capability, language support,

and level of accuracy.
In addition, the new AQUOS
Super Premium Series powered
by Android television also provides
satisfaction for gamers as it
can be connected to a game
The television allows a total of
eight controllers to be connected to
the television, allowing customers
to play interactive games with
family members and friends on a
large screen with unbeatable
image quality.
To offer high definition and low
reflection effect, the AQUOS XU
Series television adopts the N-Black
Panel, which is a liquid crystal
panel that reduces reflection from
external lights and gives a glossy
black look on the screen.
The Sharp AQUOS XU Series with
8K resolution comes in two screen
sizes 80-inch and 70-inch and
will be available for Malaysian
consumers in December.
The 80-inch model
(LC-80XU930X) is priced at
RM54,999 inclusive of GST while
the 70-inch model (LC-70XU830X)
retails at RM32,999.

n For more information, visit


10 tech world

WHAT makes a good smartphone

extraordinary design, groundbreaking features or high-powered
performance? A good smartphone
is one that answers the needs and
demands of the user.
Created for todays mobile
lifestyle, the Galaxy S7 edge does
just that by leading the industry
with a unique mobile experience
that features a refined design,
higher-quality camera, enhanced
software functionality and
unsurpassed connectivity to a
galaxy of services, products and
In addition, Samsungs latest
flagship device marries sleek
design with powerful performance
so users can do even more, faster
and easier.
Here are seven reasons the
Galaxy S7 edge is the most
anticipated smartphone yet.
High-quality images, no
matter the time of day or
The most raved about new
features of Samsungs Galaxy S
line-up are its new camera
As the first smartphone to apply
Dual Pixel technology, the device is
able to capture high-quality images
in low-light environments, while a
large F1.7 aperture ensures
brighter, sharper photographs.
New Motion Panorama and
Selfie Flash functions let users
have an entirely new
phonetography experience.

The Galaxy S7 edge

allows smoother graphics
and longer playing times.

Refined design, sleek curves

While preserving the design
heritage of its predecessor, the
Galaxy S7 edge boasts an even
more seamless connection between
its glass and metal materials, along
with a slimmer rear camera.
Thanks to the curvy form of the
devices glass, this model provides
an even better grip and naturally
fits in one hand. And, bringing
back the microSD slot, the new
flagship smartphone is more
functional than ever.

Water and dust resistance

For people who work, travel
and play in all kinds of locations
and environments, the upgraded
IP68 water and dust resistance of
the device is especially well

Gadget worth the wait

As the premium standard of
protection against water and dust,
the feature allows users to enjoy
the sleek, curvy design of
Samsungs latest flagship
smartphone without the
inconvenience of a bulky
additional case.

Made for gaming

With the optimised hardware
and enhanced user experience,
which allow for smoother graphics
and longer playing times,
Samsungs new smartphone can
satisfy even the most demanding
mobile gamer.
With the new Game Launcher
app, users now have the ability to
take control of their mobile gaming
experience with numerous
customisation options.
The Galaxy S7 edge is able to
capture high-quality images in
almost any environment.

Abundant photo and video

These days, users are always on
the go and store abundant apps,
music and files on their
Conveniently embedded in the
Galaxy S7 edge, the hybrid SIM
card tray allows users to either
insert two SIM cards or opt for
only one SIM card paired with a
microSD card for up to 200GB of
additional storage.

Simple and soft user

Customisable lock and home
screens, beautified icons and the
user-friendly Android 6.0
Marshmallow operating system
have taken the user experience of
the new Galaxy smartphone to an
entirely new level.
The refined dual-edge screen of
the Galaxy S7 edge provides
practical functions and easier
access to users frequently used
content and tasks.

Longer usage
Compared with its
predecessor the Galaxy S6
edges 2,600mAh, the
Galaxy S7 edge is equipped
with an impressive
3,600mAh battery
capacity, allowing for
more hours and higher
screen brightness without
draining out battery usage
within a days use.
Interestingly, the Galaxy
S7 edge also offers fastcharging technology, both
wired and wirelessly.
The Galaxy S7 edge is
now available in

Storage space for photos, videos and additional files will no longer be an
issue for Galaxy S7 edge users.

About Samsung
Electronics Co Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
inspires the world and shapes
the future with transformative
ideas and technologies, redefining
the worlds of televisions,
smartphones, wearable devices,
tablets, cameras, digital appliances,
printers, medical equipment,
network systems, and
semiconductor and LED solutions.
Samsung Electronics is leading
in the Internet of Things space
through, among others, its Smart
Home and Digital Health

n For more information, visit

Seven reasons to own a

Galaxy S7 edge

Worlds first dualpixel 12 megapixel.

smartphone camera
Beautiful and refined
Expandable memory
up to 200GB
IP68 water and dust
All-day-long mobile
usage with bigger
battery capacity
Immersive gaming
experience with
Vulkan API
Seamless hub
connectivity with
other Galaxy devices


tech world 11

gaming experience
GAMING PCs constanling have to
keep up with gamers demands for
better gaming performance.
Here are gaming PCs offered by
Acer that will match your gaming
l Acer Predator 15 and
Predator 17
The Acer Predator 15 and
Predator 17 laptops sport a
bespoke design of red accents and
black chassis with geometric lines
and soft texture coating.
These high-performance laptops
are powered by the latest Intel
Core processors coupled with
speedy NVIDIA GeForce graphics,
rapid DDR4 memory, cutting-edge
cooling system and premium audio
They are supported by the
Predator FrostCore feature, which
keeps the laptop operating at a
lower temperature a feature
enabled by the swappable Cooler
Master fan module, available
exclusively from Acer.
The Predator SoundPound offers
a combination of stellar audio

features with up to four built-in

speakers, two subwoofers and
Dolby Audio surround sound that
ensures crystal clear audio and a
rich bass. The Acer Predator 15
and Predator 17 laptops are priced
at RM6,999 onwards.

