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Pantaloons Fashion & Retail Limited is an Indian premium clothing retail chain. The first
Pantaloons store was launched in Gariahat, Kolkata in 1997. As of November 2013, there are 76
Pantaloons stores in 44 cities. Pantaloons was previously controlled by the Future Group, but has
now been taken over by Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited (ABNL). According to the Brand Trust
Report 2014, a study conducted by Trust Research Advisory, Pantaloons featured among 100 most
trusted brands in India.
With a chain of 121 fashion stores across 40 cities and towns, Pantaloons is constantly extending
its footprint into the rest of modern India. It spans a retail space of 1.7 million square feet which
is amongst the largest in India.
Pantaloons Fashion & Retail, one of the top clothing brands in the world, is India's fastest growing
premium lifestyle company. With innovative designs, concepts and products, the company brings the
latest trends in fashion and clothing styles to the apparel market.
Pantaloons, previously controlled by the Future Group, is a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail
Pantaloons offers multiple accessories and clothing brands across a spectrum of categories for men,
women and kids. The company provides an incredible and complete one-stop shopping experience to
its buyers through its vast collection of more than 200 prestigious brands for the discerning fashionista.
Pantaloons, with a presence across 59 cities through 122 aesthetically designed large format stores and
26 factory outlets, displays a range of classy and trendy merchandise that truly lives up to Pantaloons
maxim of fresh fashion.
A typical Pantaloons store comprises a brand portfolio that runs across a gamut of styles that spell
class. The collection includes ready-to-wear western and ethnic apparel for men, women and kids,
complemented by an exhaustive range of accessories. The variety of products and brands has helped
propel Pantaloons to become one of the best clothing brands in India.

Apparel, brands and accessories

Pantaloons offers its customers a collection of apparels and accessories from the stables of
globally renowned brands. The private labels for men in western wear include Lombard, Rig,
Bare Denim, Bare Leisure, SF Jeans, Byford, F Factor and JM Sport apart from trendy brands
like Urbana, Scullers, John Miller and Indigo Nation. Akkriti provides a wide selection of ethnic
The womens section houses the private labels Bare Denim, Bare Leisure, Rig, Annabelle,
Honey, and Ajile in western wear, as well as the choicest ethnic wear from RangManch, Trishaa
and Akkriti. Popular brands like Lee Cooper, Biba and W are also available. The formal wear section

offers a range of crisp and well-tailored collection by popular international brands such as Van Heusen,
Allen Solly, Peter England and Louis Philippe.
Kids can choose from private labels like Bare Denim, Bare Leisure, Rig, or indulge in exclusive brands
like Lee Cooper Juniors, Chalk, Poppers, Pink & Blue, and Sach in addition to international brands
like Barbie and Disney. For the ethnic look, they can opt for traditional wear from Akkriti. The
portfolio of brands also includes infant wear by Chirpie Pie.
Pantaloons offers much more than just apparel. Customers can shop from an assortment of watches
from renowned international brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Esprit, Kenneth Cole, Citizen, Timex,
Titan and others.
Trendy sunglasses from Polaroid, Guess, Police, Scott, I Dee and Allen Solly are also available. The
accessories and beauty segments display an attractive collection of ladies handbags from Lavie,
Caprese, Fiorelli and Fastrack. Also available are products from colour cosmetic brands such as
Bourjois, Chambor, Deborah, Faces, Revlon, Maybelline, and Lakm, as well as a wide collection of
exotic fragrances.
In its endeavour to meet the consumers ever-changing fashion needs, Pantaloons has introduced new
brands that include Candies, Alto Moda, Turtle, Spykar, 109F, AND, Chemistry, Global Desi and Giny
& Jony.
Pantaloons is an integral part of the prestigious Aditya Birla Group, a USD 41 billion Indian
multinational company, operating in 36 countries across the globe with over 120,000 employees. Voted
as Indias Most Trusted Apparel Retail Brand in the prestigious Brand Equity Survey 2014,
Pantaloons continues to nurture consumer trust and confidence.
With its overwhelming repertoire of lifestyle apparel brands, the company is focused on growth while
continuing to create fresh fashion. Among some of the top clothing brands in India, Pantaloons is
recognised by its warm personalised service that completes the core proposition of this trendy chain.

