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Virtues: Courage, Endurance, Loyalty, Valor

Note: This page translated by Google, so if it doesn't make sense grammatically, blame them.

The Ghaulish Gods

ALIAS: Andrasta, Arduina
Description: Warrior goddess whose name could mean proud "Big Dipper" Andarta also presides over hunting. It
represents intelligence in battle, and those who venerate are known to favor the brute force tactics.
In the past, Andarta rode among the tribes to teach them the art of hunting and skirmish. His eyes are those of a
predator, always on the lookout. His powerful charisma inspires both awe and fear. Whatever the group in which it
operates, it is clear that she is the "alpha male." Cold and merciless, it does not forgive cowardice. Perfect embodiment
of the warrior, she has nothing but contempt for the weak, but paradoxically, it will always defend those who can not do
it themselves, while expressing their disgust. Great traveler, she enjoys the comfort of the palace. By cons, it has no
sanctuary, nature's pushing it to move constantly in search of battles (this is the only deity Nemetondevos have never
really left the world of mortals).
Today, she runs one of the agencies bounty hunters and the most sought mercenaries. She does not hesitate to book
the most difficult "targets" and many of them are actually scions (passed in the camp of the Titans or not). And when
these scions Dodekatheon belong to the bounty hunter does not hesitate to be assassin, jeopardizing the fragile truce
between the two pantheons. Andarta has the instinct of a predator. Hunting like fighting are two vital activities for her
and woe betide anyone who crosses his path when it did not draw blood for a long time!
His children have the same instinct and many people find them uncomfortable presence. If other scions are not
particularly sensitive, human quickly feel uncomfortable, which is why the scions of Andarta are solitary, like their
mother. They usually carry Professions hitman, mercenary or private detective. They also feel the need to travel and
cannot reside in the same place more than two or three years.
Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Manipulation, Epic Perception, Epic Wits, Darkness, Moon, War, Deuogdonio
Abilities: Awareness, Command, Marksmanship, Melee, Survival, Thrown
Rivals: Camulos, Cernunnos; Ares, Artemis, Athena, Sobek, Tezcatlipoca, Thor

Description: Benelos, Master power, embodies the beauty, the arts and medicine. Light in a nocturnal world God
enlightens the evil darkness guide humanity.
Belenos often changes appearance. Sometimes young and handsome, he is an accomplished artist. Sometimes old, he is
the doctor and wise. Sometimes it appears in the guise of a beautiful
woman and inspires love. Finally, he sometimes manifest itself in a humanoid form, made of soft and comforting light. It
is in this guise that often accompanies men dying from non-violent death to the afterlife, straight Sukellos sanctuary
where they will be judged.
It is one of the most popular deities of Nemetondevos. It is also one of the few totally peaceful gods of the pantheon.
Belenos this is where people suffer. They need care or recon box, he is always there to praise the courage and hope to
the men. It encourages artistic creation and expression. It is thanks to him that the little Gallic culture that we know has
been through time. It is also the basis of the truce between the Dodekatheon and Nemetondevos.

Currently, he has joint the professions of doctor, sculptor, jeweler, top model, actor, singer and carried-sateur. Its
appearance varies between that of a man or a woman in the early thirties and very beautiful. Always dressed with
clothes of high quality despite his humble attitude, Benelos (or Belisama in its feminine form) is the perfect embodiment
of beauty, goodness and love between men. As a physician, he is known to have practiced in the world, with major
humanitarian organizations.
Scions of Benelos share his taste for peace, but the situation with the Titans sometimes requires drastic measures. Using
their donations to repair the harm done by the darkspawn, these scions are capable of amazing acts of violence when
the situation requires. And then they express no remorse
Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Epic Charisma, Epic Intelligence, Health, Prophecy, Sun, Deuogdonio
Abilities: Academics, Art, Craft, Empathy, Medicine, Presence
Rivals: Andarta, Camulos; Apollo, Ares, Huitzilopochtli, Kalfu, Set, Susano-o, Vidar