l Predator 8
The Acer Predator 8 is a
dedicated gaming tablet with sleek
brushed aluminium design
powered by a powerful Intel Atom
It supports the Predator Quadio,
a throng of four-front facing
speakers that delivers enhanced
virtual surround sound quality
while the Predator ColorBlast
technology brings high-quality
colour from professional monitors
to the tablet, supporting 100%
NTSC colour gamut.
It also comes with Predator
TacSense that improves gameplay
with tactile feedback and Predator
Media Master, a unique Acer
application that allows
customisation of audio and

video setup for standard, album,

movie and game use.
The Acer Predator 8 retails at

l Acer Predator G6 and

Predator G3 desktops
These war machines feature a
menacing armour-covered chassis
design, powered by the latest Intel
Core processors, high-performance
NVIDIA GeForce graphics and Acer
IceTunnel, an enhanced thermal
system that optimises airflow by
efficiently removing internal heat
of the desktops.
The Predator G6 features
One-Punch Overclocking, a feature
that unleashes the full potential of
the machine at just the touch of a
The SoundBlaster X-Fi MB5
feature allows full control of all
gaming audio in the Predator G6
with the support of Scout Mode
that amplifies the sound of
footsteps and dialogue, EAX 5.0
that provides sound effects that
adapt to different environment

Predator 17.

Predator 8.

and Voice FX that masks voices

when chatting in-game with other
The Acer Predator G6 is priced at

l Acer Predator Z35, Predator

X34 and Predator XB1
This gaming monitor line-up
comes in 27-inch to 35-inch.
These new Predator gaming
monitors feature GameView
technology, which allows instant
toggle between three customisable
display profiles and the tweaking
of settings such as Dark Boost,
Overclock and aim-point assistance
to suit a wide array of gamers.
The Acer Predator Z35 is a
35-inch 21:9 UltraWide Full HD
(2560 x 1080) curved gaming
monitor with a curvature of 2000R
featuring NVIDIA G-Sync for
immersive, wraparound gaming
experience. It supports
overclocking to a lightning-fast
mode of up to 200Hz refresh rate.
The Acer Predator XB1 comes in
two models XB271HU and

XB281HK, which sport 27-inch and

28-inch screens respectively.
Both these models come with the
latest NVIDIA G-SYNC technology
that provides amazingly detailed
images and smooth visuals.
The Predator XB271HU has a
zero-frame-edge-to-edge design
with a WQHD (2560 x 1440) IPS
panel that supports 100% of the
sRGB gamut and NVIDIA ULMB
technology that reduces motion
blur in fast-paced gaming
The Predator XB281HK comes
with a 4K UHD panel that has a fast
GTG (gray to gray) response time of
TheAcer Predator X34 is a
34-inch IPS 21:9 ultra-wide QHD
curved monitor that eliminates
tearing, minimises display stutter
and input lag to provide an
immersive gaming experience.
The price for Acer Predator
monitors starts from RM2,599.

n For more information, visit


12 tech world

device, perfect
CHALLENGING the traditional
business landscape with its
innovative product offerings,
Huawei Technologies is now
redefining premium living and
business management with the
Huawei Mate 8.
A productivity-driven
smartphone with significantly
enhanced power, efficiency and
battery life, the Huawei Mate 8
continues Huaweis track record of
delivering high-end devices that
reflect global consumer demand.
The Mate 8 is currently the most
powerful smartphone in the
market and features several
industry firsts, including the
Kirin 950 chipset, 16nm FinFET
Plus chip technology and an ARM
Cortex-A72 processor.
Together, these elements allow
the modern professional to stay
more productive and connected
than ever before.
It runs on the next-generation
Huawei EMUI 4.0 operating system
based on Android Marshmallow.
Compared with the previous
version of EMUI, EMUI 4.0 features
more than 500 individual user
experience tweaks and
One key improvement is the
inclusion of defragmenting
technology that automatically
defragments the device, improving
user experience and enhancing
At the product launch earlier
this month, Huawei Technologies
Malaysia Consumer Business
Group country director Zhu Yong
Gang said, We believe the Mate
8 will fit the lifestyles of many
individuals here. We are
excited to be one of the first in
the region to bring the Mate 8
to Malaysia.

According to Zhu,
Huaweis continuous
commitment to meet
the evolving needs of
consumers has
resulted in the
company ensuring

The Mate 8
features a
slim body.

the Mate 8 redefines design and

experience, bringing about a new
style for young business elites.
The Mate 8 offers speed,
convenience and connectivity in a
beautifully designed package that
stands out in a competitive
The compact, slim phone has an
83% screen-to-body ratio. Its edges
are only 2.7mm wide 0.4mm
thinner than the Mate 7.
Its dimensions are 157.1mm x
80.6mm x 7.9mm and it weighs
approximately 185g.
The Mate 8 has a six-inch FHD
screen with negative LCD. The
screens 95% colour saturation is
higher than both the Mate 7 (71%)
and iPhone 6s Plus (68%).
The side and rear surfaces of
the phone are designed with
great precision. A meticulous
sandblasting technique is used
on the rear surface to create an
elegant textured appearance.
The glass of the rear camera is
placed accurately to the nearest
micron with a meticulous
procedure of sandblasting,
trimming and fine metallic
The Mate 8 comes in four
themed colours: champagne gold,
moonlight silver, space
grey and mocha brown.

