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Coming events

Sunday, April 3rd

Missions Dinner & Dessert Auction
Friday, April 8th
7:00 pm
Family Movie Night (Alexander and the

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Saturday, April 23rd

4:00 pm
Villager Choir Concert
Sunday, April 24th
10:00 am
ONE Combined Worship Service
11:00 am
Church wide Family Picnic
Saturday, April 30th
7:30 am
Pasadena Faith In Action Ministry
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on the above events and other activities
here at Asbury.

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Monday - Thursday
8:30 am - 3:30 pm
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Phone: 281-484-4814
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Pastor: Rev. Lindsay


Volume 53, No. 4


March 31, 2016

A Note from Pastor Lindsay

Hey church!
Things that are important to me, I do automatically. I say I love you to
my kids many times every day. I brush my hair, every morning. We pay our
house mortgage every month. I do these things automatically, without thinking,
because making sure my kids know I love them, and having a roof over our
heads, and not looking like a monster when I come out the door in the morning
are top priorities in my life. If its important, it happens automatically.
I want to invite you to consider making your financial giving to God,
here with Asbury, automatic too. Its a way of acknowledging, at a heart level,
that being generous with God is a top priority. Its a way of saying to God, that
when push comes to shove, God is still going to be first.
In worship over the next 3 weeks, youll see a card that says Automate
the Important and youll be reminded of the opportunity to begin giving online
through your Fellowship One profile. If you mark on the card that youre
interested in learning more, well follow up with you with the details. I know that
not everyone is ready to make their giving automatic. It was a big step for Kenton
and me when we made that commitment. Its hard to make that choice in the face
of the what ifs. If youre not at that place, then maybe you can practice online
giving by using your Fellowship One account to schedule a one-time gift. For
those of you who do not do any of your banking online, I thank you for your
continued, regular offerings on Sunday mornings. I also want to say thank you to
those who have responded to the call for an additional $250 per member this
year. We still have a long way to go, but appreciate the progress weve made so
Every day, I sing You are My Sunshine to my boys. Now, its
automatic, I dont have to try to remember the words, I dont wonder whether I
should today or wait till tomorrow. It just springs up out of me naturally. But it
didnt start that way. It started with a decision. My Nana sang that song to me,
and always made me feel special, and I wanted the same for them. In order for it
to get to where I dont have to make a conscious choice, I had to make it a
choice. I hope youll prayerfully consider automating the important when it
comes to what you offer God.

Welcome New Members!

Bennie & Trudy Harvey joined
Asbury on March 6th during the
8:45 am Worship Service.
Bennie and Trudy have been
regular attenders at the 8:45 am
service for a while, and Bennie
is a member of our Chancel
Be sure to welcome them when
you see them!

The Texas Conference Choir

Clinic is held annually in J une at
Lakeview Methodist Conference
Center near Palestine, Tx. This year
the camp is June 6 - 10, 2016.
Campers of all ages will experience
a variety of activities planned
especially for them, beginning with
campers ages 5 yrs. old and
through adults. Partial scholarships
are available for adults and
children, but applications need to
be made soon. The website is
Early Registration deadline is Monday May 2nd. Talk with
Chancel Choir Director Kay Lunsford if you or your child
are interested in attending.

The United Methodist Women

Casserole Sale!
You choose which type casserole you
would like to have. (There will be two
choices.) They will be prepared by our
United Methodist Women and baked in
8X8 pans and then frozen. The cost for you to purchase one
(or more) is $12 per casserole. The casseroles will need to be
pre-ordered and paid for at the time you order. This will tell
us how many to bake. Your frozen casseroles may be picked
up on Saturday, May 7th from 11:00 am - Noon. Sign up
for your casserole in the Main Hall April 17th, 24th, and
May 1st! Thank you! (This is a gr eat way to save MOM
from cooking on Mothers Day.)

Applications are now available for the 20162017

scholarship was established in 1996 in memory
of Robert B. McFarland and in honor of Barbara
J. McFarland to assist students with college
expenses. Scholarship applicants must be an
active participant in the ongoing life of a local
A complete list of scholarship requirements and an application
can be obtained from the church office or at the Welcome
Center. The deadline for applications is Sunday, April 10th.

Asbury Day School News

Asbury Day School has begun early
registration for the 2016-2017 school
year. Please contact Stephanie Kichline
at the Day School office at 281-998-3486
if you are interested in their Pre-K or
Kindergarten program.

You are invited...