Description: God of war celebrated throughout Gaul and whose name means "Champion", Camulos is also a computer
and manipulating god. It was he who taught his people the art of military strategy and does not accept failure. For him,
the defeat can only end with the death of the vanquished. This is why suicide was common among the Gallic warriors,
they wash their failure with their own blood or accompany their lord in death (see box The Customer and Destiny, page
Camulos has the appearance of a strong man in the prime of life, his face is covered with many scars, barely hidden
behind long hair and heavy black beard. His body has not been spared and bears the traces of many battles he has
undertaken. As Andarta, Camulos harbors a deep resentment against the deities Dodekatheon, they have participated in
undo his favorite son, Camu-logne, at the Battle of Lutetia that preceded the fall of Alesia and reporting the entire
His talents manipulator allow it to impose war as the obvious solution to all disputes. According to him, the slightest
affront must be washed in the blood and the strong should rule the weak.
Nowadays, we can see walking the battlefields in the role of a great general or speak as a minister of the armed threat
and ready to go to war country. Sometimes it is one that stirs old grudges between two sides reached an uneasy truce.
Camulos is also gifted to trigger conflicts to resolve them in a deluge of violence and fury.
His scions perform the roles of commander, double agent or terrorist. After all, the best way to eliminate two enemies is
to go against each other and Camulos has mastered the art of sowing chaos.
Associated Powers: Epic Manipulation, Epic Stamina, Epic Strength, Chaos, War, Deuogdonio
Abilities: Brawl, Command, Fortitude, Melee, Presence, Thrown
Rivals: Andarta, Belenos; Athena, Hachiman, Ogoun, Quetzalcoatl, Thor

Description: the "Great Horned" is one of the oldest gods of the pantheon, if not the oldest. Lord of wild animals, it
embodies the power and pride. Solitary deity, Cernunnos dedicated hatred Esus millennium, it has attracted the beloved
god of deer. The appearance of Cernunnos is that of a tall, powerfully built man despite his advanced age. His body is
covered with thick hair, and his bald head, spring similar to those of a deer majestic wood. It sports a huge wreath of
gold and silver around the neck.
He is the god behind the Druidic thought, the harmony between man, nature and the universe. No secret in the world is
unknown to him and he provides some of the most important prophecies. It may be he who, in bringing Magic has
entangled the Nemetondevos Nodes in the eternal destiny. It was also he who had developed the field Deuogdonio from
his knowledge of magic to take advantage of woven around his people links and other mortals.

Just like Epona, Cernunnos rarely mingles with mortals, preferring to remain in the sanctuary of the lower kingdom
Dubnolissos. It sometimes appears in particularly powerful visions obtained by Wiccan priestesses in ancient rites and
unites them. It is also known to appear in person to all his children, but such visitation can break their spirit and few
scions of Cernunnos able to understand the power of universal chaos that allows them to apercesee a fraction of second in his pupils as dark as darkness which emerged the World.
Scions of Cernunnos are considered at best as the original, at worst fools. But most are illuminated with a strange look,
as if they were able to discern people's souls. Custodians of a great occult knowledge, they practice at least one of the
three special areas (Magic, Mystery or Prophecy.)
As rare as it is mysterious, these scions are messengers of the word of gods. The most direct sects reviving ancient rituals
inherited from paganism or have strange establishments selling books and ingredients to practice magic (preferably
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Perception, Epic Stamina, Epic Strength, Animal (deer, snake), Chaos, Fertility,
Earth, Magic, Mystery, Prophecy, Deuogdonio
Abilities: Animal Ken, Awareness, Brawl, Occult, Presence, Survival
Rivals: Andarta, Esus, Teutates; Artemis, Baron Samedi, Hachiman, Loki, Osiris, Sobek, Xipe Totec

Description: Goddess of riders, Epona is inseparable from the animal that it is bound and which it gives its name to the
horse (deposited in Gaul). Its appearance is that of a beautiful young woman with dark tanned skin, very long and thick
hair, almost caressing the ground and hide his naked body part. Initially associated with the myth of the virgin goddess,
his inability to take scions (see Box All scions of Nemetondevos do they reincarnate?) Has led to having to select some
partners mascu-dren to practice the act of flesh and and strengthen the ranks of Nemetondevos. Unsurprisingly, his
scions are the rarest are all pantheons combined. Be chosen by Epona to give him a child is much more than an honor, it
is one of the few acts that can make a human into legend and the lucky ones can almost be counted on the fingers of
one hand through history. Fortunately, Epona always gives birth to triplets (a very rare case in the gods and it would be a
special sign of fate that would give the children a sense of Epona in the marking of the Trinity, but no one knows why).
That is why there are rarely more than three scions for the goddess at a given time. And all three are brothers and / or
The goddess does not like to mingle with mortals, but it taught them to be one with the horse (it does not recognize as a
gift from Poseidon contrary to what he may claim). The Gauls were among the best riders of antiquity and, not
surprisingly, their basic training consisted of three mounted warriors (the trimarkisia). There is no doubt that this is the
work of reduced first triplets Epona, their mother also has a say on war strategy military training. Rarely present among
mortals, the goddess regularly travels the world in the guise of a cavalier fierce amount as
fast as a human steed (or tip) is seen.
The Epona scions are very good riders and they excel in the management of land vehicles in general, motorbikes and
cars in mind. They perform the role of messenger and are excellent fighters and tacticians. All modern scions of Epona
have at least one "red sports car", fast and difficult to tame, like the prancing horse badge adorning the famous brand.
Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Perception, Epic Stamina, Animal (Horse), Psychopomp, War, Deuogdonio
Abilities: Animal Ken, Athletics, Command, Control, Fortitude, Melee
Rivals: Nantosuelta; Artemis, Poseidon, Tlazolteotl