Perfect balance
Designed for users to
experience a world without
boundaries, the Mate 8s
Kirin 950 chipset strikes the
perfect balance between high
performance and low-power
Furthermore, the SOC chip
architecture includes new 8+1
cores: quad-core Cortex A72
2.3GHz+, quad-core Cortex A53
1.8GHz+ and i5 co-processor.
The Mate 8 is the first
smartphone in the industry to
adopt the 4 x A72+4 x A53
big.LITTLE architecture and the
first to use the ARM Cortex A72
SOC processor. With the Kirin950,
the Mate 8s CPU boosting power
increases by 100%, GPU
performance up to 125% and
power efficiency up to 70%
compared with the Kirin925.
This smartphones innovative
six-layer thermal conductivity
structure allows for higher heat
dissipation and lower power
The DX19 thermal materials
conductivity is nine times higher
than stainless steel, resulting in a
phone with a cooler temperature.
For example, after 30 minutes of
gaming, the Mate 8s temperature
is recorded at 4.1C, which is cooler
than the iPhone 6s Plus.
It also allows users to take

The Huawei
Mate 8.

advantage of its high performance

without losing battery power
quickly. The device is equipped
with a 4,000mAh high-density
battery, compared with the
2,750mAh battery of the Apple
iPhone 6s Plus.
To prevent the battery from
running low too quickly, the Mate 8
combines the remarkable Kirin 950
chip with the new EMUI 4.0 smartpower technology, which allows
users to enjoy a long standby time.
In fact, regular users can go
without charging their phone for
2.36 days and heavy users for 1.65
The charging speed is 105%
faster than the Apple iPhone 6s
Plus. With only 30 minutes of
charging, the battery is charged to
37%, which equates to a whole day
of regular usage.

is high
every time a
user reads or
writes data,
automatic encryption
and decryption are
logged into the chip,
protected by TrustZone.
If a users Mate 8 is
stolen, this data cannot
be extracted.
The Mate 8 enables the
microSD card to lock,
preventing anyone from
accessing content in the card
without a password so that user
data cannot be obtained if the
phone is stolen.

Enhanced security

The Mate 8 is perfect for the

modern on-the-go professionals
who need to be constantly
connected anywhere in the world.
The smartphone comes with
built-in support for various
network bands and 1,334 sets of
operation parameters. Therefore, it
can be used in 217 countries and
The device integrates the worlds
leading Cat6 LTE Internet
connection technology, offering
download speeds of up to
Users will enjoy high-speed
Internet connections that allow
them to take advantage of the best
that the Internet has to offer, from
web browsing and streaming
media to connected gaming.
The Mate 8 also supports
Network Neighborhood CIFS
standard protocols and
automatically discovers home
wireless equipment such as PC
and iMac that support Network
Neighborhood CIFS standard

As the Mate 8 is meant to assist a

new generation of business
individuals and entrepreneurs
sync work with leisure, security is
a major concern.
The smartphone comes with
next-generation fingerprint
recognition technology; its speed is
twice that of the Mate 7 and the
error rate has been decreased by
The concave depth of the
circular fingerprint sensor on the
back of the phone has been
reduced from 0.85mm to 0.45mm,
increasing the effective
identification area by 10% and
further improving user experience.
The Mate 8 also has a protected
firewall formed by the Kirin950s
TrustZone and secure OS. The
phone automatically saves
fingerprint data and has strong
chip-level security achieved by the
hardware isolation between
operating environment and storage
space of the Android system.

Global connectivity

Designed for modern on-the-go professionals, the Mate 8 will keep you
connected anywhere, anytime.

This simple process allows

users to log in to shared folders
and directly copy photos and
documents between mobile phones
and computers.
Business is made convenient and
efficient with the Mates ability to
automatically recognise and save
information on scanned business
cards to the phones contact list.
The device features scanning
support for 17 languages.
Furthermore, the Mate 8 offers a
productivity-enhancing split-screen
mode that enables enhanced
multitasking between apps.

n For more information, visit
Efficient power consumption
The Huawei Mate 8 strikes a
perfect balance between
high performance and low
power consumption. Its
power consumption data is
listed as follows:
Heavy users: 1.65 days
(1.03 days for Apple
iPhone 6s Plus)
Regular users: 2.36 days
(1.53 days for Apple
iPhone 6s Plus)
Talk time over a 3G
network: 28 hours
Internet use over a 4G
network: 20 hours (12
hours for Apple iPhone
6s Plus)
HD video play: 17 hours
(14 hours for Apple
iPhone 6s Plus)
Audio play: 98 hours (80
hours for Apple iPhone
6s Plus)
Theoretical standby
time: 22 days (16 days
for Apple iPhone 6s




14 tech world

for toughness
CASIO Computer Co Ltd has once again
captured the hearts of G-Shock fans with
the development of the worlds first
hybrid time-keeping system in the form of
the GPW-1000.
The watch is capable of receiving both
Global Positioning System (GPS) and has a
hybrid radio wave time calibration
The GPS allows the watch to pinpoint its
current location, letting the watch adjust
itself to the current time zone.
The watch makes use of a hybrid
system of GPS location and Casios
Multiband 6 technology to synchronise
with six atomic tranmission stations
around the world to accurately set the
time by itself.
If the wearer travels abroad, he can
quickly recalibrate the watch to the
accurate time zone with a simple press
of a button. The recalibration process
only takes up to a minute.
The watch displays two different time
zones simultaneously. The time zone is
indicated on the minute/hour hands and
inset dials.

