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Hey Everybody!

Sorry for no update last week but it has just been so CRAZY here with preparation for the Payson Temple
Open House and the whole ten yards! The Spanish continues to come along . . . Except Hermana
Villegas and I need to get better at speaking to each other in Spanish for sure!
It is hard not watching people progress toward baptism and be dropped by them especially after you bear
a powerful witness with your companion that the gospel is true. So sad because you learn to love these
people and desire their salvation. We had to work hard to get our twelve lessons this week and 17 last
week which is a record high. We are going to be working on planting the seed of missionary work in our
Ward. We LOVE our Ward! It is very different from my last one but they are all so loving and kind! So
blessed to be in this Ward! We have an AMAZING Bishop who is there for us and backs us up and always
says, "How are my Sister Missionaries doing?!" He is the sweetest!
We have A LOT of meetings to attend this week and to be apart of. The most important one though is our
stake conference is this Saturday and Sunday, and guess who is coming?!?! Elder M. Russell Ballard!
THE. EXCITEMENT. CANNOT. BE. CONTAINED! Oh my goodness! We have specifically requested
through the Stake President to be there for the Saturday Adult Session. Us, The Elders and our Senior
couple, The Nehrings, will all be there! WOW! An apostle of the Lord coming to our stake conference! It
only happened one other time back in 2000! So Hermana Villegas and I are very lucky and blessed to
have this opportunity! We have it planned out that we will arrive two hours early and where we will park!
AH! He will also be bringing one of the newly called Seventy whose native language is Spanish and he
may come and speak to our Ward after Stake Conference! AH!!!!!!!
To those who have never been to a live session of General Conference GO! The Spirit is just abounding
and even more so when our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monsoon comes in and we all silently arise!
There is nothing like it in the world! It is a rush! You feel so exhilarated and on fire! Oh my goodness!
Then hearing them testify . . . WOW! Blows you away every time you hear an apostle of the Lord testify of
Jesus Christ!
I LOVED THIS QUOTE: "God cares a lot more about who we are and who we are becoming than about
who we once were." -Elder Dale G. Renlund
I testify that the power of the Atonement and through the grace of God we can be transformed and
become better. We are infinitely loved. More than we can possibly imagine. Keep working hard. You will
fall short and that is ok! Just get back up and keep going! Know that the Savior has already walked your
journey, look to Him for your support but also to transform you! I know He is transforming me little by little
everyday! Become is better than were! Were does not define the now or the becoming! Keep the faith,
trust God and believe in good things to come!
Con Amor,
Hermana Rackley
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