Description: Esus, whose name is a direct reference to the term "Godhead" or could simply be translated as "The Good"
is one of the most powerful and ancient Gallic gods. He presides over the creation of the forces of life and destroyed
when something (including nations), it is better to revive. His powerful body seems to draw strength from the soil and its

size is impressive, even for a god. It has the appearance of a muscular man in the full vigor of life. Although it is not an
exceptional beauty, the creative force and brutal that emanates from his being easily grown women (and goddesses) to
him (but to his great regret, Epona seems indifferent to its charm). Esus is driven by a powerful instinct, almost animal,
to practice the act of flesh (including with companions of other deities, as Cernunnos). And it goes without saying that its
scions are among the most numerous. One of the lesser known aspects of Esus is also the most feared: its destructive
side. If he feels that something must go to make room for a new work, he uses every means at its disposal to shave the
field before rebuild. Thus, the genocides it is not unknown.
Esus loves to live among humans. He appreciates the architectural trades, demolitions expert, doctor obstetric cian,
lumberjack, botanist or commander of the nuclear submarine (rare job if any). It would have also attended many sperm
banks around the world, quick and effective way to spread his divine seed. Of course, such a spread of scions are not
recognized by their fathers' business especially the Titans who never fail to recruit them. A fact which forced Esus to
stop his frenzy some reproductive matrix and practice many Visitations recently (even "eliminate" some of his offspring,
considered imperfect).
The Esus scions are living good and women especially appreciate their company. However, their access to regular
destructive rage are feared by all and many are reluctant to invite them to a night of drinking. In these troubled times,
their role is to rebuild what was destroyed by the Titans and darkspawn. They must also ensure the survival of the
human race fighting against famine or by developing the medicinal use of plants in countries with no access to
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Manipulation, Epic Stamina, Epic Strength, Epic Wits, Animal (boar, bull), Earth,
Fertility, Health, Water, Deuogdonio
Abilities: Awareness, Command, Integrity, Occult, Presence, Science
Rivals: Cernunnos, Taranis; Amaterasu, Damballa, Freyr, Geb, Odin, Osiris, Set, Tlazolteotl, Zeus

Description: scary god Gobnhios is the divine blacksmith Gaul (Goben means blacksmith). It is to him that we owe the
chainmail (only armor to fight effectively on horseback) and development of two-wheeled chariot. Their spears and
swords (which are elongated cool to be able to hit size rather than simply thrusting) are among the most devastating
weapons of the time. Finally, the large oval-shaped shield behind which it was possible to hide, allowed them to develop
defensive tactics not so different from those of the Romans.
Medium size, stocky and incredibly muscular, has Gobnhios as black as coal and his eyes the color of a white-hot iron
skin. Very talkative, he spends his time forging weapons for the gods and their offspring. It is to him that almost all the
relics offered to scions of the pantheon must. This is why they do not have nearly the latest technology. You rarely find
among these relics of cell phones, handheld or other firearms. In fact, if the object does not exist there are two
thousand years, there is very little chance that a relic of this type exists.
Although rarely leaves his forge, Gobnhios does not hesitate to spend more and more time in the world in the guise of a
robust man of few words and preferably shirtless (a simple worker most of the time ). He observes the new technologies
and, most importantly, new materials for forging weapons and armor lighter and stronger "than the good old days." If
the steel was a real revelation for Gobnhios is nanotechnology that cur-rently fascinating, although there is not much
understanding for the moment. With a little patience, his scions catch up with those of other pantheons in a few years.
But no need to be alarmed because if weapons Gobnhios are a bit outdated, it still feels perfectly fill their role kill.
Scions of Gobnhios mission is to unlock the secrets of modern science to improve the arsenal available to relics
Nemetondevos. They perform many jobs, all related to research or mechanical edge. During their free time, they create
some of the most popular items at present, combining advanced technology with ease of use and exemplary design. One
of their greatest achievements, for the general public, is known to iPom, MP3 player comes in several styles and colors.
Their goal: to simplify the technology to make everyone especially the military.
Associated Powers: Epic Intelligence, Epic Strength, Epic Stamina, Earth, Fire, Deuogdonio
Abilities: Craft, Fortitude, Integrity, Melee, Science, Thrown
Rivals: Belenos; Freya, Hephaestus, Ogoun, Ptah, Susano-o, Tlazolteotl