Durability, reliability
The G-Shock was born in 1983 out
of an engineers passion for creating an
unbreakable watch, challenging the
common notion of fragile wristwatches
at that time.
Since then, the G-Shock series has
evolved through the incorporation of
advanced technology and Casios devotion
to creating incredibly tough watches.
Casio may have in its hands the most
durable watch it has ever created.
Combined with GPS and hybrid radio
wave technologies, the GPW-1000 can be
worn in the densest of jungles and highest
of desert dunes, underwater or in the
busiest metropolis and still be able to
accurately tell time, while not getting a
scratch on it.
The watchs durability is achieved with
Casios Triple G Resist structure that
allows the GPW-1000 to withstand shocks,

centrifugal force and harsh vibrations.

The protruding case and bezel design
protect the glass from any impact from
To enhance the watchs toughness, the
case is coated with DLC (diamond-like
coating) and attached to it is a carbon
fibre insert band, which is reinforced
with resin. This makes the watch almost
The GPW-1000 is both
durable and energy-efficient.

Solar charging
The case houses ultra-small motors
beneath the bezels, which makes room
for the GPS antenna and GPS LSI to be
These highly important components
are secured in a single module under the
casing, protecting the workings.
Casios Tough Solar charging system
enables higher-efficiency light reception
that supports the stable operation of
various high-load functions.
The GPW-1000 also consumes little
power. The watch features a new lowpower consumption, high-performance
GPS LSI and high-output solar cell.
The solar cell is able to absorb solar
energy, to power the watchs GPS, LED
(light-emitting diode) lighting and motor.
The watch also has high-luminosity LED
lighting that lights up the face of the
watch, allowing wearers to tell time in the
Currently, there are several colour
variations and models available in the
GPW-1000 series, including GPW-1000-1A,
which features blue-painted bezels, black
case and band and a red and black crown;
the GPW-1000-1B, which features an allblack case, band and crown; the GPW1000-4A, which features a bronze-painted
bezel, orange and black band and a black
crown; and the limited edition GPW1000TBS-1A, which features a gold ionplated case and a special vintage look that
is achieved by ageing 6-4 titanium.

n For more information, visit


Shock-resistant; resistant to centrifugal gravitational

force; vibration resistant

Water resistance


GPS signal frequency


Radio frequency

77.5kHz (DCF77: Germany); 60kHz (MSF: UK);

60kHz (WWVB: USA); 40kHz (JJY: Fukushima, Japan)
/60kHz (JJY: Kyushu, Japan); 68.5kHz (BPC: China)

GPS signal reception

Time-calibration (auto, manual);

acquisition of position information (manual)

Radio wave

Automatic reception of up to six times a day

(except for use in China: up to five times a day)

World time

27 cities (40 time zones, daylight saving on/off)

and Coordinated Universal Time


1/20-second stopwatch; measuring capacity:

2359.95; measuring mode: elapsed time

Countdown timer

Measuring unit: 1 second (maximum 24 hours)


1 independent daily alarm

Other functions

Full auto-calendar; 12/24-hour format; battery level

indicator; LED light with afterglow of 3 seconds

Power source

Solar power system (solar-charging system)


About 18 months with the power-saving

function after a full charge

Size of case

66.0mm 56.0mm 18.1mm

Total weight

Approximately 126g

The GPW-1000 comes in

a range of colours to
suit any preference.




16 tech world

Great plan for new phones

Galaxy A7.

evolve so quickly that
new features, upgrades and
models may be hard to keep
up with. Although tech-savvy
customers naturally want the
latest and best in smartphone
technology, not many are able to
afford to switch it up as often as
they would like.
Thankfully, First by Celcom
makes it possible for you to stay
current without having to fork out
a large sum of money with
NewPhone, which allows you to get
a new phone for free annually and
change your phone as often as you
want as long as it is in good
Supported by a minimal monthly
fee, this plan offers a superb
selection of smartphones at a
nominal fee. You have the option
of getting a new device at no extra
cost every 12 months by simply

turning in your current

Additionally, you can
change phones when you
please without waiting for 12
months by simply paying
the Express
Fee. This fee
starts from
RM500 and is
compulsory to
ensure your
upfront payment
is fully rebated
within the first three
months of your
Customers can rest
assured of hassle-free
device protection that
ensures repair or
replacement of a damaged
First by Celcoms
NewPhone puts the customer
at greater liberty to decide on
mobile plans that best suit
their various needs and
lifestyles. It does not come with an
obligation to choose a specific plan
or sign a contract for a certain
period of time.
Flexibility is central as Celcom
recognises the importance of
making devices and plans work for
individuals. You can choose any
First postpaid plan to go with your

Enhanced security
NewPhone devices come
equipped with Device Protection,
an after-sales solution that
minimises hassle in the event of
robbery, theft and other incidences
(see Table 1).
Customers who want to claim
NewPhone Device Protection
compensation in the event of a
robbery, snatch theft or break-in



Robbery or snatch theft

If your NewPhone device is stolen or snatched,

a device replacement will be arranged.

