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11.90 § Standard Instalaton 15.1 Standard installation sequence 5 Standard Installation 5.1 Standard installation sequence In the following installation sequence itis assumed that neither the NC nor PLC section of the control has already been started up. Section 1 (Preconditions and visual inspection) of the Installation Guide must be observed. All cables and modules, in particular all VO modules (6FX 1124-BAA ...), must be inserted or connected. ‘The NC MD and MD bits of importance for the PLC will be dealt with in Section 6.3.2. On first installation it is important to check that the control was supplied from the factory with the option bits set as ordered. If the machine data were deleted or the standard machine data loaded the option bits are also deleted. ‘The installation sequence below is mandatory since the NC and PLC can no longer be clearly differentiated in the case of the SINUMERIK 810 GA3/820 GA3. A°V'" sign is generated as a positive response to functions initiated by means of a softkey. Notes on first installation: 1 Press key and switch on control simultaneously. Keep the key depressed until the OVERALL RESET display appears on the screen. Press "MACH. DATA’ softkey 2.1 Press “CLEAR NC MD" softkey NC MD are cleared 2.2 Press "LOAD NC MD" softkey ‘Standard NC MD are loaded 23 Press “CLEAR PLC MD" softkey PLC MD are cleared 2.4 Press "LOAD PLC MD’ softkey ‘Standard PLC MD are loaded © Siemens AG 1990 Al Rights Reserved 6785.410-00.02 a4 ‘SINUMERIK 810 GA3/E20 GA3 (1A) 5 Standard Instalaton ons 5.1 Standard installation sequence 42 43 62 Recall key, return to basic display Press "NC DATA’ softkey Press "FORMAT USER M." softkey The following data are cleared: = Tool offsets (TO) = Setting data = Input buffer (MIB) parameters = R parameters (local and channel-specific) = Zero offset (20) The user memory is reformatted, depending on NC MD § and 8. ‘Any modification to these two MD only takes effect after the "FORMAT USER M." and "CLEAR PART PR." softkeys have been activated aye system System data memory ub + nemps © vemos 4 (PLOMD 9 PLC memory expansion option) Part wrogen ratory ad memory pentane are Press "CLEAR PR." softkey The part program memory of the NC is cleared, Press "FORMAT AL-TEXT” softkey INC MD 5012 bit 7 is set to "1", the memory is formatted and cleared for the PLC alarm texts (%PCA). Recall key, retum to basic display Press "PLC-INITIAL” softkey © Siemens AG 1990 AlIRights Reserved 6285 .410-00L02 SSINUMERIK 810 GA3IB20 GAS (I) ong 64 62 6 Standard Instaation 15.41 Standard installation sequence Press “CLEAR PLC’ softkey The following data are cleared: = PLC user programs (cyclic and interrupt-driven) Input and output images NCIPLC interface Alltimers, counters, data blocks — If PLC memory expansion option is active, the PLC memory (MD3) is set up. Press "CLEAR FLAGS" = Allflags are cleared key, return to basic display Press "SET UP END PW" softkey The control software triggers POWER ON RESET and then enters NORMAL OPERATION (basic display) Items 2 and 3 are not necessary ifthe NC MD and PLC MD are read in via the V.24 (RS 232C) interface. However, Items 4 to 8 remain mandatory. 9, Activate option for UMS and configurability (\f MADA or PLC program is stored in UMS) and go via POWER ON. Ifthe machine data are contained in the UMS, they can now be loaded from the UMS, into the RAM of the CPU in overall reset mode (Press key) using the "UMS MD" softkey. The following combinations are possible: Clear machine data and then load from the UMS. Load standard values (MD) and load MD from the UMS. (Machine data with value 0 were not stored in the UMS) ‘The MDs are stored in the UMS with the following data group identifiers, 10 NC machine data 11 PLC machine data 12. Drive machine data = The PLC program can be stored in "MC-5 code” in the user memory submodule (UMS) of SINUMERIK 810 GA3/820 GA3. This is done either via the WS 800 NC ‘workstation (from V2.0) or via the PG 675/685 configuring package. Ifthe PLC program is in the UMS, it can be loaded into the machine data submodule with the "LOAD UMS-PRG " softkey. The function "LOAD UMS-PRG” can be executed only once in overall reset mode. © Siemens AG 1990 Al Rights Reserved 6785.410-00.02 53 SSINUMERIK 810 GA3/E20 GAS (1A)