Description: The wife of the god Sukellos symbolizes the mother, protector of the home. Its name means "valley ensoleille." It relieves the pain of women in childbirth, heal ailments of children, to ensure that families have at least food
on the table and the fire still burns a comforting fire. His features are those of a woman aging but divinely beautiful. She
is both a mother and wife. Her hair the color of fire, ranging from the blond and red. His chest is generous and wide hips.
It embodies femininity in all its splendor and inspires men to protect what they hold most dear: their country, their
wives and children.
Although an apparent sweetness, Nantosuelta is capable of entering into a rage when she defends is in danger. It has
happened manifested himself to protect villages threatened with extermination in some countries the barbaric customs.
It can cross the skin of a lawyer defending the rights of a family evicted from their home. It was also seen to lead teams
from help dig wells in some arid regions. Sometimes she teaches childbirth without pain or distributes soup.
Scions of Nantosuelta were never alone. Even though they spent their childhood without knowing their mother, they
could grow up in a loving family, it is blended (with their father) or adoptive. Throughout their childhood, they regularly
cross this nice neighbor, the teacher who cares about their future, this friend always ready to support the unknown or
who has given them the right advice at the right time. All these women are being other than their own mother, watching
over them, until they Visitation.
Few scions like their divine parent as well as children Nantosuelta. And the relationship is reciprocal. The goddess
sometimes encourages his children too, covering privileges. It may also refuse to send a mission when it is too
dangerous. This is why, as eternal youth, the scions Nantosuelta must sometimes assume their independence struggle
against the Titans, to the chagrin of their mother, who nevertheless understands that war is inevitable. But, not being
great fighters, these scions offer primarily their support to the poor, giving them fed-ture, comfort and protection. So
most working within humanitarian organizations or social services.
Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Animal (bee), Fertility, Guardian, Health, Sun, Deuogdonio
Abilities: Art, Craft, Command, Empathy, Politics, Presence
Rivals: Cernunnos, Epona; Amaterasu, Erzulie, Hera, Isis, Sif, Tlazolteotl

Description: The "Good hitter," the husband of Nantosuelta the fertile goddess, god will welcome the dead and
participles in the immortality of the soul by offering wine from divine its barrel (remember in passing that the barrel was
invented by the Gauls, masters of metalworking and wood). Its appearance is that of a middle-aged man with long
brown hair beard. He wears a kind of mallet (on whose head is symbolized a corvid), symbol of life and death, and is
accompanied by many crows (these birds are known to take the souls of dead warriors on the battlefield into the
afterlife). Sukellos is not strictly speaking a god of death, but rather a god of transition, marking the passage from life to
death (and accompanying judging the souls in his own sanctuary or in the sanctuary of the god that best fits their past
existence, such Teutates for artisans, Camulos for warriors, etc..). He also establish justice among men and his judgment
is sometimes cruel, but always fair. As the god of fertility, it helps to crops and mainly the cultivation of the vine and
barley (to make ceruesia or ale). The consumption of mead (made from honey bees, insect related Nantosuelta) is also
common. Sukellos promotes drunkenness (allowing the mind to escape for a moment) and it is to him that we owe the
watered banquets after the great battles.
In our World, Sukellos is almost always dressed in a modest bill, briefcase in hand. He is a skilled vintner, an employee of
the funeral home helping the family to mourn or recognized for the correctness of his sentences judge. Whatever his
role, he invariably ends his work day at the bar in front, talking about everything and nothing with customers drinking a
few glasses of wine and beer.
Scions of Sukellos have a comforting presence to those who have lost a loved one. They always wind hole the right
words to ease the pain and get people bereaved "in the direction of travel." So much the better if it has to go through a