House break-in

If your NewPhone device is stolen in a break-in,

a device replacement will be arranged.

Accidental or
liquid damage

If your mobile device has been accidentally

damaged,it will be repaired and returned through
a convenient door-to-door service.

Airtime abuse

If your stolen phone's airtime is abused, AmTrust

Mobile Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd will cover
charges up to RM500 within the first 24 hours.
This includes devices that are stolen, snatched or
taken in a house break-in.

Value Added
Services (VAS)

AmTrust Mobile Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd offers

reimbursement of up to RM100 to cover any VAS
abuse of a stolen or snatched device.

Mobile device rental

while roaming

You can rent a temporary replacement mobile

device while roaming for a total of 14 consecutive
days from the date of incident discovery for up
to RM500.

Table 1: Celcom offers Device Protection for NewPhone devices, a great security
solution in the event of robbery or theft.
Galaxy S7 Edge.

must first block their SIM card, file

a police report, and call 1800 880
710 within 24 hours of the incident
to make a report. They must then
fax 03-7954 9191 or e-mail
claims@amtrustmobilesolutions. with their police report
Customers who want to claim
NewPhone Device Protection
compensation in the event of
accidental or liquid damage must
also call 1800 880 710 within 24
hours of the incident to make a
report. They must then fax
03-7954 9191 or e-mail claims@
with details of the damage and
All claims will be processed by
MAA Takaful and you will be
notified once it is approved. An

offering exciting deals that attract

and satisfy customers. Its position
as a major player in the Malaysian
mobile technology scene has been
recognised with consecutive wins
at the Frost & Sullivan Awards in
recent years.
Visit your nearest Blue Cube to
find out more and sign up for
Celcoms NewPhone plan today.

excess fee (varies according to

model) will be charged for the
delivery of a replacement device.

Unique offering
Leading mobile service provider
Celcom is the only network with a
plan that allows customers to
switch to a new phone anytime
and get a new device for free
Powered by its undisputed 4G
LTE network, you can enjoy up to
10 times faster Internet speed
in Celcom Territory.
Celcom stays on top
of its game by

n For more information, visit

Galaxy J7.

Take your pick

CELCOM offers a variety of Samsung models for customers under the NewPhone plan, which can be
paid for on a monthly basis. See the table below and pick the best plan for your new smartphone.

NewPhone fee with

Device Protection

Without Device
(customers of more
than 12 months)

Cancellation fee




Keep the

Return the

Samsung Galaxy J7






Samsung Galaxy A7






Samsung Galaxy
Note 5






Samsung Galaxy
S7 Edge






Terms and conditions

To be eligible for Celcoms
NewPhone plan, you must be:
A new or existing Celcom
Postpaid customer
Above 18 years old
Financially responsible;
not on the CTOS Credit
Reporting Agency
Other criteria to keep in mind
when switching to this plan
Those switching from
another mobile network
operator to Celcom must
pay RM100, present their
postpaid bills for the past
three months, make a
mandatory three-month
payment upfront and sign
up for Device Protection
Existing Celcom prepaid
customers must convert

to postpaid for at least

three months
Existing Celcom postpaid
customers who have
subscribed for less than
12 months must present
their postpaid bills for the
past three months, make
a payment of RM150 and
a mandatory three month
upfront payment for the
plan, as well as sign up
for Device Protection
Existing Celcom postpaid
customers who have
subscribed for more than
12 months are advised to
clear their bill before
subscibing to the
NewPhone plan. They
must also pay RM180, but
no other upfront payment
is required and Device
Protection is optional.


tech world 17

The HP
ENVY 13.

RECENTLY, Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Malaysia announced new premium
PCs that feature exclusive form
factors, sleek industrial designs,
high-resolution displays and audio
by Bang & Olufsen.
HP is now focusing on more
exciting new form factors, leadingedge design and powerful devices.
The new HP devices are about
half the weight, a third of the
height and have about twice
the battery life of their older
counterparts and offer experiences
incomparable to aged devices.
Here is a look at HPs new
premium PCs.
l Detachable PC
For users who prefer a tabletfirst design without a compromise
on productivity, the HP Spectre x2
combines a thin and light tablet
design with the productivity of a
notebook and a superior metal
keyboard for the very best of both
With up to 10 hours of battery
life, the tablet only weighs 850g
and is just 8mm thick. The tablet
with keyboard weighs 1.2kg and is
13.15mm thick, making the HP
Spectre x2 the thinnest two-in-one
PC that HP has ever made.
For productivity, the HP Spectre
x2 comes with a full-sized, 1.5mm
travel keyboard and 120m x 55mm
For a full tablet experience, the
Spectre x2 offers three cameras: a
HP Truevision FHD five-megapixel

front camera for web chats, HP
Truevision HD eight-megapixel
rear camera to take pictures and
shoot videos, and Intel RealSense
Camera R200 to capture and enable
3D experiences.

l Powered by the Dark Side

Inspired by the Galactic Empire,
the Star Wars Special Edition
notebook has a battle-worn
distressed design with Galactic
Empire written in the unique Star
Wars Aurebesh font on the hinge
and iconic images of Stormtroopers

on the keyboard deck.

