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The Jose Rizal Memorial State University ,Katipunan campus College Of

Education and the Corporate High School department celebrated the Science Month
carrying the theme “Adapting To Diverse Science Culture For Development”. The
celebration was highlighted with an opening program. Prof. Teodoro B. Maribojoc who
acted as the speaker, discussed the theme exhaustively to the students. The program
celebration was highlighted with numerous and varied entertaining numbers. Right after
the program, an array of activities were conducted as such as Quiz Bee ; the Poster
Making Contest; and the Essay Writing Competition. The students really enjoyed
participating all the activities.
The celebration was also highlighted with the Coastal Clean Up Activity at the
Coastal area in Barangay Dos by the College Of Education. The College adopts the
Clean and Green Environmental policy. The nonbiodegradable wastes were segregated
and buried in the sand. Also , the Corporate High School students cleaned the Colege Of
Education Building and its vicinity in preparation for the Science Camp outdoor activities
and games.
The students energetically filled with enthusiasm enjoyed the Treasure Hunting
Activity ; the Logic Games; the Brain Twister Games and all other brain cracking
activities. The games ended up late in the afternoon and prizes were awarded to the
A Tribute of thanks to the Organizers of the Program; to the two advisers of the
Corporate High School and to the Science Instructors of the College.


The corporate High School of Jose Rizal Memorial State University, Katipunan
Campus has ventured to open the First Batch of First Year High School of 50 students for
this Academic Year 2009-2010. . This is the first entrepreneurial venture in the College
of Education in line with the provisions of RA. 8292 to which it caters the numerous
requests of parents from various sectors for their children’s secondary education. .
There two sections opened where the students were grouped heterogeneously.
The Students hailed from Dohinob, Roxas, Punta and nearby barangays of Katipunan.
The two sections of high school students are gifted with talents of hip hop dancers;
superb artistic dancing skills of the girls, the divas of some girls and some are
academically excellent. The students filled enthusiasm and vigorous stamina garnered 2nd
place in the Cheer dance competition during the Sports feast activity last
September,2009. Also, the High School students are adding colors now to the Band.
Indeed, the Corporate High School department serves as the training ground for
the students to be competent and skilled individuals in the future.

The College of Education spearheaded by the Dynamic Dean, Dr. Maria Rio A.
Naguit actively engaged in Coastal Management Program in Manukan and Linay,
Zamboanga del Norte last July,2009. The Municipal Mayor of Manukan also
energetically supported the activity as he emphasized in his speech the vital role of the
fisher folks in mitigating the coastal conditions of the barangays in facing the current
environmental problem of climate change..
Dr. Maria Rio A. Naguit, the current Research Director of JRMSU System, is
actively in pursuits of on-going projects like the “Monitoring Of Nine Marine Reserves
On The Islands Of Camiguin, Aliguay, , Selinog and Siquijor in the Bohol Sea and in
Dapitan City Province Of Zamboanga del Norte “ and the : Ichthyoplankton
Assemblages And Dynamics In The Dipolog Strait In Relation To The Hydrographic
Stations “
Moreover, the energetic dean with Professors Jane T. Aquino and Ma. Dulce C.
Guillena actively engaged the Information drive on HAB (Harmful Algal Bloom) or
Toxic Red Tide Phenomena recently occurring in Sibutad and Rizal, Zamboanga del
Norte , The information dissemination campaign and consultation took place last
October,2009 at Sibutad and Rizal barangay hall well attended by the fisherfolks and
household members. Likewise, last December,2009, information drive on HAB was
conducted at Sibutad National High School And Colegio de Xavier in Rizal, Zamboanga
del Norte. BFAR Central Office Manila officials were the resource speakers . These
were Mr. Valentino Macasaet of FRMD( Fisheries Resource Management Department )
of BFAR ( Bureau Of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources) , Mr. Valeriano Borja of
BFAR- Research Division and Mirriam Foremeloza of BFAR-Research Division . The
meetings were fully attended by college and high school students , faculty and staff of
the college .

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