baked good in memory of the deceased. These scions also devote a

disproportionate for those who do not respect human life hatred. In the role of lawyers (defending the victims), they
always get a fair sentence. In the role of judges, this sentence will always death (or life). And woe to him who was
judged by such a tip when he set foot in the World lower than, as his executioner is waiting to execute the ultimate
award and ensure that the soul no longer wants to proceed. As soldiers working to protect the world, they always
respect their opponents, even if they send in the afterlife once and for all and without flinching at all.
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Intelligence, Animal (crow), Death, Fertility, Justice, Psychopomp, Deuogdonio
Abilities: Awareness, Command, Integrity, Investigation, Politics, Presence
Rivals: Camulos, Cernunnos, Esus; Hades, Hel, Izanami, Mictlantecuhtli, Osiris, Vidar

Description: Taranis, the "Thunderer" is probably the most powerful Nemetondevos. He commands the heavens,
whether lightning, moon or even the stars, everything above it belongs (at least that's what he thinks and nobody went
to contradict). He is the god of the seasons, day and night. It is rumored that forcould control the course of time and it is perhaps for this reason that Fate struck for eternity, he and his pantheon to
bind more than any other to unchanging cycle of the universe. Taranis is a great and powerful man. Although rather
young appearance (early thirties), his beard and hair are white. It always appears with a Ferris wheel behind
(symbolizing the passage of days and seasons, as well as the universe as a whole) and a scepter in his right hand,
surrounded by a snake and topped by an eagle, reflecting ancestry - challenged - on the other Nemetondevos (although
qu'sus him down a peg could one day).
When he deigns to walk among mortals, it is always under the guise of an influential man, a king, an eccentric
multimillionaire, a media superstar. Its appearance is paramount and is always dressed in finery corresponding to the
culture in which it operates. No one knows his purpose, not even his children he sees as mere servants, but the only
really fit to serve.
Scions of Taranis have a heightened sense of order and justice. Woe to him who violated a single rule as a scion of
Taranis could handle (very) seriously its case. They are lawyers, bailiffs, tax inspectors, representatives of law
enforcement or defenders of morality, they do not make a gift to
those who do not follow the rules and immediately put to death does not hesitate to kill literally on them the wrath of
Sometimes they meet strange missions on behalf of their divine father. They seem to go in against-the cosmic order and
some argue that Taranis sometimes tries to rebalance the way the actions generated by fate itself. This would make him
a very dangerous and raving mad god!
Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Manipulation, Epic Strength, Justice, Moon, Sky, Deuogdonio
Abilities: Command, Integrity, Investigation, Occult, Politics, Presence
Rivals: Esus; Loki, Raiden, Shango, Set, Tlaloc, Zeus

Description: "One of the Tribe" is undoubtedly the most important god of the Gallic culture, because without it there is
no culture. He taught men craft (not the art itself, which falls within the area of Benelos), political and, to a lesser extent,
science. He even taught them some tactics in time of war, but only when it came to resist the invader, since Teutates is
not a warlike god, but a creator god, in the cultural sense of the term. It does not have a fixed appearance, but a
multitude, the one constant is that it always appears in the guise of a man. It can be very young or very old, have light or
dark skin, be big or small. The only thing that never changes, except sex, it is his very blue eyes that seem to see through
people and can identify potential still unknown to them. It is sometimes called "the God of a Thousand Faces."
When he went among the peoples of mankind, it is under the guise of a traveler, student lifestyles, many taking notes
and making sketches of realism. Sometimes it is the internationally known photographer who freezes the world from a
new angle. It is the first amateur art gallery which features works from around the world. It is also one that will enact
new laws for the good of all. Teutates know that people are very different and it is impossible that all people live in

harmony. It is this feature that makes the world (and especially fatal) so exciting. It seeks to safeguard the crops while
trying to open minds and to fight against racism and xenophobia. While Benelos is interested in the arts in their current
form, Teutates a passion for primitive art.
Scions of Teutates are artisans, builders, philosophers, politicians, and especially humanists (yes, even politicians). But
woe to those who Repan-tooth hatred or prey on the weak, because their children Teutates reserve a plight turning
their lies against them and making them
aware of all the darkness of their souls.
Associated Powers: Epic Intelligence, Epic Manipulation, Earth, Guardian, Justice, Deuogdonio
Abilities: Art, Craft, Integrity, Investigation, Politics, Science
Rivals: Camulos; Amaterasu, Ares, Dionysus, Erzulie, Horus, Tezcatlipoca, Thoth, Vidar