The Star Wars Special Edition
notebook gets up to seven hours of
battery life and is offered with full
HD in a 15.6-inch diagonal display.
Users have the choice of sixth
generation Intel Core i5 and i7

l Limited edition convertible

HP has updated its most highly
recognised premium convertible
PC, the HP Spectre x360, to deliver
ultra-thin design, long battery life,

fast boot times and great Wi-Fi

The beautiful 13.3-inch diagonal
HP Spectre x360 limited edition
celebrates Bang & Olufsens 90th
The HP Spectre x360 is updated
with 6th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7
processors and with a lightning
fast SSD of up to 256GB, users
have the horsepower and
responsiveness they want to
get things done fast.
Weighing 1.48kg and measuring
15.9mm thick, the HP Spectre x360
with the full HD display will last up
to 12 hours.
Users can expect fluid and
seamless transitions between
notebook mode for work, stand
mode for viewing entertainment,
tent mode for touchscreen
entertainment and tablet mode
for portability.

l Thinnest and lightest

Many users want a traditional
notebook for productivity and
portability.The 13.3-inch diagonal
HP ENVY notebook delivers a thin
and light design with long battery
life and the latest Intel processors
for users to do more, fast.
The notebook has a metal chassis
with a curved profile and elevated
lift hinge to give users a more
stable and comfortable typing and
viewing experience.
The HP TrueVision Webcam
features dual array microphones
with noise cancellation technology,

controlling background noise so

users on both ends of a web chat
will produce crisp, clear sound.

l Play with style

The HP Pavilion Gaming
notebook delivers intense
design, graphics, power and
performance that gamers crave
in an affordable Windows 10
gaming PC.
With the 15.6-inch diagonal HP
Pavilion, users can get the speed
they need even with the most
memory-intensive applications
as the HP Pavilion has up to
16GB of system memory.
n For more information, visit
Get yours now
HPs new premium PCs
are all available now at
the following prices:

HP Spectre x2
HP Star Wars Special
Edition RM3,999
HP Spectre x360
RM4,999 onwards
HP ENVY 13 notebook
RM3,299 onwards
HP Pavilion Gaming
notebook RM3,499


18 tech world

A Swiss
bio-sensing chip
implanted in the
epidermis will
help medical
experts to
medication for

beneath the skin
Humans are still
far from being
full-bodied cyborgs
but medical
experts and
researchers have
found new ways
to implement
technology inside
their body.

IN the 1970s, the Six Million

Dollar Man was a popular
television series about a former
astronaut who had to undergo
intense surgery and was rebuilt
with mechanical parts after he
was severely injured when his
spaceship crashed.
His new body parts gave him
superhuman strength, speed and
other additional powers to fight
evil for the government.
Forty years on, humans are
still far from being full-bodied
cyborgs but medical experts and
researchers have found new
ways to implement technology
inside the human body.
Here are some of the
technological innovations that
have been invented and trialled
to aid humans in the areas of
convenience, safety or health

Easy access

Sounds amazing
Cochlear implants may not be
a new innovation but the
technology has certainly
progressed and become
increasingly popular over the
Unlike hearing aids that
amplify sounds, these electronic
medical devices replace the
function of the damaged inner
ear by providing sounds signals
to the brain, allowing users who
have profound hearing loss to
identify sound direction and
focus on particular sounds in
noisy environments such as
when having a conversation in a
busy restaurant.
A sound processor
worn behind the ear
first captures
sound before
turning it into
digital code and
transmitting the code
to the implant.
The implant then
converts the code into
electrical impulses
and sends them
along the

People with profound hearing loss are now able to hear again
with advanced cochlear implants.

electrode array in the cochlea. The

cochleas hearing nerve finally
sends the impulses to the brain
where it is interpreted as sound.

With the help of the SynCardia
temporary Total Artificial
Heart and its
external Freedom
driver, patients at
risk of dying from

biventricular (both sides) heart

failure are able to move
independently at home instead of
lying in a hospital strapped to a
bulky machine as they wait for a
heart transplant.
The implantable total artificial
heart system, which is designed to
assume the full functions of a
heart, has two tubes exiting the
body and connected to the portable
Freedom machine that delivers
compressed air into the ventricles
to allow blood to be pumped
throughout the body.

Seven hundred employees of a

Swedish office complex called
Epicenter never have to worry
about leaving their office access or
ID cards at home ever again as
they now have round-the-clock
keyless access.
The security feature at the office
block is a tiny chip implanted in
the hand of the employees.
The radio-frequency
identification chip allows the user
to swipe his hand over a traditional
pin code device to gain entry into
the building.
The chip also works as a
business card (tap the phone on
someones hand to get their details)
and allows users to operate the
photocopiers as well as make
purchases at the office cafeteria.

Precise medication
Last year, Swiss research
institute Ecole Polytechnique
Fdrale de Lausanne created a
bio-sensing chip that is capable of

The Syncardia
Total Artificial
Heart assumes
the full functions
of a regular heart.
3D-printed skulls are expected to save more lives in the future.

measuring bloods pH levels,

temperature and metabolismrelated molecules such as glucose,
lactate and cholesterol as well as
drugs when it is implanted under
the skin or somewhere in the
Made up of a circuit with six
sensors, a radio transmission
module and a control unit that
analyses incoming signals, the chip
works together with an external
plaster-like patch that contains a
battery, coil and Bluetooth module
used to send the gathered
information to a mobile phone.
The 1cm2 device is seen as an
important tool for medical experts
as information about the precise
and real-time effects of drugs on
metabolism will help in
personalising medication.

