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Lesson Plan

Title: Dr. Seuss

Grade: K

Curriculum Area: Language Arts and Reading

Time Frame: 2 hours

Developed By: Jennifer D. White

CCGPS Standards
ELAGSEKRL3: With prompting and support, identify characters, settings, and major events.
ELAGSEKRL6: With prompting and support, name the author and illustrator of a story and
define the role of each in telling the story.
ELAGSEKRF2: Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds
a. Recognize and produce rhyming words.
I Can Statements
I can identify the characters of a story.
I can identify the author and illustrator of a story and explain their role in the
telling the story.
I can explain what a pen name is.
I can identify rhyming words.
I can explain the setting of the story.
Segment 1 - Author Study
The students will report to the media center. The media specialist will begin a
discussion on authors and illustrators and their role in telling a story.
The students will be introduced to the author/illustrator, Dr. Seuss, by watching
a BrainPop, Jr. video on the Smartboard.
After the video, the media specialist will lead a discussion on Dr. Seuss use of
a pen name and why he might have wanted to use a pen name. Examples of other
pen names will be provided. A Google Slide will be used as a visual aid.
Segment 2 - Read Aloud
The media specialist will read aloud Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham and Theo
LeSiegs The Tooth Book. The class will be gathered on the floor around the media
specialist to make sure all students can see the pictures from the book.
The media specialist will explain that both books are written by Theodor Seuss
Geisel, but he used a different pen name for each story.
The media specialist will explain to the students the use of rhyming words in
the story. The students have been previously introduced to rhyming words.
After each story, the media specialist will lead a discussion and the students
will verbally recognize the main characters, the setting and the major events of the
story. The students will also identify the author and illustrator.
Students will be asked to recall words from the stories that rhyme. The media

specialist will write the words on the smartboard for students to see.
Segment 3 - Activity
Students will complete a handout. The handout will be divided into 4 boxes.
The student will write their real name at the top of the handout. Next, they will choose
one word from a word bank of 8 words. Four of the words rhyme with each other and
the remaining 4 works rhyme. The word bank will be shown on the smartboard. The
students will write the word they choose in box 1 and draw and color a picture of that
word. In the remaining 3 boxes, the students will write the other 3 words from the
word bank that rhyme with the word they wrote in box 1. They will also draw and color
a picture for each word.
The students will create a pen name for themselves and write it at the bottom
of their handout.
The media specialist will hold up each students artwork and allow the class to
guess who it belongs to based on the pen name.
The media specialist will help the students use an iPad and record each other
holding up their artwork and saying their real name and their pen name. The
recordings will be compiled into an Animoto video for the students to see.
The video will be provided to the teacher so he/she can put it on their class