Nemetondevos Boons
All Purpose Purview Boons
Trimarkisia (War )
Dice Pool: Wits + Command
Cost: 2 Legend
This gift reserved for scions of Nemetondevos (especially the scions of Epona), to create a perfect and deadly trio.
Scion using Trimarkisia chooses - mandatory - two allies, makes a (Wits + Command) roll and uses two points of Legend.
If successful, the three allies can use the "coordinated attack" action (see Scion: Hero, page 192) with the following
advantages: the difficulty of the coordinated assault is only 3 and DV modifier is -0. These three fighters can make this
coordinated attack several times until the end of the combat scene without this boon needing to be reactivated (they
remain bound by an intuitive contact). If a member of the Trimarkisia does not attack (or can not attack), the boon
immediately stops. The target of a coordinated assault Trimarkisia suffers -3 penalty to its DV. Using Trimarkisia requires
a simple reflex action (Difficulty 0, DV -0).

Pantheon Specific Purview

Note: Page translated by Google, blame them for any errors/oddities
Using the links forged around them by fate, the scions of Nemetondevos can channel their affiliate area and create
various effects on human beings which they are linked (human and animal). This area mainly concerns "allies" scions, it
would be a shame to enhance fatebound enemy.
Note that it is impossible to spend Willpower points or Legend (including in order to activate a virtue) to improve or
raise the jets and the epic attributes do not apply. If a critical failure in the use of this area, the consequences can be
unpleasant. The strength Node of Destiny may be affected, as the role of mortal fatebound (trust the imagination
Storyteller) and / or its future. Near the Magic Deuogdonio imposes a terrible limi-tation to scions of divine level that
use: they can not manifest avatar associated with the Magic, and the Mysteries of Prophecy, Wyrd, as described in
Scion: God. In no event will the Destiny does their messenger or instrument they voluntarily turned his back by changing
its frame. Fortunately, Deuogdonio other advantages (or disadvantages depending on conditions): as as scions master its
power, they seem to develop a "resistance" related areas Destiny and to manipulate (Magic) or extract information
(Prophecy and Mysteries). At the Storyteller's discretion, or other areas related to Destiny powers can be affected.
Patronage and Fate
The links forged by Fate around scions of Nemetondevos are numerous and powerful. Gallic nobles were known to be
surrounded by their customers. These men (or customers) submit their existence in the hands of the powerful lords,