3D skull
Researchers have been
experimenting with 3D printing for
various applications for a number
of years but the technology has
also managed to save lives.
In December 2013, a woman in
the Netherlands who was having
severe headaches due to a
thickening of her skull received a
skull transplant thanks to
dedicated surgeons and a plastic
prosthetic skull that was made
using a 3D printer.
Similar surgeries to replace
different parts of a skull have also
been carried out in the United
States as well as on a three-yearold girl in China.
The little girl, who had
hydrocephalus where her head
grew up to four times the normal
size, received the 3D-printed
titanium alloy skull substitute in a
17-hour-long operation.


tech world 19

Get the smartphone you want

WE are now all accustomed to
having smartphones. These devices
are equipped with various
features and applications that
meet the needs of a 21st century
To stay relevant in an already
saturated and competitive market,
smartphone producers are
constantly innovating their
products to take them one step
As a consumer, choosing the
right phone for you with the right
functionality paired with a suitable
budget can be an arduous process
when there are so many options
out there.
Thankfully, Digis 0% Easy
Payment Plan and no-cash upfront
payment makes it convenient to
own the smartphone that meets
your needs. You can start
maximising the potential of your
Digi Postpaid plan in no time.
Here are some smartphone
options you can consider when you
join Digis 0% Easy Payment Plan:
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
The latest gizmo put out by the
Korean tech giant comes equipped
with the Android 6.0.1
Marshmallow operating system
boasting a 5.5-inch QHD Super
AMOLED display.
What really makes the Samsung
Galaxy S7 edge stand out from its
predecessor is the curved screen
that gives maximum display
without making the phone bulky.
The powerful Exynoss 8890
1.6GHz octa-core processor and
a 4GB RAM promise excellent
multitasking capabilities, gaming
and video streaming.
The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
boasts an exquisite picture-taking
capability with a dual-pixel
12-megapixel rear camera with
brighter lens and a fast-focus
capability in addition to a



Galaxy S7

five-megapixel front camera.

Though non-removable, the
3600mAh battery ensures a longer
battery life.
However, the most exciting
aspect is its capless water and dust
resistant (IP68) feature so you do
not have to worry about a waterspill accident.
You can own a Samsung Galaxy
S7 edge for only RM1,889 with Digi
Postpaid 148.
Samsung Note5
If you want a phone that keeps
up with your lifestyle, be it work or
play, then the Samsung Note5 is the
one for you.
Samsung has refined the
features of the Note series in
the Note5, which
enhances user
Even though
Notes are known to
be bulky devices,
the Samsung Note 5
is designed to be
sleeker with back and
front glass finishing,
metal sides and a 5.7inch QHD Super
AMOLED display. It
also comes with
Android 5.1.1 Lollipop,
TouchWiz operating
Known for its efficient
multitasking capability,
the phone comes with an
Exynos 7420 octa-core 64
bit, paired with a 4GB RAM
to handle multiple
applications seamlessly.
The Samsung Galaxy
Note5 does not disappoint
with a flat surface design so
it is easier to hold and its
exceptional handwriting

recognition feature makes using

the trademark S-Pen easy.
The Samsung Note5 comes with
a non-expandable 32GB storage
space and 3,000mAh nonremovable battery.
As for taking pictures, the phone
is equipped with a 16-megapixel
rear camera for improved picture
resolution and comes with phase
detection auto-focus, 4K resolution
as well as slow motion video
capabilities and a five-megapixel
front camera.
With just RM1,479, you can own
your very own Samsung Note5
with Digi Postpaid 148.

Huawei Mate 8.

Samsung A7
Known to be
one of the
best midrange
in the market,
the Samsung
A7 comes with
an elegant
metal body
design and back
and front glass
The phone has a
5.5-inch FHD Super
AMOLED display
and is equipped
with the Android
5.1.1 Lollipop,
TouchWiz operating
Powered by a
Qualcomm Snapdragon
615 1.6GHz octa-core
processor with a 3GB
RAM, the phone
performs well when
running applications and
features in general.
As for storage, the phone
comes with 16GB internal
memory that can be
expanded up to 128GB via
Samsung equips the A7 with a
13-megapixel rear camera and
five-megapixel front
camera for
pictures to
The best
feature of
the Samsung
A7 is the
battery life as
it comes with
a 3,300mAh
battery with a
fast charge
Now you
can get the
Samsung A7 for
just RM869 with
Digi Postpaid
Mate 8
Emerging from
Shenzen, China,
Huawei is making
heads turn with its
latest smartphone, the Huawei
Mate 8.
For those of you who love large
screens on your phone, you are in
luck. The Huawei Mate 8 comes
with six-inch FHD screen display
with 1,080p resolution and is
supported with Android 6.0
One of the most impressive
features of the Huawei Mate 8 is
the Huawei Kirin 950 octa-core
processor that offers powerful
performance with lower energy

