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Konstantin Vassiliev Passacaglia aus "Sonata’ played by Katrin Endrikat 2 arn Ent Publehed on Jun 15,2011 ‘The Sonata or quar is dedicated oth Ukrainian guitarist Roman Viazoveky whe contributed a reat dealt binging ito completion. The work expresses the dificult conraditions inte internal word of @ full of easing feengs and emotions hresolte misdzection, ts saness jy, anety fd wanqulity-n conlation to these ideas, the contemplation ofthe classical vee moverant ature (ofthe sonata orm, where a oreat variety of shades are allrelatedo one paramount idea, creates aunty of form, “This Passacagis the second moverent of hehe, Recorded in Detmols, June 2011 auger aa COMMENTS +19 ‘ta publs comment Rolf Saver 3s ‘Beautful Greetings rom Helland Estebonchurches 4yewsa92 Wel dove, Kati. isa beaut piece. drt know who Konstantin Vassler was before watching your deo, have to sa your guitar playing e wonder to watch anisten to, ‘Tambo up! Krosmes2728 aye ao “That was very beaut pest 7 Fr fo Ea Atopy atin Enda ve at Yale University Kati Enda Live! ERIC CLAPTON Lie a Budokan, ‘Tokyo, 2001 Ful Concer) Se2u7Sevene Narciso Yepes plays Fernando Sor24 Eudes Bare Space azz Alves Comping ‘iz by sane Albi played by atin Eniat (eng sub] 150729 Beast 82ST (u2) Random Pay Dance 1b years old session Kiser plays Vassiev’s snowsrope| ‘The Lutein alan Renaissance (en sub) 150819 cuts ‘Generation SNSO (L181) K Vasaiey Wanderer in Time" ~ free sheet music {eNG)cFriend Weekly Idol Random Dance Pay Cut [Comeback stage] cFiend Me Gustas Ty O11 FE opp La catodral by Augustin Barios ‘Mangos played by Katrin Sssbvews Konstantin Vassily Passacagla (2nd movement