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Attitude and Disposition Form Reflection

Kara Suckow
Viterbo University E-Portfolio
The qualities listed on the Viterbo Disposition Evaluation form are
those that mold and prepare a student to be a great teacher. As I
completed the evaluation form for myself, I thought about the criteria I
felt I was strong in, and used the other criteria to determine what I still
needed to work on. I attempted to be as honest as possible about my
abilities and my effort. This evaluation gave me the opportunity to
reflect on my attitudes and behaviors will impact my ability to be a
successful teacher.
A few areas where I did not give myself a 4 were organization,
class participation, and in-class performance. I feel that these qualities
go hand in hand. As I have worked through my coursework at Viterbo,
my participation and performance from week to week is not always my
best effort. It has been a challenge to organize my time between
working full time and completing all of my online coursework. This
comes down to my organization skills. While I believe I organize my
time as best as I can, there is always room for improvement. A huge
part of teaching is organization. I will need to organize my time to
prepare for the school day, teach everything I want to get to in a day,
and manage my time collaborating with other educators. If I create an
organized environment in my classroom, the students will follow my

Scoring myself under the classroom procedures and teacher

mindset categories was difficult. I want to think I exceed expectations
in these areas, but the reality is these are very difficult concepts to
master all of the time. When I explain directions or procedures to my
students, I want them to understand what I am talking about it and
start the task independently. The reality with working with students
with special needs is that I may have to explain something multiple
times, and in several different way. I would like to improve on my
modeling skills and differentiation. As a special education provider, it
is difficult to meet the different levels of needs for all of my students,
all of the time. I work with many students with various behavior
challenges, and I do the best I can when those behaviors interfere in
the classroom. I am continuing to learn about classroom management,
and will apply this to my own classroom.
I enjoyed the task of reflection on my attitudes and behaviors,
because it showed me what qualities I am confident in and what I still
need to improve on. Being a great teacher means being a life-long
learner. I plan to work on these qualities and grow throughout the
duration of my teaching career.