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Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

The lesson plan for third grade pronouns demonstrates Component 1b:
Demonstrating knowledge of students, 1c: Setting instructional outcomes,
and 1d: Demonstrating knowledge of resources. First, component 1b:
Demonstrating knowledge of students was displayed. It is crucial to
understand your students as people, and as learners. I used the students
excited energy about the holidays to grab their attention for my lesson. The
song Pronoun Bells captured the students attention and they loved singing
this educational song. Additionally, I knew that these third graders were
familiar with pronouns and that this song would be a review to trigger their
prior knowledge before starting the pronoun lesson. Knowledge of the
students abilities also enabled me to target what the students already knew,
and build upon it through my lesson.
Next, component 1c: Setting instructional outcomes was evident in the
objectives set in my lesson plan. I displayed the objectives for the lesson on
the Promethean board so that the students were clearly aware of what they
would be responsible for learning, and what I would be responsible for
teaching. I checked on these objectives using an exit ticket at the end of the
lesson. For this exit ticket, the students had to write three sentences on an
index card using the three forms of there, theyre, and their and hand in their
index card before exiting the room for math class. This quick formative
assessment provided me with feedback of how well I was able to
communicate the objectives to the students and to see what they had

learned. Setting instructional outcomes is important for both the teacher and
the students.
Third, component 1d: Demonstrating knowledge of resources was
apparent in this lesson. I used many of the resources available to me
including the Promethean Board, Promethean activity revealer, student white
boards and markers, TeachersPayTeachers, and YouTube videos. Using the
Promethean board and revealer allowed me to create an activity where the
students would only be able to see the question they were being asked upon
the teacher revealing it. They used their personal white boards and markers
to be interactive learners throughout the lesson. When I would reveal a
sentence with the missing form of there the students would quickly write
the correct form on their white boards and hold them in the air. I used the
website TeachersPayTeachers to find the Pronoun Bells song as a free
download for my class to use. Finally, I utilized YouTube for the Schoolhouse
Rock grammar videos as an introduction to the pronoun lesson. Using these
three components demonstrated how I planned to use the available
resources, was knowledge of the students in the class, and set instructional
outcomes to prepare a cohesive lesson plan.