Loyalty programme
The Pantaloons Payback Green card, which is a unique loyalty programme, has been designed
exclusively for Pantaloons' customers to enhance customer experience. Presently offered to over
4 million members, the programme entitles members to discounts in terms of points and special
privileges at all Pantaloons stores.
The card has four tiers depending on the year's shopping. As a customer shops, the card upgrades
with increasing privileges and discounts in form of Points.
The benefits covered under Green card include discounts, Payback points, complimentary home
drop of altered garments, relaxed exchange policy, exclusive sale preview, exclusive billing
counters and assisted shopping among others.

Target Market & Price:

Pantaloons sells apparel, footwear and accessories for women, men and children.
Product lines were segmented into these three categories, with further segmentation within the
womens line as it was considered the strongest out of the three, with an overwhelming majority
of women in the target market (78%).
Pantaloonss consumers are young, value conscious and highly sensitive to the latest fashion trends
in the industry. An advantage that the brand has over conventional retailers is that they do not
define and segment their target market by ages resulting in designs and styles that can reach a
broader market.
Pantaloons offers cutting edge fashion at affordable prices by following the most up-to-date
fashion trends and identifying consumers demand, and quickly getting the latest designs into
Pantaloons has successfully built a worldwide famous brand thanks to their premium locations
as well as a unique management system of design, production and supply chains. Unlike other
fashion brands, it takes Pantaloons only 10 to 14 days from the time they design new clothing until
it arrives in stores. This fast fashion concept and operation allow Pantaloons to always provide
the most fashionable clothes to their customers, and the ever-renewed collections definitely help
build brand loyalty.
Although many international fashion companies are perfectly aware of Pantaloonss effective
branding methods, no one has been able to catch up. Pantaloons has built a powerful clothing brand
which should continue to thrive in years to come.

In the fashion segment, they face competition from Shoppers Stop, Vishal Mega Mart, Reliance
Trendz, Trent, Westside and Lifestyle. Though thehypermarket is new only three to four years old
in the country competitionis faced from likes RPG (Spencer's), Trent (Star India Bazaar) and with
Shoppers Stop. Several other outlets which are giving competition to Pantaloon are
Koutons,Charlie outlaw, Cantabil , etc. Another competitor may prove to be a very potential, which
is going to enter in the Indian market, and it is the WALL- MART coming to India, in partnership
with Bharti.


The primary aim of a brand is to bring forward a clear image of what the organization is about
and how it can provide a sustainable competitive advantage. Secondly, it is about the product
range an organisation can offer, complimented by the service and corporate operations that
support the process. A brand is a unique name in the minds of every customer (Mooij, 1998) that
is characterised by a logo that differentiates the goods and services from their competitors.
(Aaker, 1991; Keller, 1998). Most successful brands continuously improve or update their
products to remain competitive or to meet new market demand


Aaker views brand equity as a set of five categories of brand assets and liabilities linked to a
brand that add to or subtract from the value provided by a product or service to a firm and/or to
that firms customers.
These categories of brand assets are:
1. Brand loyalty
2. Brand awareness
3. Perceived quality
4. Brand associations
5. Other proprietary assets such as patents, trademarks, and channel relationships.
According to Aaker, a particularly important concept for building brand equity is brand
identitythe unique set of brand associations that represent what the brand stands for and
promises to customers.
As per Aaker, brand identity as consisting of 12 dimensions organized around 4 perspectives:
1. Brand-as-product (product scope, product attributes, quality/value, uses, users, country
of origin)
2. Brand-as-organization (organizational attributes, local versus global)
3. Brand-as-person (brand personality, brand-customer relationships)
4. Brand-as-symbol (visual imagery/metaphors and brand heritage).
Aaker also conceptualizes brand identity as including a core and an extended identity.
The core identitythe central, timeless essence of the brandis most likely to remain constant as
the brand travels to new markets and products.
The extended identity includes various brand identity elements, organized into cohesive and
meaningful groups.