It is paired with an i5
co-processor that helps to further
reduce power consumption to
approximately 70% without
compromising phone performance.
The phone comes with 32GB
expandable storage up to 128GB
and runs on a 3GB RAM. What
makes the Huawei Mate 8
attractive is the 4,000mAh battery
capacity that promises long-lasting
battery life.
For taking excellent pictures, the
Huawei Mate is equipped with a
16-megapixel rear camera paired
with a dual-tone flash feature, 4x
digital zoom and time-lapse
recording in addition to an eightmegapixel front camera.
Moreover, the Huawei Mate 8
comes with a responsive
fingerprint sensor below the rear
camera as device unlocking
You can now own the Huawei
Mate 8 for just RM1,049 with Digi
Postpaid 148.
Honor 5X
With Huawei breaking into the
mid-range smartphone market,
Honor 5X is out to impress the
competitive playing field with a
stylish metal and plastic encasing
and a fingerprint sensor like its
sister phone, the Huawei Mate 8.
With a 5.5-inch FHD
display with 1,080p
resolution, you have
clear and vibrant
user interface and
viewing quality.
The Honor 5X
runs on Android
5.1 with the EMUI
3.0 and is
powered by
MSM 8939,
paired with
2GB RAM for
The great
thing about
the Honor 5x
is the ability
to expand its
microSD up to 128GB.
The battery capacity of this phone
stands at 3,000mAh and can last
for a days use on average.
The Honor 5X comes with a
13-megapixel rear camera and a
five-megapixel front camera,
which meet the quality for most
smartphones in the mid-range
The real pull factor of this smart
phone is the attractive retail value.
If you are on a budget and are
looking to get a smartphone to
meet your needs, the Honor 5X is
available for RM159 with Digi
Postpaid 148.


20 tech world

Quirky gadgets for

a tech-filled future
TECHNOLOGY is constantly
evolving to make our lives better
and easier and waves of new
useful gadgets are steadily
flooding the market. Some of
these gadgets are complex while

others are simple.

There are some, however, that
are just plain weird. Although
unconventional, these gadgets are
still innovative and useful. Here
are some of these gadgets:

Virtual reality just got more realistic

Virtuix Omni is a multidirectional treadmill that
lets gamers control
movements of their
in-game characters by
actually walking or
running on it.
The machine is specially
designed to be paired with
virtual reality headsets
such as the Oculus Rift.
The headsets simulate
vision and the Virtuix
Omni simulates movement.
The base of the machine
that players run on is bowlshaped. Attached to the
base are a support ring and
a harness to keep you in
place when you run or
walk. The height of the
support ring can be
adjusted to suit the player.
The machine requires

players to wear specially

designed Virtuix Omni
shoes that reduce friction,
allowing for smoother and
unrestricted walking or
running motions.
As with most virtual
reality gaming gadgets, the
Virtuix Omni is designed
for games that are made to
be played in a first-person
point of view.
However, some games
that allow players to switch
from a first-person
perspective to a thirdperson perspective also
work on the Virtuix Omni.
These games include The
Elder Scrolls, Grand Theft
Auto and ARMA. At the
moment, the Virtuix Omni
is only compatible with PC

Mother of all tracking devices

Mother is a monitoring device that lets you track
almost anything, such as the distance you have jogged
or if grandma has taken her pills.
Created by, a French company, Mother is a
Russian doll-like device that you hardwire into your
router at home.
The device acts as a hub for the sensors that come
with Mother, which calls Motion Cookies.
These sensors can be placed on any household item.
The Motion Cookie detects movements,
temperature and weight and sends data to Mother,
which then relays information to an accompanying
app called Pocket Mother, which you can download
on Google Play or the iTunes Store.
Just like a good caregiver, Mother keeps track of all
that goes on in the house. If you would like to keep
track of how much water your child is drinking, just
slap a Motion Cookie on your childs water bottle and
the motion detectors can tell you how often your
child picks up his bottle and drinks the water.

Information at your fingertips

SCiO is a handheld device, no
bigger than your car remote,
that lets you scan physical
objects and retrieve information
regarding that object through an
app on your smartphone.
The gadget makes use of
near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy
technology, scanning and
reading the chemical make-up
of physical objects.
The device then sends the
scanned data to a mobile app
called SCiO Lab, which you can

download on Google Play or

the iTunes Store.
Birthgiver of the product
Consumer Physics claims that
the SCiO is currently able to
retrieve nutritional facts from
food, information of popular
plants and identify capsules
containing medicine and
nutritional supplements.
So how is this useful to
people? Well, you point the
device at your salad, hit the
button and voila, it sends

nutritional facts of each lettuce

and tomato in your salad to the
mobile app.
From there, you can calculate
how much calories you are
consuming for every meal.
This makes watching your
diet a lot easier.
The SCiO constantly builds
on its database of information
when new objects are scanned.
This means that users are
encouraged to scan everything
they see in front of them.

Changing your mood with technology

Have you ever wished that you
could change your mood in an
instant? Well, now you can with
Thync, a wearable device that sends
electrical signals into your brain,
activating pathways that either
calm you down or energise you.
Thync is the product of a team of
neurobiologists and neuroscientists
who wanted to know if they could

change peoples moods in an instant

without the use of chemical
The device works by placing one
end of either a calm strip or
energy strip onto a Thync module
that fits onto the right side of your
head, just above your eyebrow, and
sticking the other end of the strip
onto the back of your neck.

The strip then sends electrical

impulses to your brain, which
either makes you calm or have
more energy, depending on which
strip you use.
Paired with a mobile app of the
same name, you can select between
modes and control the level of
intensity of which the impulse is
sent to your brain.