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Lesson Plan Nicole Hoffmann

Title: DOL
Subject/Grade Level/ Date(s): ELA / 4th / January 19rd 2016
Time Requirements: 15 minutes
Materials List:

DOL Work Sheet


Type of Lesson: Whole Group, Independent

Connection to Standards:
With guidance and support from peers and adults, develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning,
revising, and editing. (Editing for conventions should demonstrate command of Language standards 13 up
to and including grade 4.) (4.W.5)
HI-4: using capitalization for proper nouns (i.e., names, place names, dates, holidays, languages), titles
(including book and poem titles), and abbreviations.
HI-5: using punctuation for:
sentence endings
semi-colons in a series, introductory clauses, dialogue and direct address
quotation marks for dialogue and titles
colons to punctuate business letter salutations
apostrophes to punctuate contractions and plural possessives.
HI-4: revising a student draft as a class, in small groups and independently with audience and purpose in
mind for:
word choice
sequence of ideas (introduction, body, conclusion)
adding/deleting/ moving supporting details effective transitions
sentence structure (combining/adding/ deleting, complete and varied sentences) using revision tools.
(checklists, rubrics, and reference materials).

Instructional Objective:
Students will be able to edit a two sentences and answer ELA based questions correctly.

Active Instructional Plan: How will you teach your lesson step by step? What will you expect the
students to be doing? What will you/the teacher be doing? Consider including each of the following
within your instructional plan:

Anticipatory Set: First I will have the students put aside their dear time reading books. They will
be told not to get their DOLs just yet and to watch me as I go over the different problems on the
Modeling: I will then go through each of the types of questions being presented to the students.
For the sentences that need corrections I will tell them how many corrections need to be made (this
is a practice my teacher does). At this point I will call each table to go put away their books and
hand out their DOLs.
Questions: If there are any questions such as which is a simile or a metaphor, I will ask the class
what a simile or a metaphor is. This way the students know what they are looking for in the answer.
They will also hear what those vocabulary words are in their own words as opposed to my teacher
definition. I will also allow the class to ask me any questions they may have.
Guided Practice: none.
Independent Practice: Then the students will be given about 5-10 minutes to work on the sheet
alone. When they are done I will allow them to read as they wait for their peers. I will walk around
the classroom to make sure that everyone is staying on task and allow them to ask me any
questions that they may have.
Closure: At this point I will go up to the front of the classroom again and go through each of the
answers with the students. They will be expected to make corrections as we come up with the
correct answers as a class. When we are finished I will call up each of the tables to have me or
Mrs. Harper check their work and then go to their cubbies, put away their DOLs, and get their
writing notebooks to start Weekend News.

During the closure I will ask students to give me the answers either by raising their hand and answering or
having them raise one, two, or three fingers based on which answer they believe is correct. I will also have
the students walk up to me or Mrs. Harper at the end of the lesson to make sure that they completed and
corrected their DOLs at the end of the lesson. At the end of the week I will collect their DOLs again to
make sure they are completed.

Since this is something we do every day, each of the students is pretty well versed in how to do it. For
students who may need more time I will give it to them. Also if I student seems to really be struggling with
that days DOL I also will allow them to talk to their table mates and ask for some help.