their fates are linked to the death. This has a huge impact on the Nodes of Fate that attach more easily around the
scions of the Sacred Sanctuary. Thus, when the scion changes over Destiny and Legend of a jet must be done, the Legend
of the scion is considered a point higher. In addition, all the results of one of the dice are restarted. Example: Catherine
(Legend 3) spends a point of Legend to alter the course of an event and save a little girl from the clutches of a brood.
The Storyteller rolls four dice (the Legend of Catherine + 1) to check if the girl is Fatebound to Catherine. The Storyteller
gets 1, 8, 8 and 10, four success. It revives the one and gets a 9 or a final total of five wins. The child is Fatebound.
Perceive the Fabric of Destiny (Deuogdonio )
Dice Pool: Perception + Occult
Very close to the special talent Recognition infallible, this gift can see Nodes of Destiny surrounding uses and scion who
identify with certainty those linked to it. To do this, he must see the person (including through a TV screen). It can then
use a point of Legend and make a jet (Perception + Occult) for more detailed information. With success, he knows the
strength of the node between them. And with three wins, he knows the role of the lethal (see Scion: Hero, page 226).
Note that it takes five to success that the mortal is an impostor, otherwise its apparent role is detected. Finally, the role
of traitor can never be detected (regardless of the number of successes on the jet) and another part is chosen by the
Storyteller. Treachery is one of the preferred weapons of fate-Rees and his ways are inscrutable.
Use the links of Destiny (Deuogdonio )
Dice Pool: Cost:
When the scion uses special gift from the Animal areas, Guardian Health or a being who he is Fatebound (on condition
that the gift has not intended to affect the target), it still gets a number of dice on additional projects related to the
areas concerned donations equal to the level of Legend halved. It can also give her any "immunity" due to Water, Fire
and Earth domains (Water Breathing, Immunity against fire and Well buried) to one (and only one) Fatebound as he
touches. But it must be done using a point by Legend "immunity" granted. Furthermore, the difficulty to assign a scion
Use the links with Destiny with a Magic spell (positive or negative) increases by 1.
Flesh Armour (Deuogdonio )
Dice Pool: Stamina + Resistance + Stamina Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
The Scion can give a mystical and invisible to one of his mortal Fatebound (human or animal) armor. He must use a
Willpower point and a point of Legend and make a successful (Stamina + Resistance + Stamina) every success for
granting to a deadly armor points absorbing superficial damage, and severe criticism; increase DV of the target by the
same amount and immunize it to dis-capantes injury (see Scion: Hero, pages 199 and 200). This gift is why the Gallic
warriors did not hesitate to charge the enemy bare. The effect lasts until the end of the scene and does not work if the
target already has any defense (including leather garments or "magic" object). Further increase the VD does not prevent
Armor flesh to function normally. Note that the tip can use this gift on several Fatebound at the same time as he can use
the Will and the Legend. Example: Camille uses Armor on two human flesh that are fatebound. It therefore uses 2 points
and 2 points Legend Will launches ten dice (Fortitude 4, Resistance 3 and Endurance 3) and get six wins. The two fatal
receive bonus absorption 6 C, 6 and G 6 S and VD is increased by 6.
The Loss of a Level of Legend
The loss of a level also affects Legend Reserve Key points because it is based on the value of Legend (arrow-lonnant is
from January to December levels) squared. The ultimate authority Deuogdonio have a significant cost, god losing much
of its Legend wanting to overcome Fate.
Actor of his Destiny (Deuogdonio )

Dice Pool: Will

Cost: X Legend
By passing a Will, the scion can transfer (and use) the number of choice points Legend of the reserve to a mortal. The
permanent reserve scion is reduced by the number of points remaining Legend mortal and he can not return as a deadly
still enjoys. These points remain twenty-four hours by success on the Willpower or until they are used (or the mortal
dies), whichever is coming to an end first. These points can be used by Legend mortal to replay a miss or have access to
defensive action (see Scion: Hero, page 122). In addition, as the mortal has a point of Legend in its reservation, it is
considered to have a score of 1 Legend (which allows him to add one die on the jets to resist certain abilities) and is
longer treated as a set (10 count as two successes on its jets, it benefited all levels of care, etc..). Another very strange
effect accompanies this gift: when someone uses mysteries to ask a question about the scion Actor has its destiny, it is
impossible to get a clear answer. Of course, if the scion with actor tries to use his destiny Mysteries and asks a question
that directly affects it can not get a clear answer either.
The price of Life (Deuogdonio )
Dice Pool: Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower + 1 level of serious health fatebound deadly
When the scion will die because of injury, the child God may use a Legend, a Willpower point and be imposed a level of
serious health (they can not tackle) to save him. The mortal is then stabilized disability level, even if just to catch a bus at
full speed with full force (which may surprise some passersby who could swear he saw the victim's body fall apart and
his head burst). Please note that this gift can do nothing against poison, disease or environmental (fire, acid, etc..) That
continue to inflict fatal damage. Unless of course the tip is ready to pay several times the price of this gift until the
Fatebound be sheltered or cared.
Alter the fabric of destiny (Deuogdonio )
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
Cost: 1 Legend X Will
Scion may increase or decrease by one notch strength knot that binds to a mortal (minimum 1, maximum 6). For that, it
must use a Willpower point, a number of points equal to the force Legend Node and make a successful (Manipulation +
Occult) obtaining a number of successes equal to the current strength of Node. This gift can be successfully used only
once on one node of Destiny. In addition, the difficulty affect the scion Tampering with the frame of Destiny with a
Magic spell (positive or negative) now increases by 3.
The scent of Ichor (Deuogdonio )
Dice Pool: Will
Cost: 1-3 1 Legend Will
Scion can give one of his mortal Fatebound few points epic attributes that it has. The mortal can not possess more than
one level in each attribute epic and scion must possess to grant him. To do this, the user of this gift must make a Will
save every success to create a point in the deadly epic attribute (up to a number of points equal to the Legend of the tip
divided by four) . In addition, the scion must use a Willpower point and a number of points equal to the points of Legend
epic attributes transferred. These epic attributes remain for twenty-four hours, and provide access to talent - or effects following (the scion possesses or not): Epic Force (sacred Bond), Epic Dexterity (Feline Grace), Epic Fortitude (Sacred
Resistance) Epic Charisma (Command +2), Epic Manipulation (Deception), Epic Appearance (+2 Presence) Epic Collection
(absolute or Ear Palace end), Epic Intelligence (Engineering Math) Tip epic (Social Chameleon or meditative
concentration ). The Fatebound acquires no score Legend and points epic attributes and talents are the supernatural
manifestation of what the tip is able to feel or do. Example: Eleanor (Legend 9 Tip 4 epic, epic Force 3) uses this gift to
Mary it is fatebound. It uses a Willpower point and makes his jet, getting three hits. She could transfer 3 points epic
attributes (which allows her level of Legend), but she has two different and the maximum level that can be granted to a