A baby Shower honoring
Kimberly Holland
Sunday, May 22nd from 2:00 - 4:00
here at Asbury!
Kimberly is registered at Buy Buy Baby

Easter Eggstravaganza

Egg Hunt

Manna Bag Delivery

Childrens Ministry Happenings

Come join us in Club 252 Sunday
School and WOW Worship this
month as were Hangin Tough
and learning about Perseverance
refusing to give up when life gets
hard. Just like marathon runners
show perseverance on the race course, Christians often
have to show perseverance in their faith. Jesus won the
battle over the world as He persevered through the worst:
rejection, violence, heartache, even death itselfall to
rescue us. This is why the author of Hebrews told us to
fix our eyes on Jesus. Our memory verse comes from the
book of Isaiah 40:31 (NIrV), But those who trust in the
Lord will receive new strength. They will fly as high as
eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and
not grow weak.
We will also be celebrating our first offering competition
(boys won this one!) on Sunday, April 10 with a special
treat. Hope you can join us!
In First Look Pre-K Sunday School, we are
focusing on the theme, My Neighborhood, and how we
are to love our neighbor. Love God. Love People. Its
the greatest commandment in a nutshell. We ended March
with Easter Sunday and we begin April with learning about
the early church. Our preschoolers will learn that the early
church wasnt about a building, but about a group of people
meeting together to worship and share life with one
another. They will learn that they can be just like those
people in the early church. They can share and help each
other and worship God together. Because we are learning
to love our neighbors this month, we have incorporated a
food drive into the curriculum. Children will decorate bags
to go home during week two with a parent note asking
them to be returned with food on week four.
Our KidsLIFE group (K-5th grade, 5-6:30 Sunday
evenings) will be having its Jump for Jesus! event on
April 3rd to celebrate the collection of cereal boxes for
PCM Ministries. We will then pick up with the last two
lessons in our series, Transformers, and Sowing and
Growing, learning more about what it means to be true
Disciples of Jesus. Come join your friends for fun learning,
games, activities, and snacks each week!
A huge Thank you! goes out to all of our
fantastic Easter Eggstravaganza volunteers, for helping us
reach out eggstravagantly to our friends and neighbors in
the community! It was an awesome event, and we were
excited to see the large turnout there and again at Easter
worship services!
Meet us in the sanctuary for our monthly Family
Movie Night on April 8 at 7 p.m., where we will be
showing the movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible,
No Good, Very Bad Day. Wear your pjs, and bring your
blanket and pillow! As always, we will have free popcorn
and lemonade for everyone, and children are encouraged to
bring a friend. See you at church!
Serving an Awesome God,


A note from Laurel Waller,

Director of Student

What a beautiful Easter

weekend. I am continually in
awe of God's amazing love,
grace and mercy and so
thankful to serve Him daily
through Asbury UMC! There is a lot to be excited about with
the Student Ministries Department. We recently developed 3
Life Groups (Jr. High Guys, Sr. High Guys and Jr. & Sr. High
Ladies) and have been competing as teams in Bible trivia and
some other categories as well. The group with the most points
at the end of the semester will get a special celebration! On
April 2nd we will send 5 students and 3 adults to a youth
conference in Galveston TX at Moody UMC focused on
serving others in Christs name. On April 3rd we will host our
annual Missions Dinner and Dessert Auction immediately
following the 11:00 Service. And on April 10th we will start a
new Sunday School broken out by our three Life Groups that
will carry us through until promotion Sunday on June 5th. I
look forward to what God is doing in the Students of Asbury
and ask that you join me in praying for them and their spiritual

We seek to honor our covenant through our Prayers, our Presence, our Gifts, our Serving, and our Witness...
Prayer Concerns:

Thanks Received

Continued Prayers for:

Cheryl Bordovsky - r ehab fr om br oken ar m and hip
Marge Colello - Paramount
Becky Doley - Clear Lake Regional Hospital
Jackie Gaw - undergoing Cancer treatment
Eli Johnson - Texas Childrens Hospital

Dear Lindsay and members of Asbury,

Just wanted to express my gratitude to those who came to
visit during my hospital stay. It meant a lot to Mike and
A huge thanks for all the prayers for a speedy recovery. Im
feeling better each day. I really appreciate everyone at
Asbury and am blessed to be part of this family,
Love, Pearl Robb

Please pray for our members and friends affected by

cancer and other health concerns as well as all family
members and friends currently serving in the Military.
A weekly updated list of prayer concerns can be found in
the Main Hall on the table to the right, before you enter
the sanctuary.

Sunday, February 28, 2016
8:45 am Worship Service
11:00 am Worship Service


Sunday, March 6, 2016

8:45 am Worship Service
11:00 am Worship Service


Sunday, March 13, 2016

8:45 am Worship Service
11:00 am Worship Service


PALM Sunday, March 20, 2016

8:45 am Worship Service
11:00 am Worship Service


Maundy Thursday
7:00 pm Living Last Supper


Good Friday
7:00 pm & Last Words of Christ


EASTER Sunday, March 13, 2016

8:45 am Worship Service
11:00 am Worship Service


Reminder: Pastor Lindsays attendance challenge is

to reach 215 for 4 weeks in a row!

General Fund Snapshot

2016 Budget
Received thru 03/27/16 $108,078.73
Still Needed:

Congratulations to Avery Zikogiannis who was selected

by BIG HOUSE Texas to serve as the Sites/Tools High
School Intern for our BIG HOUSE Mission Trip July 7-10th.
He will work along side of the Sites/Tools Coordinator and
will serve as part of the BIG HOUSE Leadership Team.
Congrats Avery, we are proud of you and very excited to
have you serving in this role!

Way to Go Asbury!! Recent efforts to

invite people to church are working!
We had 115 more people for Easter
this year than last! We also had 177
first time visitors to our website the
week before Easter. Total Holy Week
attendance was 715. Good job
Asbury! Keep on inviting!