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Appendix 1


Year Level: PP Time: 9:30am

Date: Week 7 Wednesday

Learning Area:

Students Prior Knowledge:

Students have some prior knowledge on what initial
sounds are and how to sound out and write words with
that initial sound.

Strand/Topic from the Australian Curriculum

General Capabilities (that may potentially be covered in the lesson)
Critical and

creative thinking


Personal and


Cross-curriculum priorities (may be addressed in the lesson)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
histories and cultures
Proficiencies:(Mathematics only)

Asia and Australias engagement with Asia


Lesson Objectives (i.e. anticipated outcomes of this lesson, in point form beginning with an action verb)
As a result of this lesson, students will be able to:
Segment sentences into individual words and orally blend and segment onset and rime in
single syllable spoken words, and isolate, blend and manipulate phonemes in single syllable
words (ACELA1819)
Teachers Prior Preparation/Organisation:
Download App
Download Popplet
Source Video
Create Initial sound match

Provision for students at educational risk:

Students in this class havent had much
experience with iPad, so they will need
guidance will their use.
Sumo has a lazy eye and fidgets. It would be
best to make sure he is up the front when
instructions are given, so you can make sure
he is concentrated on the task at hand.
Diverse Learning Levels- Need to make sure
all tasks can be adjusted to challenge students
at an appropriate level for each student.

LESSON EVALUATION (to be completed AFTER the lesson)

Assessment of Lesson Objective and Suggestions for Improvement:

After completing the presentation of our pre-primary ICT lesson plan on Wednesday the 23rd of
March at Fremantle primary school, there are quite a few improvements we believe can be made
to our lesson to ensure the objectives for the lesson will be met.
Elements to improve on:
Another activity not on the IPad (integration of other ICT's)
Better apps, e.g. students found it difficult to use explain everything
A better planned intro and conclusion
Children found it hard to grasp the concept of hand writing in the Popplet App.
In future students should be taught how to use the Popplet App extensively before
completing an activity with it.
Teacher self-reflection and self-evaluation:

Things that went well:

Videos were engaging, children willing to participate and enjoyed them
For the most part students seemed engaged in the small group activities
[OFFICIAL USE ONLY] Comments by classroom teacher, HOPP, supervisor:

LESSON DELIVERY (attach worksheets, examples, marking key, etc, as relevant)

9:30 am

Motivation and Introduction:

Students will be seated on the mat by their classroom teacher,

waiting for us to begin our lesson.
To introduce the topic the educators from Notre Dame will ask
students questions such as: what is an initial sound?
Students may not be able to give a definite answer so the educators
are required to give a definition for the students.
As motivation and to help students understand the task at hand
they will be shown a YouTube clip about initial sounds.
Once the video is finished explain to students that now that they
know what some initial sounds are it is time to use their brains.
An explanation of what is going to happen when they are split into
groups needs to be given before moving them off. Both groups are
required to explain.
Split class into two groups as you please.
Move one group off at a time.


Lesson Steps (Lesson content, structure, strategies & Key Questions):


Before once ago splitting students into groups of two, students will
participate in a whole group activity. This activity will be carried out with the
use of the interactive whiteboard.
Students will be given photos of objects and different initial sounds.
They are required as a group to take turns dragging the photo of the
object to the initial sound that the object starts with. E.g. Photo of a
dog, drag to the initial sound D.
If the interactive whiteboard isnt operating the teacher can drag the
photo to the sound on the computer.
Students will then once again be split into two groups.
One group will start with the Popplet app and the others will begin
with the interactive app.

Group 1

This group will be working with

the app Popplet.
Students will be placed in pairs
with an iPad to share. Students
will be given a chance to pick
their partners but educators may
need to step in to make sure no
one gets left out.
Each group will be given an
initial sound and be instructed to
come up with as many words as
possible that start with this sound.
To extend the students learning,
students will be required to hand
write the words and draw a
picture for the word.
Educators will walk around
helping and guiding students
when they are stuck.

Group 2
This group will be working with
an interactive app on the iPad.
This is a free-lance activity for
students to scaffold their learning
in a fun and amusing way.
Educators will be at hand to help
keep students on task and to
assess their learning.
After having a good go at the
App, students are to then screen
shot initial sounds of their choice.
Students are then to add the
screenshot into the Explain
Everything App and explain a
word that starts with this sound.
If time permits, students can then
create a PicCollage image of their

After 20 minutes groups will be switched over. Before moving them to the
next group they will be shown a video clip to re-focus and energize their
attention. Once both groups have had ago at both different activities they
will be brought together to discuss their findings.


Lesson Closure:(Review lesson objectives with students)

To close the lesson we will bring both our groups together by using
stop look and listen. We will then get them to talk about what
different words they did and maybe a different activity they did on
the iPad that they found interesting.
As the other group will be concluding our lesson we will then
transition our students back to the mat one group at a time. So we
may get the students that used the iPads app last to move to the
mat first, then the students that used Popplet to go next.
Transition: (What needs to happen prior to the next lesson?)
Students in this class have a routine of packing away their mat
reflection and then moving off to recess at this time in the morning.
To transition students the educators will pass the students attention
back to their classroom teacher who will instruct them correctly on
how to move off to recess.
Assessment: (Were the lesson objectives met? How will these be judged?)
For a form of assessment the educators will take notes on how
students went with all the activities as a way for them to reflect on
future presentations.