mortal is limited to 1. It therefore gives Mary Tip epic one (social chameleon) and Epic Force 1 (sacred Bond), using the
passage of Legend 2 points (one point for each attribute epic point). If Eleanor had owned Epic Intelligence, she could
additional point of Legend to also give a point in this epic attribute to Mary. A second effect accompanies this gift: no
prophecy can be made on a tip with the scent of ichor, unless you get a number of successes at least equal to (Legend
2) Scion in question. This also means that the scion with the scent of ichor suffers the consequences when he wants to
obtain informa-tion about his future with the Prophecy.
Indifference (Deuogdonio )
Dice Pool: Cost: - The tip is no longer affected by the deference mortals that are linked (see Scion: Hero, page 228). This also
applies to the positive effects of deference (such as extra dice on some jets). The only exception is if a friendly
Fatebound (he likes it or not) is in danger and that the tip does not act, he lost a number of Legend points equal to the
strength of the knot that binds, multiplied by Loyalty level in virtue. But it can always spend Legend points thereafter (if
it remains).
Devotio (Deuogdonio )
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
Cost: 1 Willpower + X Legend +
The most powerful special gift allows a Scion divine level to cut some or all nodes of fate that connect it to mortals. Of
course, the cost is enormous. Using a Willpower point, a number of points equal to the cumulative Legend strength of
nodes that bind mortals affected and getting a number of successes at least equal to the strength of the node highest
group of mortals that he wants to target, the scion severs these links, making their "freedom" to those that are
fatebound. The side effect is that the scion immediately loses a level of Legend (he can redeem later with experience
points). Needless to say, a critical failure in the use of this gift will affect cala-seedy, can kill mortals on the spot while
Devotio is generally used to save them to a tragic end. Incidentally, the difficulty affect the scion with Devotio with
Magic spell (positive or negative) increases by 5.
Deny Destiny (Deuogdonio )
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
Cost: 1 Legend X Willpower + Special
Beyond the Devotio, there is this gift. The god deny using Fate replaces it by agreeing to pay the price and incur the huge
risks associated with them.
Using a Willpower point, a number of points equal to the force Legend Node linking it to death, multiplied by ten, and by
passing a jet (Manipula-tion + Occult) against a difficulty equal to the force of this same node, the tip breaks the Node
and choose the "fate" of the target. If the roll succeeds, the scion immediately loses a level of Legend (he can redeem
later with experience points), a divine sacrifice for him to tear the great tapestry of destiny with his own hands and to
recompose the frame. The use of such a gift is often important and somewhat pleasant consequences (in addition to the
loss of Legend) on the tip that uses it. For cons, the mortal is now outside of Fate and can not become a Fatebound. He
can not suffer the pangs of Doom and his life will continue and be completed exactly as agreed by the scion (within
reasonable limits and with the agreement of the Storyteller). Upon his death, the death will be reborn and will be
automatically integrated into the frame of Destiny again. If the targeted Fatebound Fate Nier died (and has a knot
strength 6), it is immediately reincarnated and integrated into the frame of Destiny. Get a critical failure in the use of
this gift destroys both the scion and the mortal. They disappear from the great tapestry forever and no one will
remember them, not even the gods. The ultimate understanding of Destiny also allows the scion with this gift to spend a
Willpower point to cancel the effects of any Magic spell affecting it (and even before it starts to affect) if launched by a
scion with a score lower than his legend.