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Recreate 2. Create a set of 3. BIRCH TREES!

the cover of three small cards Place tape on your
for any occasion paper both thin and
your favourite containing sayings or thick strips. Paint the
using background (sky and


Water color
Paint several small
pieces of paper one
color per piece. Once
dry, rip these papers
into smaller pieces and
reassemble them into
an image.


Create your
very own ARTIST
Trading CARDS!
Cut small pieces of
paper (2x3 inch) and
paint them to
represent you. Sign
them! Trade them if
you wish.

various techniques.

land or other objects).

Let this dry. Take the
tape off and add the
details of a birch tree.

5. GLUE art!

6. Still life

Draw a picture of an
object on paper using
liquid glue. Set this
aside and let dry. Once
its dry you can paint
your background.

Water color
Pick a single item (such
as a piece of fruit or
vase with flowers) and
paint only that on the
page. Create a
background of
soft/subtle colors.

9. Experiment
with 3D
Be creative and SHAPES.
experiment with Create random
arrangements of 3D
color, objects
shapes and paint them
and techniques. with the hue, tint, tone
and shades of a color.