Pantaloons is the worlds largest fashion retailer in the world today because of its widely known
process innovation. Fast fashion, creativity, flexibility, quality design and rapid turnaround are all
part of its approach to expand internationally at such a fast pace.
Pantaloons stores are usually situated at upscale locations in the worlds largest cities. Its strategy
is to get as close as possible to luxury brands but at the same time maintain its mid-range
affordable prices. Although the apparel may be relatively less expensive compared to designer
goods, Pantaloons has never forsaken the quality and comfort of its completed products.
On top of its operations excellence and good quality designs, Pantaloonss approach to design is
also closely linked to their customers. Its customers, who help to give shape to the ideas and everchanging demands emerging in the fashion industry, direct Pantaloonss strategic fast fashion. The
relationship with its customers is an important channel of information that reflects shoppers
reactions, desires and demands its secret to success lies in feedback given from a wide range of
people from different cultures and generations.
Physique: Basis of the brand | High reactiveness and flexibility, market-oriented
Relationship: Handshake between customer and company | Trusted quality, fair exchange of
Reflection: Customers perception of what brand means | Style, individualism, assurance
Self-Image: What consumer thinks of herself | Confident, trendy, unique
Culture: Country-of-origin, values it stands for | European, international, good relationship with
Personality: What is Pantaloons when it becomes a person | Aggressive yet calm, mature,
confident, beautiful, well-kempt, modest, unpretentious.

Questionnaire for brand image of PANTALOONS effect

This questionnaire (for customers) is to study the brand image of PANTALOONS brand. It is going to be used for
only academic task.



Please tick your answer on the scale from 1 to 5.

1.I am passionate about this brand
2.This brand leads fashion trend
season to season






3.Designers of this brand under -stand

my body size and shape
4.I can count on the products of this
brand always working well
5.I cant find such good quality in any
other brand
6.I have had a good long-term
relationship with this brand
7.I work more so that I can purchase
this brand
8.There is richness to the stories that
this brand tells about itself
9.This brand comes to mind
immediately when I want to purchase
a fashion product
10.This brand is consistently high
11.This brand has an affordable price
12.Wearing this brand helps me create
the image I want
13.This brand provides excellent value
14. The store environment of this
brand appeals to me
15.This brand makes me feel more
confident than other brands do

Questionnaire for Employees

Name of the Official:

Educational Qualification:


Give opinion about services provided in your store:


Quick Service
Variety of services
Less formalities

e) Customer friendly approach

f) Goodwill of the store
g) Nearness to customer
h) Ability to manage

Give opinion about hindrances existing in store:

a) Slow services
b) Over crowding
c) Rigid Formalities
d) No physical infrastructure
e) Location disadvantage






Structured Questionnaire
Respondents: People visiting store.
Sample: 10
According to the data collected from various respondents through structured questionnaire to know
what exactly the brand image of PANTALOONS brand is in the minds of customers. Also, to
know if there is any gap between brand identity and brand image of PANTALOONS brand. 10
respondents comment upon their views regarding the PANTALOONS brand and below are the
findings which we get through responds given by them:

From the starting question itself it was discovered that about 90% of respondants are
passionate about this brand, this shows that people really want to have this brand and
popularity and high as compared to other brands.
Most fashion companies are proud of their fast forward fashion where they attempt to
predict the next seasons trends via fashion shows or similar channels of influence.
Pantaloons, on the other hand, focuses its attention on understanding the fashion items
favoured by its consumers and delivers designs according to consumers wants and needs.
And respondents (more than 7) believe that PANTALOONS leads fashion trend season to
season according to customer demand and likability.
Designers of this brand under -stand my body size and shape and I can count on the
products of this brand always working well, 6 out of 10 respondents agree with this
question which indicates that PANTALOONS customers really understand this brand as
Most of Pantaloons's designs are based on the latest trends and they are ever changing
according to the immediate feedback from customers. Pantaloons employs its service staff
in listening to customers' preferences and reacts very quickly to them. It is only a matter of
weeks before the designs get altered, manufactured and restocked in the stores.
Responds of question 6,7 shows that PANTALOONSS brand image in terms of customer
relation and quality is appropriate as more than 8 respondents agree that they are good in
building long term relation and quality is finest. Also, PANTALOONSs global
establishment also provides an extensive network of shopper-feedback which allows them
to be ahead of competitors in spotting global fashion trends.
As Pantaloons, like its competitor brands, is located in prime retail areas where human
traffic is high. Pantaloons has chosen to locate the stores in the most luxurious spots of the
biggest capitals in the world and also by locating Pantaloons stores in close proximity to
luxury labels, which the brand emulates in the design, process is the method by which
Pantaloons sustains the perception of high quality, fast fashion and it is proved as 8 out 10
respondents agree upon it by answering 14th question.

Respondent does not agree upon the affordable price range as only 5 respondents agree
upon 11th question which is affordable price. This is because people in sub urban area still
not afford PANTALOONS brand as they count it in luxury brand not regular one and also
most of the customers are youngsters who are students so they find it bit expensive brand
to buy.
More than 7 respondents agree that this brand makes them feel confident and with excellent
value which is worth the money they spend as question no.13th and 15th is to know about
this element of brand. Also, a typical Pantaloons customer is one who is young, fashionconscious and value-seeking. He or she is keenly attuned to fashion trends and seeks for
high fashion with a reasonable price tag. They also portray a sense of sophistication,
confidence and impressiveness.

Structured Questionnaire
Respondents: Pantaloons Employees
Sample: 5
According to the data collected from various respondents through structured questionnaire to know
what exactly the brand image of PANTALOONS brand is in the minds of employees. Also, to
know if there is any gap between brand identity and brand image of PANTALOONS brand. 5
respondents comment upon their views regarding the PANTALOONS brand and below are the
findings which we get through responds given by them:

For the first and second question of the services, almost all employees are strongly agreeing
for the quick service and courtesy to the customers.
For the third and fourth question, all employees are agreeing for variety of services and
less formalities.
For customer friendly approach, they are positive towards it and they are strongly agreeing
on it.
For nearness to customer, they are agreeing to it and only few are unsure about it.
For the ability to manage, the employees are vivid about it and they have the best
employees to manage their daily activitites.
For slow services, they strongly disagree with it as they provide their best in the services
with regard to customers.
For over-crowding, they are quite unsure because it depends on the seasonal sales. They to
be neutral in this.
For location disadvantage and rigid formalities, the employees disagree with the question
because it is quite approachable for the customers and there are no rigid formalities.

This research helped us identify following problems where Pantaloon has an immense scope of
1.People were found to be very dissatisfied with the ambience of Pantaloon ascompared to some
other outlets but mostly were satisfied.
of products, Different sizes not available, footwear, and child section needimprovement at Pantal
3.Ladies complaint about jeweler variety is not there, Traditional wear should havemore variety,
and Footwear.
4.Location was one of the main reason which attracted people towards Pantaloon as it was situated
just in the Mall and it took less time for majority of respondents to reach Pantaloon.
5.As Pantaloon deals in discount retailing, it was believed that Pantaloons discount and low prices
were one of the main attractions for people but people feel that the discount is not enough and it
should be more.
6.Some respondents complaint that there should be sitting space for ladies child and old age
people and it was worked out during the project itself.
7.Some respondents demanded book corner should be there. And there should beample staff and
billing counter during sales to handle the huge no. of customers.
8.Parking is also a problem at Pantaloon and some of the customers were dissatisfied with the
parking space at Pantaloon, as it does not provide much parking area to its customers. Customers
of Pantaloon use the parking space provide by that mall only.

