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Lesson Plan Subject: 5% Period Skills Date: March 4, 20165 Objectives/Standards: Students will analyze the important concepts of resiliency, adversity, empathy, emotional ‘awareness/self-regulation, impulse control, optimism, lexibility/accurate thinking, and self efficacy. Students will identify one of the above areas that needs improvement and come up with a plan to improve. Purpose: To debrief last week's scavenger hunt activity/project and Improve social skills related toresiliency v J a ‘Academic Language: Resilifney, adversity, empathy, emotional awareness /séf-regulation, impulsgeontol optim, ety acc hinking, and sel Materials: iPads, Elmo projector, YouTube videos, Thinglinks, Glogster, Main Ideas chart Introduction/Opening: ‘Ask students what stood out to them from last week’s mystery lesson. Tell them to get out their ‘Pads and something to take notes (electronic or paper), Lesson Sequence: Explain the sequence that we will follow > review concept, discuss among group, main ideas chart, and repeat for each concept Concepts will go in this order > Adversity, resiliency empathy, emotional awareness/self- regulation, impulse control, optimism, flexibility accurate thinking, and self-efficacy. Closing ofthe Lesson: i ‘ter each concept i discussed, debrief main Ideas chart using questioning (determined as appropriate by student understanding) ‘Assessing/Checking for Understanding: Gulded practice informal assessment > Have class complete Quizz. Allowing to ask questions/review materials as needed ‘Assesment/self-reflection piece > Instruct students to choose one of the listed main concepts ‘and reflect on how they will improve upon concept Students will think/pair/share while teacher is switching, Strategies for successful transitions: technology Classroom behaviors to reinforce: On task, active participation, appropriate social Interactions, appropriate language Big idea raw Full NevcegovewP Resiliency Emotional ‘Awarenzss & Self-Regulation Deal with ald Youre Ne-ey ty We aN He peine Prien Ondneh cocty Yo be Eby Ble oly w, Impulse Control Optimism, you have +e Leatnte Flexibility & ‘Thinking 0 TAM See mutieh yler prowts, Empathy SeIF-EMezey Pw OU2Se}O Pues ability 16 obtain goals ait (admin) "4 23 Gueorons 2) (2%) Pu uizizz Create MyReports /admin/reports) cboes ©30Secs people use strength of vision and personality to work toward a common goal. © © Happy © Optimistic © Pessimistic © Young © 205ecs is the ability to think about others and feel like we are not alone. resiliency adversity efficacy gD © C00 empathy © 30Secs isnot accepting failure. resiliency adversity efficacy eo ©0090 ‘empathy i © 205ecs Vacimin) is adifficult situation or tragedy. P ‘Dz erdditacy My Reports V/admin/reports) cboes ¥ @ © adversity © efficacy © empathy © 305ecs yY e000 @ © Coo © ® ae es ‘What is often confused with self efficacy? self motivation self esteem self monitoring self reflection © 30Secs is the power to produce an effect. resiliency adversity, efficacy empathy © 30Secs True or False: Sad or scared feelings prevent people from coping. True False YGETERoT need tobea juste nail ‘strong on the inside. izing Create My Reports Vadminireports) choes ¥ ® © superhero © teacher © fighter © friend © 30Secs Having thinking allows you tobe able to switch between a range of thinking styles. See » © sarrow © © mindless @ creative © — texibie © 20Secs Flexible & accurate thinking allows solution(s) toa problem. ® lO © none FO one © multiple © inappropriate © 30Secs Ifyou are resilient, you ‘your differences. © ctamge ce |:| oe © cbrce © iaugh at rnin) ©305ecs ane eitient means you are good and giving and receiving__. izizz_ Create MyReports /admin/reports) cboes ¥ ® © jokes © favors © feedback © © opinions © 20Secs ‘True or False: Impulse control canbe learned. © Te © False © 30Secs We judge others when we don't, them, © care about © understand © acknowledge © ignore © 30Secs ‘You need to treat others the way__want tobe treated. ® © they © you © others © teachers