Based on the analysis and findings of my research I would like to give following recommendations:
1.Pantaloon needs to improve so that it can accommodate more kinds of products and also provide
space for children coming with their parents to play and have fun so that for them visiting
Pantaloon becomes exciting.
2.Pantaloon should incorporate more variety of products in its basket so that it provides the
convenience of availability of all things under one roof to its customers. Variety of products should
specially be increased in traditional wear for women, Footwear, jewelery, cosmetics and more
varieties in watches. More varieties in sizes in jeans, Shirts.
3.Sitting area should be there for children and old people, so that they can sit while other family
members doing shopping.
4.More computers should be included and number of billing counters should be increased
especially during the festive season and sales, so as to speed up the process of billing and avoid
large queues.
5.If possible more attractive discount and offers should be given in order to attract more customers.
themunderstand the benefits of green card membership, it will strengthen Customer loyalty.
7.Other Recommendations include introduction of a Book corner for the book lovers and making
shopping more joyfull.

So through this detailed study about PANTALOONS brand we can say that there is little gap
between PANTALOONS Brand identity and Brand Image. As we have analyzed that only cost
is the factor which people think is expensive and company says its affordable.
So PANTALOONS need to look upon this factor so that people can have the same
perception about the price, they should start advertise on TV or social media as they set
very low budget for advertisement but for market like INDIA there is need for
advertisement to educate and aware people about this affordable luxury brand.
Some facts about PANTALOONS:
Pantaloons has moderate to high brand awareness in the Singapore market despite its low
advertising policy. This is probably due to its long presence in the retail scene and the choice of
strategic store locations in areas with hig human traffic.
Pantaloonss brand name and eye-catching window displays are the key factors in building
awareness in consumers minds. Both recall and recognition measures are high which goes to
shows that Pantaloons has high salience in customers minds.

In terms of depth of awareness, Pantaloons performs well as it is the top of mind recall when
respondents were asked to name fashion retail outlets. However, competitors brands, such as
Shoppers Stop. were also named, indicating the close associations between these brands in
customers minds.
In terms of breadth of awareness, Pantaloons has high category membership in sophisticated and
trendy wear. If one were to list brands of affordable svelte luxury in Singapore, Pantaloons would
definitely be one of the top few brands listed.
Through a carefully executed policy of comprehensive multi-format experimentation, Pantaloon
has managed to understand and take advantage of the compressed evolution of the organized Indian
retail industry (mentioned earlier) to become the dominant player. As far as industry knowledge,
experience and skill are concerned, Pantaloon with its dream team is looking in good shape. Now
it is facing stiff competition that is financially better-equipped. How it takes advantage of its
existing resources, accesses additional capital and competes with its competitors in a race to
develop an efficient supply-chain will determine the future of the company. While the task is
daunting, Pantaloon has more leeway and an enormous head-start compared to anyone else.
This research report aims to study consumer attitude towards Pantaloon andhighlights its strength
s and weaknesses in order that Pantaloon can fight thecompetition in
a better way.
Pantaloon captures a different market and isgiving competition to big players like Vishal mega
mart and big bazaar.Retail in India is a booming sector nowadays and Pantaloon should try
to benefitmore from it. Recommendations given should be considered by Pantaloon in order
toemerge as a winner in long run.

This research will help Pantaloons to identify their competitors in Ludhiana and above all the
which they
on them.1.Pantaloon gives various discounts and offers. This report will also help inknowing
whether various discounts and offers given by Pantaloons are enough for attracting customers or
not.2.This research will also be helpful in knowing the loyalty of customers towards Pantaloons.
By Green card status we can get an idea about it.3.Very general attributes of customers like visits
per month, importance given to attributes like ambience, parking also become clear.

This project report suffers from following limitations:
1.Questionnaires were filled in evenings, when most of the people are in hurry and they might not
have responded truly to all the questions.
2. Our research is limited to only one store of Pantaloon at Ludhiana and samplesize is of 10
respondents so errors may crop in while generalizing the results.
3. Those who came out of Pantaloon Store after shopping were chosen for getting the
questionnaires filled but they held bulky polyethylene bags due to which they found it difficult to
stand for long and answer the questions.
4. Most of the retail outlets mentioned in our questionnaire may or may not be visited by
respondents; this affected their response to various questions.